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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for October 2, 2013



October means Halloween! Halloween means comics specials, and here’s the first, Shadowman #11 from Valiant Comics written by Jim Zub (Skullkickers). This ish comes with a detachable Shadowman mask cover variant and is drawn by superstar Miguel Sepulveda. Is NOLA safe from the undead threats lurking in the shadows? Jack to the rescue! … Today’s the day to visit EARTH PRIME TIME for our interview with Glen Brunswick and pick up issue #2 of Reality Check. An artist’s comic book hero creation comes to life and he needs more help than you’d think! Also available today is Glen’s Non-Humans TPB with Whilce Portacio. … Keeping it spellbound and weird is The Occultist #1 from Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and Mike Norton as our young mystic takes heed of the book of spells called The Sword. … Picks this week from LeaguePodcast.com.


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Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Mike Norton
Colorist: Mark Englert
Publication Date: February 27, 2013
Publisher: Dark Horse
Price: $3.99
UPC: 7 61568 22480 1 00211

My favorite punk band, Swingin’ Utters released a new song this week, “The Librarians are Hiding Something”.

We know it’s true, right. I mean why do we have to be quiet all the time?  Are we going to wake Cthulhu in there? 

Devin McKenzie has a secret in her library. She loves to stay up late playing computer quiz puzzle games. What Devin didn’t know was that those games were an aptitude test for a suspicious secret organization called the Brain Trust. 

Our costumed hero, The Answer, is decked in all black with utility belt and merely an exclamation point on his mask. 

At the end of issue #1, The Answer has rescued Devin, for now because all of her gaming has flipped an alarm and send bad guys after her. The Answer makes with the punching and rescuing as issue #2 opens up in a bus station in Cincinnati, a few cities away from her native Chicago. 

The Brain Trust wins this round it seems because Devin is easily seduced into the cult of literati, and The Answer is drugged and locked down by Brain Trust for observation.

Lots to enjoy here with this book and if only four issues will make a fun trade for those that like their superheroes quippy like Deadpool and Spidey. Right now we know more of Devin, and she is smart so likely she can think her way out of any impending threat or trap. No origin or backstory provided for The Answer himself but the dialog and jokes about spandex are hilarious.

You honestly can’t go wrong with the creative team. On art is Mike Norton (Battlepug, It Girl andThe Atomics) and on the script is Marvel NOW! writer Dennis Hopeless (Avengers Academy, Cableand X-Force). This is super fun comics and we can appreciate Devin for the strong and smart female lead that she is.

Writer: Scott and David Tipton
Artist: Lee Sullivan
Publisher:  IDW Publishing
Publication Date: February 27, 2013
Publisher: IDW
Price: $3.99
UPC:      82771400416800221

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is here, and IDW celebrates with a limited series starring each Doctor inDoctor Who Prisoner of Time, Issue #2 out this week.

This book is a treat for Who fans, and offers a great introduction to the other Doctors.

Most of us perhaps grew up with Tom Baker episodes and reinvigorated our fandom with the 2005 series. This issue stars the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and two companions  Zoe and Jamie. 

The trio Vworps into an intergalactic shopping mall, where one store sells various and sundry Police Boxes. Theirs being the only TARDIS, the ship is disguised among the merchandise as they explore the bazaar.

Suspecting illegal slave trade, by a species called Voraxx, the Doctor cruelly sets up Jamie as bait and the companion is captured. Zoe and The Doctor peruse bikes  in the shoppe, (one bike being a replica of the iconic penny farthing trike from The Prisoner, a cult BBC spy show on television the same time as the second Doctor’s series).

The Voraxx beam away as Zoe and The Doctor follow them onto their Prisoner Slave ship. They spring Jamie and discover a pair of classic Who monsters - The Ice Warriors! (http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Ice_Warrior)

Lots of classic BBC action and a right tribute to the classic Doctors from brothers Scott and David Tipton (IDW Star Trek, Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation).

Writer:  Paul Jenkins
Artist:  Carlos Magno
Cover: Whilce Portacio
Price: $3.99
Publication Date: February 27, 2013
Publisher:  Boom! Studios

Looks like a new sub-genre of versus battle comics has arrived. Also shipped to stores this week was the more high profile Marvel NOW! Avengers Arena #5.

Both books are based on the Hunger Games/Battle Royalepremise of pitting contestants and in both comic book cases, superheroes,against each other to the death in order to survive.

Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno have set up their own comic book universe wherein there are a variety of heroes and anti-heroes who may have been fighting for years.

While the Avengers book is using Marvel properties, Jenkins created 32 new characters with  dossiers and faux ‘first appearance’ info featured at the back of each issue.

Vol. 1 of the trade paperback has been solicited from Boom! for April 17 at a bargain $9.99.

Onto the battle for this issue! Hater has preternatural sense of his surrounding and also PTSD from military service. He would be a match to The Punisher mixed with some of Daredevil and Wolverine’s powers. Hater has been pitted by the unseen puppet masters against The Mutate. The Mutate is a beastly human with a catlike face. The Mutate is dedicated to worldwide peace, though proves here that he can follow his killer instincts when attacked.

A fun part of the book is the tournament bracket pages on the back right before four of the character dossiers. Each issue you can make your own bets as to where the tournament is headed.

Also in this issue are reveals of who or what is holding our new favorite heroes in the DEATHMATCH arena. Will the fedora-sporting Rat (think Watchmen’s Rorschach … ‘HURM’) break the code of ‘The Game’?

Keep on this one in issues, folks. The trade will be fun but the cliffhangers will kill ya.



DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for January 23, 2013


With a hit TV show and graphic novels flying off of the shelves, it’s amazing that Robert Kirkman and his beard can keep Mark Grayson and his Viltrumites heritage on a monthly schedule over in Invincible! It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years in to the Superboy/Spidey analogue superhero book that is our favorite superhero book. Issue #100 of the chronically punctual Invincible hits shelves today - and everyone dies! It’s part three of “The Death of Everyone”, EXTRA-SIZED! … What’s The Answer? It’s Mike Norton (It Girl, Battlepug) and Dennis Hopeless (Avengers Academy, Cable and X-Force) selling books for Dark Horse this time. A sleepless librarian and an anonymous faceless crime fighter team up to solve the secret of the sinister speaker! … Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #10 is quite simply the comic that goes along with the TV show, for kids. It’s your kid’s Peter Parker for the show you’re gonna Thwipt it with on Saturday AM. Check out our coverage of the Season 2 debut episode today over at EARTH PRIME TIME: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN - DISNEY XD. … Picks this week from LeaguePodcast.com.


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for July 4, 2012



Continuing his graphic adaptations of Richard Stark’s ‘Parker’ series of late 50s gangster crime novels, Darwyn Cooke takes on The Score. Recommended if you like Mad Men, loose women and loose cigarettes. All of our favorite creators populate the picks this week. Mike Norton’s Battlepug webcomic is collected for fans of the barbarian and his trusty gigantic pug. Check out the series weekly here. The book will include tons of bonus puggage! Man of Action Studios is back with another all ages pick Batula! Livingston the fruit bat is bitten by a vampire and the transformation takes hold. Your kids will love to join Batula on his adventures …. “Not a single Captain America book shipped this week. That’s weird.” — LeaguePodcast.com.


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