Bravest Warriors Zachary SterlingYou thought Adventure Time was weird, well take a gander at the space adventurers in Pendelton Ward’s Bravest Warriors, exclusively on YouTube, and the new comic fromkaboomBravest Warriors has all the smart D&D humor and cute butt jokes of Adventure Time, but with 1,000,000 more credits worth of Star Trek and Star Wars nods, we have a new favorite work time distraction.

Rarely do I get all like the Collector and bag and board comics right at the shop, but back in October when we recommended Bravest Warriors #1 from Boom, I did just that. In fact, the issue stayed imprisoned in an ultra clear polypropylene prison until this past weekend I was enlightened and delighted to experience a series of short Bravest Warriors videos over at An offshoot of Frederator Studios and Cartoon Network, Cartoon Hangover provides short cartoons for Internet. And by the Internet, I mean for free, amiright?

Spawned from the mind of genius Pendelton Ward, comes another cartoon filled with strange creatures, out-of-this-world situations and a team of adventurers that will have you buying up tee-shirts and cracking jokes with your pals almost as much as you pound it out with your buddies like Finn and Jake.

The pilot episode even gets the adrenaline pumping with a chiptune soundtrack and the familiar voice acting of AT (Oh, hi Tree Trunks!).

Also, the introduction of a familiar friend-zone relationship between team leader Chris Kirkman and female lead Beth Tazuka is teased. Can Chris ever tell his bestie how he really feels? Probably not. Just like poor Finn and Princess Bubblegum!