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Written by K. I. Zachopoulos
Illustrated by Vincenzo Balzano
Published by BOOM! Studios/Archaia
Pub. Date: July 20, 2016
Price: $24.99
UPC:  978160886725752499
Buy It Here

The Cloud is the latest graphic novel release from Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios. This fantasy world is set far in the future as a boy and his trusty flying wolf Cloud travel to discover the secrets of his father and seek after a totem for wishes.

Come along and get lost in this beautifully delightful adventure story with pirates, defiant pachyderms, and talking statues.

This adventure story of a boy and his wolf will transport you to another world that is familiar but forever changed by the actions of our time. In the future of The Cloud we are left with mountain cities in the sky as the earth below is no longer fit from the actions occurring in “The Great Before”.

Each page of this graphic novel is beautifully painted by Vincenzo Balzano (Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne) borrowing thoughtful stylistic elements from the likes of Dave McKean (Sandman) and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Fans of The Sandman: The Dream Hunters will most certainly enjoy this story tonally. The pitch and solicit also make sure to mention The NeverEnding Story a bit and for good reason. Cloud and Falkor have much in common. The boys in both stories are adventurers on a quest.





FOG! Chats With Writer JUSTIN JORDAN About His Sleepless Creation, JOHN FLOOD! at FORCES OF GEEK

Some nights I fall asleep reading comics until the iPad glass hits me in the face.

Man, I really hate going to bed. 

Imagine what might happen if the government removed your ability to sleep? What nightmares await you when the brain can’t rest? Will it unlock a power you didn’t know you had?

The third issue of sleeper hit (pun intended) John Flood hits shelves this week from the waking mind of Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Shadowman, Deep State). Justin took a few minutes away from his busy work and convention schedule to give us the skinny on his sleep deprived detective comic book over at BOOM!, available at your local store and digitally today.

FOG!: Thanks for taking the time today between cons and your busy schedule. Your new book John Flood from BOOM! is keeping me up at night! What’s the skinny on this night owl? Is this your first book at BOOM!? What attracted you to this publisher for John Flood?

Justin Jordan: John Flood is actually my second book at BOOM!, Deep State, with Ariela Kristantina and Ben Wilsonham, was the first. 

As to why BOOM! for John Flood?

Well, it’s a weird book.

So much so that I didn’t like the odds of us being able to successfully do it at Image. Successfully, here, meaning that everyone gets paid.

 But beyond making sure Jorge and Tamra weren’t working for nothing, this is also such a weird and complex book that I really needed editorial support to make the book I wanted to make, which I got at BOOM!.

This would have been a different and, I think, not as good book elsewhere.




Big Trouble In Little China V. 1:
The Hell of The Midnight Road & The Ghosts of Storms
Story by John Carpenter and Eric Powell
Written by Eric Powell
Art by Brian Churilla
Colored by Michael Garland
Lettered by Ed Dukeshire
Cover by Eric Powell
Published by BOOM! Studios
Publication Date: June 03, 2015
UPC 978160886716551499
Buy it HERE
Available on Comixology

John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China returned last year in comic book form thanks to Carpenter himself (story) and The Goon’s Eric Powell with Brian Churilla (The Sixth Gun) on art.

BOOM! Studios released the first volume of continuing adventures of The Pork Chop Express last month. Jack is back, baby and he’s born ready to rock!

Let him regale you with tales of his ex-wives as he deals with a pet demon named Pete takes on the evil Wing Kong with his pal Egg Shen.

Issue #12 is out today but to get the party started, check out Volume 1 collecting issues 1—4.

“Have ya paid your dues, Jack?”

“Yessir, the check is in the mail”.


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Image|Boom|Amazon|Comics|2013The comic market hashtag on twitter is really a discussion of the ever-changing landscape of opinions, cancellations, creator-owned titles tying to get off the ground, and musings on ComiXology and other digital formats. Two of the bigger independent companies, Image Comics and Boom! Studios have redesigned their digital presence and commerce leader Amazon steps in with a huge announcement this week, the launch of it’s own Jet City Comics imprint. Earth Prime Time re-introduces you to these websites and shows you what digital offerings they have to offer.


Scans and PDFs of comics have been in existence for years now, especially since digital files have been used to produce the books. Before the age of iPads/Kindles/smartphones, reading digital comic meant reading a poorly formatted .CBR/.CBZ archive file on your computer monitor. Likely, these files were scanned in by pirates or those wishing to give access to out of print books, and hosting the files on torrent sites. Our world has changed, and with it the comic market.

ComiXology offers a Guided View that animates panel to panel on your computer or your device, as well as the traditional full page layout. Amazon offers a similar experience to some of it’s graphic novel selections for reading on your computer or Kindle Fire, but the experience is not as great, but serviceable. After watching Man of Steel, I caught up with Mark Waid’s Superman: Birthright as the cheapest digital option on the Kindle app for iPhone and Mac. Not bad, but not great.

Though more expensive, ComiXology would have offered a better experience for my devices.

I do not have a color Kindle. Comics are also available on the Apple iBooks store, and are locked into the Mac ecosystem, but the store does provide an option for publishers. iBooks expands to the Mac from being tablet or phone exclusive with the next version of OS X, Mavericks.

Satellite Sam - Howard Chaykin Art

Satellite Sam - Howard Chaykin Art | Image Comics

Last week at Image Expo 2013, the publisher revealed a new website and web store for both it’s current and expanding back issue catalog. Image recently tapped Ron Richards, formerly of the comic book podcast iFanboy, as the Director of Business Development. Richards gave a great interview to Comic Book Resources last week that goes into Image Comics’ view on piracy and the digital comic market.

The creator owned and creator driven publisher has opened up a direct to the consumer store, at full cover price on Wednesdays new releases available in a variety of formats, with no copy protection.

.PDF, ePUB, .CBZ, and .CBR are all available for the taking when the book comes out. Image Comics even provides you with the resources to read your books. There is no restriction on the files, so you own these comics just like you are comforted by your collection in a longbox. Save ‘em, back ‘em up, let a friend borrow. Yours to keep. By not restricting the files or buying into a particular digital file ecosystem, Image has once again become an industry pioneer.


DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for July 17, 2013


What’s that around the corner? Boston Comic Con August 3-4! All Ages Comic Panel artist Shelli Paroline Lamb will be there to sign copies of the TOTALLY MATH Adventure Time #18. … Ming Doyle and Brian Wood’s Mara comes to a conclusion as her powers fully manifest themselves in Mara #6. … Boom! Studios is making news by offering work from industry giants. This week we see the debut of Day Men #1 from Brian Stelfreeze and Matt Gagnon. Human servants of the mighty vampire masters face the day with a cup of coffee to do the bidding of the undead! … Picks this week from


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for July 10, 2013



Our second #SummerOfValiant is here and man are we excited for Quantum & Woody #1 written by James Asmus (Dark X-Men, Gambit) and art By Tom Fowler (Green Arrow, Venom). These guys are the worst, and we mean that in the best way. co-starring a goat, eventually. … Grace Randolph’s Real Housewives sendoff for superheroes is still going strong at BOOM!. Supurbia #9 starts a new story arc as the Meta Legion is in rough shape and Ruth really is turning into some bad news! … Our friends at First Second Books have a new graphic novel, Templar, a medieval adventure tale of love and loss, compiling the entire trilogy started in Solomon’s Thieves. Written by Prince of Persia and Karateka’s Jordan Mechner! … Picks this week from


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Thursday, July 11, 9:00 PM

With: Dr. Awkward
Jesse Dangerously
Tribe One -

$18+ $13 ADVANCE | | | |


pioneer of the nerdcore genre (of which he is proud to be a part,) mc got his start on adult swim as an animator, writer, voice actor and song writer on ATHF, The Brak Show, Sealab 2021, Welcome to Eltingville, Cheyenne Cinnamon and Tight Bros. Since leaving the Cartoon Network in 2004 mc has toured the US countless times as well stops in Canada, Scotland and England. He’s been on mixtapes with Childish Gambino and Kitty Pryde. Made soundtracks for Kevin Smith and even performed collabs with Andrew WK and Talib Kweli. For the past three years MC has been pitching “the mc chris cartoon” with a short animated clip made for 70 grand from fan donations. In 2012, it was finally picked up for development by a mystery network with plans to air in 2013. please ask the question on facebook or twitter, “where’s my mc chris cartoon?” feel free to put it in CAPS.

DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for May 15, 2013



John Byrne (Superman, Star Trek, Next Men) takes a page from Marvel NOW! and gives us a Point One reboot of his post-apocolyptic space race 1975 Charlton comic Doomsday +1. The new book is Doomsday.1 #1 from IDW, taking place on the International Space Station with astronauts looking to return home to an Earth decimated by a solar flare! Hot Stuff! … The JSA Liberty Files have only been cracked this once since the New 52, and this issue of The Whistling Skull #6 marks the end of the miniseries. Written by B. Clay Moore and drawn by Tony F’n Harris, this steampunk via Hitler-smashing Sherlock Holmes type story is a masterpiece of the bizarre and macabre featuring the Whistling Skull and dimwit sidekick Nigel. Hard to put into words, really. … We haven’t forgotten about the all ages comic picks, this week we have Regular Show #1 from Boom! Studios. Mordecai the Bluejay and Rigby the Raccoon are just chillin’, yo. Whoa-Oh-Oh! Join ‘em for a regular day! … Picks


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Free Comic Book Day 2013
Whoa what a couple o’ weeks, amiright? Did you know that nearly every comic book company worth a gosh darn gives out free comic books on the first Saturday in May? That’s right, I think we can all use a little outing this Saturday. Here are some of our most anticipated free comics to pick up at your LCS (Local Comic Shop) this weekend. Don’t be greedy, take only one! We previewed the free books last year…and we’re still into comics. Who knew?

One thing is for sure, publishers look forward to unleashing their swag on this geek high holiday every year, and they always pull out all of the stops. Free Comic Book Day means many different things to many different people. The day was brainstormed into being in 2001, and came to be the following year in 2002 to coincide with the release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. This year’s movie of course is Iron Man 3, opening Friday.


The manifesto is three parts simple, and found on the font of knowledge, Wikipedia:

To introduce everyone to the joys of reading comics.
To call back former comic book readers.
To thank current comic book buyers for their continued support.

Many stores have signings, candy, costume contests and more to celebrate the day, so if you are like us (which you aren’t), you’ll be hopping on your bike or the T on a virtual tour of the city, high-fiving your favorite shop owners, buying some trades and collecting an issue of all of your favorite free comics. Clay’s favorite part of this weekend is that even 25-cent bins are sometimes cleared out gratis. LeaguePodcast likes deals!



Boston Comic Con - Tim Sale

Can we bring some hope, some superheroes to the Back Bay this weekend, please? Obviously the true heroes, the first responders, runners, Back Bay workers, reporters and real actual people are more important to have in your thoughts this weekend. We’re fighting back the tears as we write to tell you to make it to Boston Comic Con this weekend to celebrate togetherness, hope and fictional heroes that give so many hope in even the darkest days. If you think it is a silly endeavor, that’s fine too. In fact, most adults enthusiastic about the convention’s announcement on Tuesday recognize the convention as a place to cosplay and embrace a passionate hobby, and to take a well deserved break from watching the news. As for the kids, please let them enjoy this day dressed up like The Flash or Wonder Woman and think that heroes are real. Because they are. I met a few on Monday.  


You know the day started pretty regular for me on Monday, and enjoying the holiday meant some quiet time in the office. My boss’s young nephew was playing Marvel Super Hero Squad and we talked Spider-Man of course. Before leaving with his aunt, to catch the rest of the race and experience the Boston Marathon for the first time, I slid him last year’s Free Comic Book Day Ultimate Spidey and Avengers comic to say goodbye. Luckily, they turned around before making it downtown and headed home. I stayed working until all of our days were destroyed by the bombings.

I won’t apologize for expressing my feelings on the day here, this particular Earth Prime Time is a coping mechanism.

The rest of the day was phone calls, cancellations, making sure staff was safe and watching twitter and Facebook feeds, along with WCVB’s coverage on television.

I rightly was dealing with the present, and remembering walking down a barren Boylston St. on 9/11 on my way home to Mission Hill from Milk St. Close friends were dropping into the Middle Eastwith stories and encounters with the blasts. After being reassured that Cambridge Police would check in on the club, I went home to restlessly attempt to sleep.

Tuesday, the same news feed from Facebook greeted me immediately. Boston Comic Con group declared,

“Boston Comic Con is happy to announce that the convention will go on this weekend as scheduled!”

Damn hell frakkin’ right, it will. Right there. Where it all went down. And you know what else is happening? Our party at McGreevy’s on Saturday night. What more protection could the League and pals need than the Dropkick Murphys associated sports bar just 1,200 steps from Fenway Park.

As the President said, “If you want to know who we are, who America is, how we respond to evil—that’s it: selflessly, compassionately, unafraid.”


Admittedly, both statements got me worked up and woken up and ready to do this thing. Critiques of false patriotism, faux hometown pride mixed with partisan and religious opinions of the bombings and how they affected our city are all swept away like tiny Roman numerals from a Risk board for me to sort out when this weekend is over. I’ve got strong counters to most of what I’ve been hearing people soapbox about for the past few days but I am going to concentrate on actively participating in a highlight of my year each year, the Boston Comic Con.


DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for April 17, 2013


What’s the best thing about comics? It’s that all ages can read them! This weekend’s Boston Comic Con kicks off with an All Ages Comic Book Panel at Noon Saturday. Our resident Brony and Mathematical genius Clay N. Ferno is hosting his first Boston Panel, every pony should come! Panel guests will be Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb (Adventure Time) along with Andy Price (My Little Pony). The stand alone issue of Adventure Time #15 hits shelves today with a new look at the land of Ooo. … Next Week, Andy Price stitches up a unicorn pony tale in the form of My Little Pony Micro Series #3: Rarity. Come get your books signed and ask great questions! … Gilbert Hernandez (Love and Rockets) also debuts the highly anticipated all ages graphic novel of his childhood Marble Season from Drawn & Quarterly this week. … Picks this week from

SAT. APRIL 20 - 12 pm (Noon)



Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Mike Norton
Colorist: Mark Englert
Publication Date: February 27, 2013
Publisher: Dark Horse
Price: $3.99
UPC: 7 61568 22480 1 00211

My favorite punk band, Swingin’ Utters released a new song this week, “The Librarians are Hiding Something”.

We know it’s true, right. I mean why do we have to be quiet all the time?  Are we going to wake Cthulhu in there? 

Devin McKenzie has a secret in her library. She loves to stay up late playing computer quiz puzzle games. What Devin didn’t know was that those games were an aptitude test for a suspicious secret organization called the Brain Trust. 

Our costumed hero, The Answer, is decked in all black with utility belt and merely an exclamation point on his mask. 

At the end of issue #1, The Answer has rescued Devin, for now because all of her gaming has flipped an alarm and send bad guys after her. The Answer makes with the punching and rescuing as issue #2 opens up in a bus station in Cincinnati, a few cities away from her native Chicago. 

The Brain Trust wins this round it seems because Devin is easily seduced into the cult of literati, and The Answer is drugged and locked down by Brain Trust for observation.

Lots to enjoy here with this book and if only four issues will make a fun trade for those that like their superheroes quippy like Deadpool and Spidey. Right now we know more of Devin, and she is smart so likely she can think her way out of any impending threat or trap. No origin or backstory provided for The Answer himself but the dialog and jokes about spandex are hilarious.

You honestly can’t go wrong with the creative team. On art is Mike Norton (Battlepug, It Girl andThe Atomics) and on the script is Marvel NOW! writer Dennis Hopeless (Avengers Academy, Cableand X-Force). This is super fun comics and we can appreciate Devin for the strong and smart female lead that she is.

Writer: Scott and David Tipton
Artist: Lee Sullivan
Publisher:  IDW Publishing
Publication Date: February 27, 2013
Publisher: IDW
Price: $3.99
UPC:      82771400416800221

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is here, and IDW celebrates with a limited series starring each Doctor inDoctor Who Prisoner of Time, Issue #2 out this week.

This book is a treat for Who fans, and offers a great introduction to the other Doctors.

Most of us perhaps grew up with Tom Baker episodes and reinvigorated our fandom with the 2005 series. This issue stars the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and two companions  Zoe and Jamie. 

The trio Vworps into an intergalactic shopping mall, where one store sells various and sundry Police Boxes. Theirs being the only TARDIS, the ship is disguised among the merchandise as they explore the bazaar.

Suspecting illegal slave trade, by a species called Voraxx, the Doctor cruelly sets up Jamie as bait and the companion is captured. Zoe and The Doctor peruse bikes  in the shoppe, (one bike being a replica of the iconic penny farthing trike from The Prisoner, a cult BBC spy show on television the same time as the second Doctor’s series).

The Voraxx beam away as Zoe and The Doctor follow them onto their Prisoner Slave ship. They spring Jamie and discover a pair of classic Who monsters - The Ice Warriors! (

Lots of classic BBC action and a right tribute to the classic Doctors from brothers Scott and David Tipton (IDW Star Trek, Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation).

Writer:  Paul Jenkins
Artist:  Carlos Magno
Cover: Whilce Portacio
Price: $3.99
Publication Date: February 27, 2013
Publisher:  Boom! Studios

Looks like a new sub-genre of versus battle comics has arrived. Also shipped to stores this week was the more high profile Marvel NOW! Avengers Arena #5.

Both books are based on the Hunger Games/Battle Royalepremise of pitting contestants and in both comic book cases, superheroes,against each other to the death in order to survive.

Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno have set up their own comic book universe wherein there are a variety of heroes and anti-heroes who may have been fighting for years.

While the Avengers book is using Marvel properties, Jenkins created 32 new characters with  dossiers and faux ‘first appearance’ info featured at the back of each issue.

Vol. 1 of the trade paperback has been solicited from Boom! for April 17 at a bargain $9.99.

Onto the battle for this issue! Hater has preternatural sense of his surrounding and also PTSD from military service. He would be a match to The Punisher mixed with some of Daredevil and Wolverine’s powers. Hater has been pitted by the unseen puppet masters against The Mutate. The Mutate is a beastly human with a catlike face. The Mutate is dedicated to worldwide peace, though proves here that he can follow his killer instincts when attacked.

A fun part of the book is the tournament bracket pages on the back right before four of the character dossiers. Each issue you can make your own bets as to where the tournament is headed.

Also in this issue are reveals of who or what is holding our new favorite heroes in the DEATHMATCH arena. Will the fedora-sporting Rat (think Watchmen’s Rorschach … ‘HURM’) break the code of ‘The Game’?

Keep on this one in issues, folks. The trade will be fun but the cliffhangers will kill ya.





Bravest Warriors Zachary SterlingYou thought Adventure Time was weird, well take a gander at the space adventurers in Pendelton Ward’s Bravest Warriors, exclusively on YouTube, and the new comic fromkaboomBravest Warriors has all the smart D&D humor and cute butt jokes of Adventure Time, but with 1,000,000 more credits worth of Star Trek and Star Wars nods, we have a new favorite work time distraction.

Rarely do I get all like the Collector and bag and board comics right at the shop, but back in October when we recommended Bravest Warriors #1 from Boom, I did just that. In fact, the issue stayed imprisoned in an ultra clear polypropylene prison until this past weekend I was enlightened and delighted to experience a series of short Bravest Warriors videos over at An offshoot of Frederator Studios and Cartoon Network, Cartoon Hangover provides short cartoons for Internet. And by the Internet, I mean for free, amiright?

Spawned from the mind of genius Pendelton Ward, comes another cartoon filled with strange creatures, out-of-this-world situations and a team of adventurers that will have you buying up tee-shirts and cracking jokes with your pals almost as much as you pound it out with your buddies like Finn and Jake.

The pilot episode even gets the adrenaline pumping with a chiptune soundtrack and the familiar voice acting of AT (Oh, hi Tree Trunks!).

Also, the introduction of a familiar friend-zone relationship between team leader Chris Kirkman and female lead Beth Tazuka is teased. Can Chris ever tell his bestie how he really feels? Probably not. Just like poor Finn and Princess Bubblegum!




Supurbia - Russell Dauterman

Back in March, we interviewed writer Grace Randolph about her BOOM! Studio debut mini-series Supurbia. What happens if the lens of reality TV were pointed at the lives of superheroes and their families? You can read that first tale in a Trade Paperback starting next week, November 28 at your local store. The big news that we’re talking with Graceabout today is that Supurbia has been upgraded to an ongoing series, available today (Wednesday, November 21, 2012). Comic stores sold out of the previous issues, so be sure to get your copy this week. Here is Grace to dish the latest gossip on the real housewives and husbands of her fantastically popular universe!   

DIGBOSTON: Hi Grace! It’s been a while. Not true, we got to meet at New York Comic Con this year. What a delight. Did you have a great convention?

GRACE RANDOLPH: Yes! It was such a nice surprise to see you at the BOOM! Studios panel! NYCC was wonderful this year — it’s been really interesting to watch the show grow. As for my own convention experience, between the BOOM! Studios and Bleeding Cool panels, plus co-hosting Newsarama’s coverage, I got to talk to an awesome mix of industry professionals and fellow readers!



Your miniseries is collected in trade on November 28th and the title is now ongoing with a new Issue # 1 in stores today! How excited are you for expanding your audience?

I’m hopeful!

All you can do is put a book out there and try to spread the word, but then it all depends if new readers are compelled to pick up the book off the shelf.

This is where comic book stores have been crucial, as they have a great relationship with their customers and can recommend new books. I did a signing at Third Eye Comics at the beginning of the month, and it was great to see how much their customers trust their recommendations. Thankfully, Third Eye Comics owner Steve thinks Supurbia is a good read!


DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for October 31, 2012



Cassie and Val had a hard knock life in the Kung Fu Orphanage and now spend their L.A. nights as bounty hunters on the strip. Freelancers #1 from Boom! Studios debuts at one dollar! … Showcasing some rare and unseen stories from the late Joe Kubert and a crop of talented writers and artists is Joe Kubert Presents #1 (of Six). This week includes a never before printed Kubert Hawkman tale. Gail Simone adds to her Barbara Gordon Batgirl run with Batgirl Annual #1. Batgirl makes an uneasy alliance with Catwoman and we find more about the Talon Babs fought in Night of the Owls. It’s the new status quo, and a year in, Barbara is still not Oracle. And we like it that way. … Picks this week from


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Liz Prince

Adventure Time! Female Creators! Book Signing! Punk Rock Album Covers! We’ve got it all in this exclusive interview with Ignatz Award winning creator Liz Prince, signing copies of her story in the Adventure Time spin off Marceline and the Scream Queens #3 at Hub Comics this Sunday at noon.

Friend of the League Liz Prince was asked to be part of the biggest cartoon phenomenon of the last few years. Adventure Time follows the story of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human in the Land of Ooo. The comic from Kaboom! was an instant sellout, enough to warrant a spin off mini for the red-sucking rocking vampire Marceline. Issue #3 of Marceline and the Scream Queens features a backup story by Liz. You can get the book signed at Hub Comics on September 30 from noon to 3 p.m. Here to promote the signing is Liz the Human.

First off, can you tell us how long you’ve been writing and drawing comic books?
Liz Prince: I’ve been making my own comics since I was about 10 years old. Back then, it was all very derivative stuff like “Bat Rat” (Batman, but as an anthropomorphic rat instead of a human) and “Scott the Angry Paper Cup” (which was suspiciously like Evan Dorkin’s classic of misanthropy “Milk & Cheese“).

I started drawing my own auto-bio comics towards the end of high school.

You had a hit with “Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?”, containing personal stories about relationships. Do find revealing details of your personal life puts you in an awkward position?
I’m pretty comfortable with revealing things about myself in my comics; but that being said, there are plenty things that I keep to myself.

The only time it ever gets awkward is when people think that they know everything about me because they follow my comic strip. That and when they tell me stories about how they pissed in their beds, because I’ve never actually done that (at least since I was three or four).

Liz Prince - Alone Forever #27

Liz Prince - Alone Forever #27



DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for August 22, 2012



Way back in April, Earth Prime Time introduced you to the affordable masterworks of Jack “King” Kirby for Vol. 1 of Fourth World Omnibus. This week we set the Boomtube to Vol. 3 that includes Deadman, Jimmy Olson and Orion vs. Kalibak. Don’t miss out, the hardcovers are out of print and even harder to find, natch! … Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are taking over the All-Ages comic pick this week. Are they running out of time? Adventure Time #7 that is! … Ahh, his unrequited love for Buffy makes the girls go ga-ga over blonde haired Spike the Vampire. Why is it they always go for the immortal bad boys? The solicit for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike #1 has these words: ‘Steampunk’, ‘Alien’ and ‘Cockroaches’. What What What? … Persnickety picks procured and postulated upon by!


DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for August 1, 2012



Leather jackets, untold simian legends and special guest Jeff Parker (Thuderbolts) give us The Planet of The Apes Annual #1, augmenting the past year in BOOM! Studios ape-talk from Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko. … There’s a 5 story high ginger on the Zakim Bridge and the new Captain Marvel teams up with Spider-Man to knock her down! I say impale her on the Bunker Hill Monument! Avenging Spider-Man #10 brings the battle to our fair city … First X-Men #1 takes a look at early years of Wolverine and Sabretooth before Xavier’s team is formed. Story and art by League favorites Christos Gage and Neal Adams. … Picks this week from


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for June 27, 2012



Hypernaturals #1 is a brand new cosmic book from BOOM! Studios and the minds of superstar British writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Abnett and Lanning are best known for reigniting the power cosmic at Marvel with Annihilators, Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos Imperative. Issue #1 is sold out, meaning your store only has limited copies, fans are eating this up. What’s harder than being funny week after week with these glib recommendations? Drawing ‘funny’, of course! Train yourself or your kid to be the next Don Martin with Terry Moore’s How to Draw Funny. Marvel and Archie have been stealing headlines with gay marriages, but what happens when a 50 Foot Lesbian attacks your city? Call in the rainbow brigade from the hilarious Spandex- Hard and Fast by Martin Eden. … Equal opportunity picks this week from


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A common complaint about the New 52 DC Comics relaunch was about the lack of female creators on the books.  That’s OK with me, because that gives the smaller, creator-centric companies concentrated talent.

Pre-orders for Grace Randolph’s SUPURBIA made news last week by selling out of all available hard copies.

DigBoston asked if she was as excited as we were about her sellout!


LeaguePodcast and DigBoston Comic Book Picks for January 25, 2012


Bat Boy, Leonardo, Optimus, and Snake-Eyes had best have a great Dungeon Master to guide them through the second IDW crossover event, Infestation #2. Lovecraftian demons have invaded IDW once again, could Cobra’s dark experiments be behind it all, or are other evil machinations in place? … It’s 60 years after the oil has dried up, a massive recession has crippled the economy, and civil war has broken out! The ancestors of Navy Seals protect the city of New San Diego in Marksmen #5 from Image Comics. … We’re no strangers to crippling coffee addiction at Dig & The League. Can there ever be too much? New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man #2 is added to the increasingly impressive BOOM! Studios catalog. … Picks by LeaguePodcast.

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