Supurbia - Russell Dauterman

Back in March, we interviewed writer Grace Randolph about her BOOM! Studio debut mini-series Supurbia. What happens if the lens of reality TV were pointed at the lives of superheroes and their families? You can read that first tale in a Trade Paperback starting next week, November 28 at your local store. The big news that we’re talking with Graceabout today is that Supurbia has been upgraded to an ongoing series, available today (Wednesday, November 21, 2012). Comic stores sold out of the previous issues, so be sure to get your copy this week. Here is Grace to dish the latest gossip on the real housewives and husbands of her fantastically popular universe!   

DIGBOSTON: Hi Grace! It’s been a while. Not true, we got to meet at New York Comic Con this year. What a delight. Did you have a great convention?

GRACE RANDOLPH: Yes! It was such a nice surprise to see you at the BOOM! Studios panel! NYCC was wonderful this year — it’s been really interesting to watch the show grow. As for my own convention experience, between the BOOM! Studios and Bleeding Cool panels, plus co-hosting Newsarama’s coverage, I got to talk to an awesome mix of industry professionals and fellow readers!



Your miniseries is collected in trade on November 28th and the title is now ongoing with a new Issue # 1 in stores today! How excited are you for expanding your audience?

I’m hopeful!

All you can do is put a book out there and try to spread the word, but then it all depends if new readers are compelled to pick up the book off the shelf.

This is where comic book stores have been crucial, as they have a great relationship with their customers and can recommend new books. I did a signing at Third Eye Comics at the beginning of the month, and it was great to see how much their customers trust their recommendations. Thankfully, Third Eye Comics owner Steve thinks Supurbia is a good read!