The Who - Moving on! Concert Review (Do617)

The Who - Moving on! Concert Review (Do617)

"I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth" — “Substitute,” The Who

Midway through The Who: Moving On! at Fenway Park, lead singer Roger Daltrey—the vessel through which Pete Townshend's ideas are transformed from waveforms into a well-taped microphone with 55 years of experience in the taping part—declared that that line was the best line in rock’n’roll from his generation. - Read The Review.

5/18 ANAMANAGUCHI, Time Wharp, Infinity Shred @anamanaguchi at TheSinclair‎ - @BoweryBoston @LeaguePodcast #MM #chiptune


Saturday, May 18 // ALL AGES 7:30 PM

with Time Wharp, Infinity Shred
$13 Advance / $15 Day Of Show

Tickets at Ticketmaster // This event is all ages

The Sinclair is general admission standing room only. 
Tickets available at TICKETMASTER.COM, or by phone at 800-745-3000. No service charge on tickets purchased in person at The Sinclair Box office Tuesdays-Saturdays 12-7PM, or at the Royale box office Fridays from 12-6PM.
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The birth of Anamanaguchi must have taken place in the middle of mankind’s greatest sugar high. Oh, there could have been ‘shrooms there too, but we’re betting that it had more to do with loads and loads of pure cane sugar, swallowed in liquid, cubed, granulated or processed form, in copious amounts. It was Jolt soda, cake, ice cream, candy and everything else in between. It was on the sunniest of days and all colors were vibrant and searing. Everyone involved with the delivery and responsible for the creation of this new life-form was coming off of its greatest night of slumber ever and there was an open-ended world to shred and conquer. The rosy-cheeked little thing came out of the womb, was slapped on the ass by the jovial delivering doctor and started laughing hysterically, blowing disco ball kisses in between its unprecedented fits of joyous rapture. The band, an instrumental electronic band from New York, was drawn to Nintendo game consoles, arcade games and all of the plinking and high-score sounds that were coming out of them, ringing in its ears like magical coos. It immediately set out to write punishing and inspired music that would comprise a mixtape that would be the chosen composition of the sky to accompany every plane jumper, skydiver and parachuter. It’s a little known fact that the second anyone takes a leap out of the open hatch of an airplane, thousands of feet above ground, for any recreational purpose whatsoever, the music of Anamanaguchi is suddenly blasting into the ears of those plummeting folks. It’s louder and more exhilarating that any of us down here on the safe ground could ever imagine and it’s a secret that those jumpers keep to themselves, having signed a binding Anamanguchi non-disclosure agreement before pulling the chute cord. The bronzed music was chosen for such an important placement, in part, because as those jumpers land on the run, often on a beach or an open field, the only thing they want to do is jump up and down and rage out with some freaky dance moves for 5-to-10 minutes. The music, as contractually obligated, continues on - at obscene volumes - for that amount of time and these people do their dances.

New York City (2003 – present)

Anamanaguchi is a four-piece group from New York City that combines guitars with the thick, electronic tones of a Nintendo Entertainment System. With driving, dynamic and melodic tracks, they focus on creating sounds that seem bigger than their hardware. A member of the artist collective 8bitpeoples, Peter Berkman has been creating chiptune music since 2003. They have since toured across the country and briefly in the UK and Ireland. Their debut, ‘Power Supply’ EP, was released in 2006 as a free download through 8bitpeoples and has since received over 50,000 downloads.

They also recorded ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (Original Videogame Soundtrack)’ for the videogame. Their latest full-length album, ‘Dawn Metropolis’ was released March 3, 2009 and features 7 brand new songs sure to rock your face.

Time Wharp
Astro Nautico / JASS

Infinity Shred

Discontent with the now, Infinity Shred create music which aims to be the digital harbinger by which the human race once again dreams of tomorrow.

Through years of friendship forged on a shared love of skateboarding and screen printing, Damon Hardjowirogo and George Stroud originally founded the band in 2007 as Starscream. With the 2011 release of the final Starscream LP, “Future, Towards the Edge of Forever,” came the addition of Nathan Ritholz on guitar as well as a collective yearning amongst the members for creative growth by exploring digital synthesis beyond the sole use of the 8-bit hardware as a means of composition.

The group creates multi-chapter electronic anthems inspired by the hopefulness of the space age tinged by the dark feelings that arise in the members when faced with the prospect that the human race may not find it’s way in to forever. Additionally the band creates accompanying visuals for their live shows (performed by or with the help of artist Jean Y. Kim) that clearly illustrate the members’ love of  skateboarding and the bands obsession with the aesthetic of the Italo Disco / Space Synth era.



Hub Comics Signing March 2, 2013A group of comic book creators will be at Hub Comics on Saturday: some of the best queer and feminist indie zine and spoken word artists will be joined by Somerville’s own Liz Prince for a book signing, slideshow, and reading. The funny ladies of funny books promise an exciting time. Luckily for us, Cassie, Nicole, and Liz had a few moments to spare on the road to give us an idea of what to expect on Saturday at 7 p.m. Nicole also gives a ‘friend’ some valuable cuddling advice.

DIGBOSTON: Nicole, thanks for taking the time, how is your book tour so far?

NICOLE J. GEORGES: It’s great.  I’ve met three hypo-allergenic dogs, drawn dogs in lots of books, and had the pleasure of [having] Cassie J. Sneider as my guest “Dr. Laura” every night at the readings.

Your new book, Calling Dr. Laura, is a mystery of sorts about a daughter and her thought-to-be-dead father. You also delightfully explore the pangs of growing up and your search for a committed girlfriend. 

Do you find it difficult to expose intimate details of your life through your art, or does this come naturally for you?

I have been doing autobiographical comics for 15 years, so I’ve gotten accustomed to writing about personal details of my life.

I know that in order to connect with readers, one has to be vulnerable, so I try my best.

Besides being an award-winning Zinester (is that a word?) you’ve appeared with Sister Spit: The Next Generation, and give a live version of your advice column. What can we expect at HUB, will there be performances?

At HUB Comics, I’ll be doing a slide-show presentation of some portions of my book, talk a little bit about its creation, and then do live rapid-fire advice with Cassie J. Sneider.




SAT  3.2.13
19 BOW ST.


We all know Liz is not only a professional comic book artist with Boom’s Marceline and the Scream Queens, but some don’t know of her love of cats and pop punk. I asked her about the poster you see below used to promote the Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder, and Acro-Brats show on Sunday at Church. She put her drawing pencil and kneaded eraser away to get me just a few words about that!

LIZ PRINCE: I’m a huge fan of all three bands that are on this mega tour, so using my Masked Intruder connections to muscle my way into making a poster was a dream come true!


Queers March 3rd - Church. By Liz Prince!

Queers March 3rd - Church. By Liz Prince!

$15 // 12+ // 8PM DOORS