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Truly Outrageous! That’s right, Jem is back with her Holograms in a brand new #1. Facing the neon and non-devilock sporting Misfits, girls and boys will be stoked on the fashion, music and comic fun for the modern age! … Continuing our Hasbro theme, how about jumping on to Transformers: Windblade Combiner Wars #1 as Windblade defends her homeworld. …Not to be forgotten from this IDW toy-based comic celebration is Snake-Eyes in Agent of Cobra #3! What, did we think Hasbro would send the Dig Offices a crate of free toys for all of these plugs? I dunno—did we? … Picks this week from!



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Entertainment Earth


Yo Joe! Getting throttled by the drill Sergent of my childhood, Sgt. Slaughter, just minutes after meeting fellow Arashikage Clan Member Snake-Eyes Ray Park so that we can team up with Scarlett to take on the Baroness and some Cobra troopers before hoping in the TARDIS to escape the Daleks was not another pumpkin coffee induced daydream.

This happened IRL this past weekend at Supermega Fest in Framingham. As Con Season draws to a close and we will soon stop buying expensive variant action figures for ourselves so we treated ourselves to one last nerdout with cosplayers, comic and toy vendors, TV stars, Ron Jeremy, Christopher Lloyd and so much more at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel this past weekend. As a firstimer to Supermega, I recommend the trip next year to not just comic fans, but pop culture fans in general.

First impressions are that this is slightly more schizophrenic show than the previous cons we have attended this year, and less of a comic book focus. Also, the format seems to be crammed into the Sheraton in Framingham, leaving vendors to set up in hallways off of the main ballroom and signing area. Not that that is a complaint, it makes for more creative ways to adhere to the Prime Directive:

Keep Moving, And Get Out Of The Way.


Comic artists were there, including our friend Jamal Igle, who is hard at work telling everyone about his all ages young heroine, Molly Danger.





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