LeaguePodcast and DigBoston Comic Book Picks for January 25, 2012


Bat Boy, Leonardo, Optimus, and Snake-Eyes had best have a great Dungeon Master to guide them through the second IDW crossover event, Infestation #2. Lovecraftian demons have invaded IDW once again, could Cobra’s dark experiments be behind it all, or are other evil machinations in place? … It’s 60 years after the oil has dried up, a massive recession has crippled the economy, and civil war has broken out! The ancestors of Navy Seals protect the city of New San Diego in Marksmen #5 from Image Comics. … We’re no strangers to crippling coffee addiction at Dig & The League. Can there ever be too much? New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man #2 is added to the increasingly impressive BOOM! Studios catalog. … Picks by LeaguePodcast.

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