5 Questions With Todd Fink From The Faint at Do617


5 Questions With 

Todd Fink From The Faint 

The Faint bring back their new wave synth punk revival to Brighton Music Hall later this month. We spoke with singer Todd Fink about Egowork, phones at shows, being a hatter with Recapitate Headwear and more!  

What’s your favorite or best track on your latest releaseEgowerk?

For me, it's between Life's a Joke, Chameleon Nights, and Child Asleep. I guess I'll go with Chameleon Nights today. The music is unique and the lyrics are passionate. That's one I find myself really getting into at the shows.

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William Ryan Key Discusses 'Virtue' EP Before His Brighton Music Hall Show

William Ryan Key Discusses 'Virtue' EP Before His Brighton Music Hall Show

William Ryan Key, formerly of Yellowcard, is coming to Brighton Music Hall this weekend to celebrate the release of his latest EP, Virtue. William joined us today to talk about his creative process, the final Yellowcard show at House of Blues Boston and what he is listening to right now.

Do617 Interview With Raymond McGinley Of Teenage Fanclub

Do617 Interview With Raymond McGinley Of Teenage Fanclub

Raymond McGinley, founding member of the Scottish rock band Teenage Fanclub, joined us today to talk about the Creation Years records, new band member Euros Childs, playing The Middle East in the '90s and more to preview their show coming to Paradise Rock Club on March 11th.

‘Green Arrow #41’ (review) at Forces of Geek

‘Green Arrow #41’ (review) at Forces of Geek

Upcoming Batgirl writer Mairghread Scott writer pops over to Star City to take the Emerald Archer for a two-issue stint. Green Arrow #41 kicks off “Better Than: Part One”, drawn by Matt Clark, a name I’m not familiar with but one I will surely keep an eye out for!

Hopefully you’ll be able to hunt down a copy of the Mike Grell variant cover for the old school comic book fans!

5 Questions with CAPTAIN SENSIBLE of The Damned at Do617


Did you know that the venue you are playing PARADISE ROCK CLUB is also celebrating 40 years?

No, good luck to them… if them walls could speak what stories they’d tell. Whereas with us the carnage over the years is well known. I can only guess at the money it cost us to replace wrecked equipment and pay fines. Of course, we had no idea it was us paying it all… managers don’t tell you that stuff. Until you ask them why you’re still stoney broke - despite playing all those shows.

Do you have any memories of past Boston shows you’d like to share?


The Rat Club.. we had some fun there over the years. Not so much the first time though, when between songs the audience chatted among themselves, accompanied by the sound of cutlery on plates. We dragged a table up onstage and ordered pizza… if you can’t beat em join em!


The band has of course taken some time off over the years, but continues to roll on and tour. What keeps you all coming back?


While there’s discerning music fans out there who want to see us, and we’re fit enough to do it we’ll keep going. Those old frauds the Stones are still out there, can’t let those old swines outlive us.

When our guitarist and leader Brian James quit the band in ‘78 we were considered to be washed up… especially with no history of songwriting between the remaining 3 members. But I wasn’t going back to cleaning toilets if I could possibly help it so started composing like anyone’s business, and with the help of our chum Lemmy on bass we did some gigs that procured a new record deal, and a new musical adventure began - that went thru garage, psych and goth phases… with us eventually becoming the evangelists for live music you see now. We live for that manic hour and a half onstage when there’s an element of danger and chaos… and anything could happen.

The music business has changed but the support from your vast swath of punk, goth and rock fans continues to stay the same. Not many you started out with are still doing it. How was it working with Pledge Music to fund your latest album, offering your fans something that they want?

Things are very different now… but we caught the tail end of a golden period for bands. When a label would book a live in studio for a few weeks and trust you to deliver something they can sell. They often ended up with drastically different records to that they were expecting… and you simply can’t imagine that ever happening today. We used to enjoy seeing the slightly shocked record company faces when we played our new finished albums the first time.

Our mates the Buzzcocks told us about this Pledge Music thing which I’d no idea about - but when told it allowed us to make the album that WE wanted to make… without a record label bloke watching over your shoulder I was there. So we can pretty much do what we like - which in the 80s would’ve meant getting comprehensively sloshed and wrecking the studio - probably getting thrown out of a few along the way for those sort of capers. Not this time though, being considerably older… and hopefully wiser.

Pinch, Stu and a Monty are such great players… they’re going to get a chance to flex their muscles musically. This is a band that can break out of a song structure and really jam it up.



Each album we’ve made sounds different from the last one - and this one will continue that trend. It’s fun to experiment, to be creative… take a few risks. The only shame is not releasing before the world tour, but to have boshed out a half finished album would be wrong. I have Sgt Pepper and Pet Sounds in my vinyl collection, played em to death over the years, and unlikely as it sounds always aspire to achieve those elevated standards.


Do you have a favorite (or least favorite) THE DAMNED song to play live?

Fave - Neat Neat Neat for the jamming scope the riff allows… we never play it the same twice.

Cheers - CS


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5 Questions with Lord Bendover of The Upper Crust at Do617




All the gentlemen of the Upper Crust are regularly bled as a kind of preventive maintenance, usually employing leeches; but in fact they often just bleed spontaneously as a result of hemophilia occasioned by good breeding, exacerbated by their natural clumsiness.




Last night at Great Scott was ethereal and moving with amazing sets from Peter Bernhard (from Devil Makes Three), The Huntress and Holder of Hands (ft. MorganEve Swain of Brown Bird) and a highly anticipated return of Brooklyn’s O’Death to the Allston Stage. There were emotional and moving sets from all of the acts, reminding the crowd of train punks, bearded weirdos and punks about a folk country scene that has a darker side.


On his first solo tour, Pete Bernhard, the Vermont native and the voice of The Devil Makes Three shared with us songs that are inconceivably too dark for his other band. His sister joined him on stage for three songs taking us from a familiar DMT and Townes Van Zandt song to somethings else entirely. The duets with his sister were my favorite songs of the impressive and moody set.







The Revolution with be immortalized in The Order of The Forge coming from Dark Horse later this month.

In the tradition of super-sizing some of our past presidents with powers of the dark arts (see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), crime author Victor Gischler (Ink Mage, Spike, Angel and Faith, Sally of the Wasteland) joins us to talk about our founding fathers in a new way.

Starring a pre-Revolution Geo. Washington with pals Paul Revere and “Baudy” Ben Franklin — The Order of the Forge is coming at you by land and sea!

FOG!: Thanks for joining us, Victor! You’ve got a new take on a founding father with The Order of The Forge at Dark Horse. How did you come aboard on Donn D. Berdahl’s original concept?

Victor Gischler: Well, I guess they needed a writer to implement this great idea they had, and Dark Horse editor Dan Chabon suggested I might fit the bill. They wanted to take their story in a pulpy, irreverent direction, and a lot of my work suggest I’m the sort of fellow who can do that. I was just lucky that I’d worked with Dan on a couple of previous projects, so he knew what my strengths were.

I’m a big fan of alternate history. Would you like to go back and hang with George, Paul and Ben?

Not really. It turns out they didn’t have air conditioning back then. Also the toilet paper was not the best. Also, my guess is that the guys I depict in the comic are a lot more colorful than our actual founding fathers — although I’ve heard Ben Franklin was something of a party animal.

I suppose I couldn’t really say no to a time travel adventure if I had the chance. Although whenever I watch a time travel movie that shit NEVER goes right.





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League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #187: A Very Special Leaguepodcast...

This week, on a very special League Podcast, Adam Rivera and MC Frontalot join us to talk about their post-PAX shows, the Star Wars “Machete Order,” appearing in an issue of the Walking Dead, and Frontalot’s awesome new merch, because that’s what feeds the babies!

Illustration by Evan Dorkin

Discussed in this Episode:
Adam Rivera Music

MC Frontalot 

Intro: “Gray World” - Adam Rivera

Outtro: “First World Problems” - MC Frontalot



NOW JUST $30! - choose MMMAVEN current student or alumni rate - everyone eligible.


I’m teaching my first class at MMMMAVEN in March. FRI 3.21 at 6pm. $50.

Stacey made the cool animation!



Join Clay Fernald (@ClayNFerno) for an intensive first level course in using social media for DJs, producers and bands. 

Designed from the insider’s view of the music industry, this class will teach the basics of setting up profiles, checkins, username claiming and more for all of the major social media apps and platforms. The class will prepare you to use your phone, computer or tablet to generate buzz about your latest release, your next event, or strengthen your relationship with your established fans by creating a conversation that goes both ways. Are you a Boston band that’s been around forever but doesn’t have a twitter? This class is also for you. Recommended for musicians of all types, no genre or labels allowed! The class will be structured for beginning to intermediate understanding of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but more concepts will be introduced in the short class, allowing some time at the end for student questions.


Clay landed on the cover of The Boston Phoenix in 2005 for being the ‘Most Popular Man in Boston’ — according to social networking site MySpace. He has since made a career making social connections online and off by following marketing trends and staying ahead of them. By establishing best practices at Middle East Nightclub (@MidEastClub — verified) for social media, he has set an example there for other businesses, venues and independent promoters in town.

When not working in various roles for popular Boston bands, Clay also runs social media for band clients and fine artists. You may find his comic book and pop culture news columns on local and national websites. When comic book conventions roll into town, Clay is asked to moderate panels of top industry talent or can be found scouring the quarter bins for lost comic book gems.




614 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite #203Cambridge, MA 02139 | 617.849.9321 | [email protected]


SAT 12/21 - EARLY EVENING SHOW - TT THE BEARS PLACE LeaguePodcast & RockOn! Concerts Present: A Chippunk Christmas





LeaguePodcast & RockOn! Concerts Present: 

A Chippunk Christmas 

Br1ght Pr1mate (Chiptune / Chipmusic / Futurepop) (8PM)

Control Group CD Release (featuring Darren Korb - Bastion) (7PM)

The Demographic featuring Sturgis from MC Frontalot) (6PM)

The World is Square (5PM)

18+ $10 Advance / $12 Day of Show 

*NOTE: 4:30 pm Doors


10 Brookline St

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139-4152

(617) 492-0082



Game Boy Symphony Orchestra Electro-beat Karaoke Death Metal For Your Mom

Night Animals is an album that was 3 years in the making. It is what we set out to do as BRIGHT PRIMATE, and we couldn’t be happier to be finally sharing it with you, our friends and fans and internet associates. Its been an effort of love and we believe that it represents another small step forward in the evolution of chip music from a basement hobbyists pursuit to what we all know it can become. 

There are so many people that have helped us shape this album, so many people who have inspired us or listened to rough mixes late at night or assisted us with their expertise in one way or another, and we would like to acknowledge some invaluable specifics: Carl AKA Radlib AKA Oxygenstar et al. for general solidness of character and always moving forward; Misfit Chris for many 5am chat sessions and lending me his ears on more than one occasion; Smiletron David for being a constant mellow optimist in the wee hours of the night; Disasterpeace Rich for setting the bar pretty high; Dan of the J. Arthur Keenes Band for showing us all just how great a vocal chiptune album can be. Boston8Bit, Toy Company, Bitmasters, 8Static, I/O, Chipwin, REboot, PAX and Magfest peeps; you know who you are. Nerd Rock Radio and Seaking’s Seaglass too. Probably most of all though, thanks to you for listening to this record, whoever you are, because music is just two animals communicating in the night.



Control Group

Control Group is a new band comprised of three singer-musicians with

some impressive Indie cred: between them they have recorded three

BBC Peel Sessions, won Best Original Score at the Spike Video Game

Awards, sold 200,000 albums (Bastion), got NME’s Single Of The Week, won a

Rock Band® National Championship, had a Swirlies’ song named

after them, and toured with bands like Girls Against Boys, The Jon

Spencer Blues Explosion, and The Damned.  

Having left their previous projects behind with the other detritus in rock music’s roiling wake,

Control Group found each other in the creative petri dish of Brooklyn.

There they set about discovering their new style, expressing the spirit of

their surroundings.

Control Group is a new rock combo made up of three lead singers: Darren Korb, Jeremy Parker, and Evan Reynolds. The band’s sound is a combination of nostalgic guitar punk, DIY indie rock, and 90s pop. Imagine early Dinosaur Jr crossed with Foo Fighters with a bit of The Smiths thrown in.


THE DEMOGRAPHIC - Guitar, drums, etc.

“…a noisy conglomeration of garage-rock and Neil Young-esque guitar work mixed with proto-grunge and alt-country.”—The Noise

“…ultra-fuzzed guitars playing great riffs and punky sonic hooks.”—Valley Advocate

“Listen Close has lowbrow cinemascope grandeur, with precision and economy.”—Jersey Beat

“Ornery and catchy.”—Hampshire Life

“[Verse Chorus Curse] showcases a love for both noise and melody.” —Noise Boston

“Rock served raw… Every song is solid.” —The Deli

“…straight-ahead Husker Du-esque rockers.” —Valley Advocate

“They can raise speedy hell.” —Daily Hampshire Gazette

The Demographic is a somewhat loud guitar/drum duo from Northampton, Massachusetts featuring Tom Pappalardo (guitar+vocal) and Sturgis Cunningham (drums+back vocal). We write short, concise rock songs with most of the bullshit cut out. We’ve been together since 2009.

RIYL: Kurt Vonnegut, The IT Crowd,Massachusetts, 1992.


The World Is Square

SquareSoft/Enix VGM Folk Band from Boston, Massachusetts. 


The World is Square is a 5 Piece Video Game Tribute Band from Boston, MA; focusing on the Classic Years of SquareSoft/Enix Games. They perform songs from titles like Final Fantasy VII, and Chrono Trigger, using a variety of traditional, unconventional and modern instruments.


The Protomen, Those Who Fight, The X-Hunters, Descendants of Erdrick, Br1ght Pr1mate, Armcannon, Powerglove, Metriod Metal, VGO, The OneUps, Vanish Doom, Lords of Thunder, Diamond Machine, & so many more.!/twisband



BOYS AND GIRLS - Stacey B. Rizoli will be selling her handcrafted flowers and jewelry at the show. We’ll take Square. Will post pictures soon!


*Flower Barrettes/Hair Accessories* *pins* *paintings* *original art* *handpainted birdhouses* *handpainted boxes*

Monsters are good. will also be there selling monster related items to fulfill all your holiday needs! And don’t miss your chance to get your photo with Frankenclaus! 







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This past Saturday, The Legend of Zelda came alive on the stage at the Citi Wang Theatrein Boston with The Rhode Island Philharmonic and full choir, led by Zelda Symphony leader Jeron Moore. Fans of the long-running video game franchise, some in costume, brought their Nintendo 3DS’s out to play and enjoy the celebration of
Link, The Tri-Force, Zelda, and The Goddesses.


This was truly a unique experience for all involved. The tour came through for its second season,The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, Second Quest. Fans of the game, parents, and those like myself that have fallen out of practice with video games in recent years gathered at The Wang Theatre for pre-recorded gameplay accompanied by a full orchestra and choir in two movements, and four acts.

After the Overture, Producer & Lead Creative Director Jeron Moore introduced himself to the crowd. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening which takes place not on Hyrule but on Koholint Island. This music lead us all into the theme of another handheld Zelda game, Spirit Tracks, a bizarre and underrated game where Link drives a train!

Jeron has re-presented these musical themes, with all new arrangements with the blessing of franchise producer Eiji Aonuma and Nintendo composer and sound director Koji Kondo (Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda).

If you’re head is literally not in the game, it certainly doesn’t matter. Hearing an orchestra play, while watching someone else play through difficult levels of Zelda you may or may not have heard of is at once impressive as it is meditative. And did we mention dynamic? The roar of excitement you feel from the music see Link defeat Ganon might make it seem like a smaller victory at home on your system.

At points, all I could think of, especially while watching a difficult section of Link’s Awakening was, “That looks hard.”


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The world’s most popular video game franchise comes to life this weekend at the beautiful Wang Theatre, part of Citi Performing Arts Center.

The four movement symphony showcases the work of Nintendo’s composer Koji Kondo and is the first ever video-game-themed concert tour of its kind.

“It’s all a part of my Hyrule Fantasy.”

Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses, Second Quest

Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses, Second Quest


The Zelda Symphony will take you from the Dungeons of Hyrule to the Ocarina of Time, ending on A Link To The Past with a full symphony orchestra, choir, and larger-than-life video accompaniment.

Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses, Second Quest

Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses, Second Quest

All new arrangements of the scores are officially approved by franchise producer Eiji Aonuma and Nintendo composer and legendary sound director Koji Kondo (Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda).

Link Hero of Hyrule cosplayers are of course encouraged to attend—after all, it is Halloween weekend!

This is a truly unique experience will bridge generations of symphony lovers, video game music lovers, and Nintendo Power fanatics this weekend at the Wang.

Follow @ZeldaSymphony #SecondQuest on Twitter!

[Sat 11.2.13. 270 Tremont St., Boston. 8pm/all ages/$38.75-$92.75.]

>>LeaguePodcast Zelda Event Page<<


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Bloggers/Daily Email blasters & press folks! Looking for coverage on this —


Thursday’s 9/5 MAC LETHAL show at TT THE BEARS. You know him from his hilarious blog! And this pancake video!


Let me know if I can help you get any information SORTED!




-Clay at LeaguePodcast - your source for comics, nerdcore, spyfi and covert activities!




**NEW** - Google Calendar of our Events


THU 9/5 - TT THE BEARS: Mac Lethal (Texts from Bennett Tour), H.W. & DJ Emoh Betta, Clinical at TT the Bear’s Place [Bowery Boston & League Podcast present]


**NEW** SUN 9/8 - CASUAL SUNDAY with BORN CASUAL (Providence) at ZUZU (Throwback Hip Hop and R & B) - 10pm 21+ FREE

SAT 9/14/13 - MIDDLE EAST DOWNSTAIRS: Video Game Orchestra, DJ Cutman, Darren Korb (Bastion), Control Group, deadbeatblast - Guest MC Brian O’Halloran (Clerks)[Boston Festival of Indie Games Presents - Boston Plays Indies - 7PM]

SUN 9/15 - MIDDLE EAST UPSTAIRS (MATINEE): LeaguePodcast & Turbojugend Boston Present: The Hip Priests (UK), The Cretins, The Sprained Ankles, Bad Sex - All Ages $10 *NOTE: 1pm Doors

**NEW** SAT 9/28 - The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (DAY 1 - 11AM - 4PM)

**NEW** SUN 9/29 - The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (DAY 2 - 11AM - 4PM)

TUE 10/1 - Jel (anticon.), Serengeti (anticon.), Sole, Open Mike Eagle, F. Virtue at MIDDLE EAST UPSTAIRS [Leedz Edutainment and LeaguePodcast Present]

SUN 10/6: Rock On! Concerts & LeaguePodcast! present: Wil Wheaton VS. Paul and Storm

OCT 10-13: New York Comic Con

**NEW** FRI 10/11 - Peelander-Z CD Release @ Church Feat Members Of Electric Eel Shock! with PLANETOID [Presented by Rock On! Concerts and LeaguePodcast]

THU 11/7: MIDDLE EAST DOWNSTAIRS: Rob Delaney Book Tour @robdelaney - Early Evening Show - [Brookline Booksmith & LeaguePodcast Present]

**NEW** SAT 11/23: BOSTON SUPER MEGAFEST 2013 & COME TOGETHER MUSICFEST [DAY 1 - 10:30am - 6:00pm] - Sheraton Framingham Hotel

**NEW** SUN 11/24: BOSTON SUPER MEGAFEST 2013 & COME TOGETHER MUSICFEST [DAY 2 - 10:30am - 5:00pm] - Sheraton Framingham Hotel

















Clay Fernald / Clay N. Ferno

M: +1 (617) 30-COMIC (google voice)

Check out our comic book podcast,

Check out my comic book culture column at - EARTH PRIME TIME: DigBoston


Pop culture & comics at Forces of Geek

11/7 MIDDLE EAST - Rob Delaney Book Tour - Early Evening Show - [Brookline Booksmith & LeaguePodcast Present]

Thu 11/7/13 - Early Evening Show -
Brookline Booksmith & League of Ordinary Gentlemen Comic Book Podcast - leaguepodcast Present:
Rob Delaney
18+ $30 1 ticket 1 book /
$50 2 tickets 1 book
*NOTE: 6:00pm doors (event ends at 9:30pm)

Rob Delaney’s career received attention via his Twitter account. As of June 2013, Delaney has 875,300 followers. In 2010, Paste magazine named him one of the ten funniest people on Twitter.
In May 2012, he became the first comedian to win the ‘Funniest person on Twitter award’ at the Comedy Central awards.
Delaney has written several articles for Vice magazine.
In December 2011, Comedy Central announced Delaney would shoot a pilot for a variety show, called “@RobDelaney”. In 2013, Rob was hired to star in the new television show called Big Rob produced by Judd Apatow. This is said to start filming in the Fall.
After Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries, Delaney announced on Twitter that he planned on suing Kim Kardashian to prevent the divorce. No lawsuit was ever filed.

Comedian, Writer, 6’3 217 lbs. Preorder my book, ROB DELANEY: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.

NO PASSES OR GIVEAWAYS because of the book thing….
[email protected] for press inquiries.


LeaguePodcast Presents:
Musiquestria Tour - 8 Brony Musicians - All Ages $10 Advance / $12 Day Of Show *NOTE: 5:30pm Doors

Silva Hound
Donn DeVore
Automatic Jack

8/6/13 U: EARLY EVENING SHOW: LeaguePodcast Presents: Musiquestria Tour - 8 Brony Musicians - All Ages $10 Advance / $12 Day Of Show *NOTE: 5:30pm Doors

472 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA 02139 | |


“Musiquestria is a month-long pony music tour spanning the entirety of the United States.”

Musiquestria is a month-long pony music tour spanning the entirety of the United States, from Everfree Northwest in Seattle, WA to cities in the New England area. During these four weeks we hope to visit as many major cities as possible across the country, bringing incredible live performances of some of the community’s most talented musicians to you.

Bronies have already infultrated so much of pop culture. This first-of-its-kind tour will take us to the next level! If this series of epic events are successful, this tour will become an annual event bringing up-and-coming brony musicians right across North America and into your home towns!






Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 11.02.22 AM

Boston Comic Con has been rescheduled for this weekend, August 3-4, at The Seaport World Trade Center. Founder Nick Kanieff joins us for the epic conclusion of our two part interview (Part One HERE) about the challenges of moving this great independent comic book show and the incredible growth Boston Con has seen since its first years.

The Boston comics community was looking forward to the show in April, and now are even more ready to get together this summer as a celebration of comic books and pop culture at the rescheduled date and venue.

DIGBOSTON: We have portfolio reviews, cosplay contests. Is there anything you are looking forward to as an event organizer?
The ongoing joke is that as the organizer I never get to enjoy my own show. I’m really excited this year about the original art auction. We had our first art auction last year and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Mike Wieringo Foundation, a scholarship for aspiring comic book artists to attend a program at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Our first art auction was very successful.

This year we are still donating to that particular charity and we are also donating to The One Fund.

Once we put that out there to the artist’s community, the support was overwhelming. People that would not normally donate to an art auction—there aren’t that many of them in the comic book convention world (Heroes ConBaltimore Comic Con, and us)—probably because we are the three conventions that are considered more comic book purist and comic art driven shows. Mike Mignola(Hellboy) said “I am putting a piece of original art at your auction.” That’s gigantic. Mike Mignola’s huge and his art goes for tons of money. Everybody is stepping up to the plate, so I have a feeling the art auction is particularly huge this year.

The Amazing Screw-On Head - Mike Mignola

The Amazing Screw-On Head - Mike Mignola

We have the costume contest, every year that gets bigger and bigger and bigger. The cosplay community keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

I’ve been to Anime Boston and I scratch my head because it’s all cosplay. It’s a social event. There’s not a lot going on, but it is a huge social event.

It’s mindblowing to me how big the cosplay community really is. That’s always exciting. 
We have IDW showing up as a publisher this year. That’s pretty cool. We’ve got a Magic the Gathering tournament going on.

DC Comics and IDW will be doing portfolio reviews for you aspiring comic book artists out there. We’ve got our exclusive Boston Comic Con t-shirt by Tim Sale. We have our exclusive My Little Pony Boston Comic Con variant comic (Agnes Garbowska) – limited to 1000 copies.