‘Downton Abbey’ Arrives in Boston (Downton Abbey Exhibition preview at Forces of Geek)

‘Downton Abbey’ Arrives in Boston (Downton Abbey Exhibition preview at Forces of Geek)

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition has landed in Boston at The Castle at Park Plaza for an extremely limited three month run. An appropriately themed afternoon tea was held on Friday, June 14th, featuring Executive Chairman of Carnival Films, Gareth Neame, and members of the press and socialites (aka social media influencers).

Boston Comic Con’s Journey To FanExpo Boston is Not Without Growing Pains at FORCES OF GEEK

This year’s FanExpo Boston takeover of Boston Comic Con came with not only a change of venue, but an entirely different experience for BostonCon fans. The change in venue from Seaport World Trade Center to the much larger Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was a welcome to accommodate more fans. It did seem a bit odd that Fan Expo had nearly an entire room dedicated to a line queue when some vendors and artist alley tables were on top of each other with not much room for people to ‘squeak by’.

I’m familiar with well-run conventions in the same space, most notably PAX East, so I don’t think my overall iffy experience at FanExpo was a unique one. First time convention volunteers and ushers gave wrong or poor information. The Guidebook App was difficult to track down. Signage was messed at a major floor entryway that said EXIT. Instead of fixing the sign on day 2, they just posted two guards there to send people in the opposite direction.


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FOG! Takes a Look at CON MAN starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion! at FORCES OF GEEK


This weekend at New York Comic Con, Alan Tudyk (Firefly) appeared with geek celebrities Felicia Day, Seth Green and Nathan Fillion to promote the new Con Man webseries at Vimeo.

Tudyk stars in the 10-minute episodes as Wray Nerely, a sci-fi actor who has entered the world of celebrity convention guest after his lauded but cancelled Spectrum series was taken off of the air.

Near to Tudyk’s heart is the story of the inner workings of fandom and conventions, and the thirteen episodes of theIndiegogo-funded series are being released on Wednesdays.

Read my review of Con Man after the jump.

‘I will see you in hell!” — that’s actor Wray Nerely’s character, pilot Cash Wayne’s catch phrase.