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Yo, Joe! Cobra is dealing with an inside agent that might bring them down in G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero #231! … A new villain is ready to take on Spawn in issue #265 written by Todd McFarlane and drawn by Erik Larsen! … Slade Wilson is back in Deathstroke #1 as he finds himself in the middle a ruthless super villain and a deadly dictator. … Picks this week from

Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. May 4, 2016


Frank Castle, fresh of the news of his Netflix television announcement dons the skull once again in Punisher #1 from Becky Coonan and Steve Dillon! … Who is the traitor among the G.I.Joe ranks? Find out in G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero #228! … For a new book, try out Satellite Falling #1 from IDW to scratch the itch of space operas with bounty hunters on lone planets! … Picks this week from


What better reason to bring back the Triple Shot of comics at FOG! than a new G.I. Joe book?

Season 4 of IDW’s run is written by Karen Traviss and has Scarlett as the head of the team. We also check in on Starlight by Millar and Parlov over at Image and try to trap them ghosts in the final issue of Ghostbusters from IDW.

Back all of that up with an all ages The Adventures of a 4th Grade Space Captain from ComiXology Submit!


G.I. JOE Season 4 #1
WRITER: Karen Traviss
ARTIST: Steve Kurth
Publication Date: September 24, 2014
Price: $3.99
Publisher: IDW Publishing
UPC: 82771400693300111
Buy it Here 

IDW continues the Joe legacy with it’s fourth season of books.

Building off of the history and world building established in previous seasons is the latest from sci-fi author Karen Traviss. This new book jumps forward 5 years from G.I. Joe: Season 3 and the events in the spyfi thriller spinoff book G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files from Mike Costa.

I’m happy to report that this is a new take on the Joes, but also one that’s as thick as Dutch chocolate cake and the characters are all true to form. Fans of Hama’s military jargon will be satisfied, but also real world politics enter the dialogue and situations presented herein.

Recommended if you are enjoying Nathan Edmondson’s work on The Activity, or more recently in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Echoes.

That should do it for the author comparisons, except to say that this is very different from the relatively lighthearted Yo-Joeing going on in Chuck Dixon or Fred Van Lente runs on the book.

Traviss is taking this very seriously, and as a long suffering Joe fan, I couldn’t be happier. Notable changes to the vibe are Scarlett taking a lead role and trying to save the team from disbanding and a course change for Cobra and the surviving Crimson Twin, Tomax.

I am eagerly awaiting the next volume of G.I. Joe with a cool new logo and very talented new female writer at the helm.




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Double Post! Want to hear the audio of this interview? LeaguePodcast #182 has you covered, full interview there!




We spoke with filmmaker and G.I. Joe fan Mark Cheng (Operation: Red Retrieval -G.I. Joe Fan Film, 2011) about his newest project, an idea that impressed G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero writer, comic book legend Larry Hama.

As issue #200 of G.I.Joe: RAH approaches, another milestone will be met as the original sci-fi film Ghost Source Zero reaches it’s funding goal.

Mark joins us to talk about his collaboration with Larry on this exciting film, his background, education and his favorite Joe!

FOG!: Welcome, Mark how are you doing today?

Mark Cheng: Great, it happens to be my Birthday!

Tell us a little about your filmmaking history.

Like every kid, I loved watching movies when I was young. I really got into comic books as a visual storytelling medium, I was one of those guys who went to college to study film at Cornell University as a Political Science major. I dropped out of that, and pursued film production.

I spent about 8 months after college working on music videos, commercials, a memorable Chef Boyardee commercial, spinning a ravioli can on the table and filming it from 1000 different angles. I was a lowly Production Assistant, driving a prop truck from location to location.

I worked on a Blues Traveler video in the summer. Then I called it quits. 


I looked at the crew, three levels above me, and the tiers didn’t make sense to me, so I taught myself web design and that led to corporate America and getting a real job.





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Triple Shot With a Digital Chaser: G.I. JOE: #12, SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #7, INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #17 plus KAMI #1

Happy New Year!  We hope you get to make your regularly scheduled trip to the comic store this week and when you do, take into consideration this Triple Shot! 

G.I. Joe gets a new writer that explores the origins of different Cobra Commanders past and present, the new Beetle’s origin starts at a birthday party years ago in The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, and Hulk gets mad when people start invading his space in Indestructible Hulk #17.

Kami is a nice quick chaser over at ComiXology.

G.I. JOE #12
WRITER: Paul Allor
ART: Alex Cal, Steve Kurth
Publication Date: December 31, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: IDW Publishing
UPC: 82771400431101211
Buy it HERE

It is no surprise to anyone that I am a fanatical G.I. Joe fan, I literally wear it on my sleeve in the form of an Arashikage tattoo.

Larry Hama’s Marvel run (continuing to date over at IDW) is what got me into comics, and the reboot of the franchise at IDW has impressed and compelled me to write about the multiple IDW series from the get go.

That was because names like Chuck Dixon, Hama, Christos Gage, Mike Costa and Fred Van Lente were carrying on the legacy.

Sure, the main series has had its low points but in general, overall I have been happy.

To my surprise, a guest on my podcast, a relative unknown writer in the scheme of things, Paul Allor was tapped to take over for Fred Van Lente on Season 3 after his departure. Allor cut his teeth in Comics Experience (online classes led by former Joe Editor Andy Schmidt) and quickly got pro work on several TMNT titles.

Allor is picking up on a Gage and Costa concept from G.I. Joe: Cobra in which the Cobra organization has been around for centuries. Like an anonymous Pope, one Commander is replaced by the next, hiding his identity.

This book tells the story of at least two Commanders, not including the present day as C.C. hires a Press Agent to tell the story behind Cobra.

Taking over for one of comics hottest writers, Fred Van Lente can not be easy, and I am delighted to say Paul Allor pulls it off! I can’t wait for the next issue, and more ghosts of Cobra Commanders past!


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Yo Joe! Getting throttled by the drill Sergent of my childhood, Sgt. Slaughter, just minutes after meeting fellow Arashikage Clan Member Snake-Eyes Ray Park so that we can team up with Scarlett to take on the Baroness and some Cobra troopers before hoping in the TARDIS to escape the Daleks was not another pumpkin coffee induced daydream.

This happened IRL this past weekend at Supermega Fest in Framingham. As Con Season draws to a close and we will soon stop buying expensive variant action figures for ourselves so we treated ourselves to one last nerdout with cosplayers, comic and toy vendors, TV stars, Ron Jeremy, Christopher Lloyd and so much more at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel this past weekend. As a firstimer to Supermega, I recommend the trip next year to not just comic fans, but pop culture fans in general.

First impressions are that this is slightly more schizophrenic show than the previous cons we have attended this year, and less of a comic book focus. Also, the format seems to be crammed into the Sheraton in Framingham, leaving vendors to set up in hallways off of the main ballroom and signing area. Not that that is a complaint, it makes for more creative ways to adhere to the Prime Directive:

Keep Moving, And Get Out Of The Way.


Comic artists were there, including our friend Jamal Igle, who is hard at work telling everyone about his all ages young heroine, Molly Danger.





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As a scholar of all things G.I. Joe and a bit of a snob when it comes to what is or shouldn’t be considered canon by Joe fandom, I was surprised to see IDW Publishingsolicit a reprint of what many comic fans consider to be the darkest of years, the post-Larry Hama G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero (1982) Devil’s Due era. I’ve dismissed these books in many a longbox and skipped over some great original artwork from convention portfolio bins before asking myself if this book has what it takes to be my America’s elite fighting team. Hasbro itself disallows this run from being canon, but Devil’s Due owned the license from 2001—2008, so there are plenty of Yo Joe! Colas to be downed as the reprints trickle into stores. G.I. Joe Americas Elite Disavowed Vol. 01 hits shelves today.

We heard shortly before New York Comic Con this year that Fred Van Lente will be leaving the regular ongoing G.I. Joe book after issue #11, and that got us thinking about the franchise and who might take over. No rumors have circulated yet, but our vote would be for Nathan Edmondson ofThe Activity and Who is Jake Ellis?. This is all before Marvel announced snatching up Nathan for newPunisher and Black Widow books at Marvel NOW!

The Devil’s Due writer from 2001-2005 starts with company founder Josh Blaylock, and his Real American Hero run became known as an alternate universe named “Disavowed.” In the universe, another terrorist organization known as Red Shadows was introduced as a threat to the Joes and Flint’s compatriot Lady Jaye dies after 43 issues of the new Disavowed continuity.


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for August 28, 2013


Aw Yeah, Hellboy! We’ve missed Superman Family Adventures and Tiny Titans, now we can get our fill of cute heroes in the Aw Yeah style at the popular Dark Horse character, Itty Bitty Hellboy #1 from our pals Art & Franco. Its an all ages funny book, from hell! … The Joes amp up to take on Cobra and defend Manhattan in Fred Van Lente’s G.I. Joe #7. Yo Joe! … Grant Morrison ran out the clock on his two volume end cap to an epic run on Batman with Batman Incorporated. Superstar co-creator on the series, artist Chris Burnham leaves the series with an all-star special in Batman Incorporated Special #1. DC Publisher Dan DiDio and Ethan Van Sciver (Flash Reborn, Dark Knight) spin off a BatCow backup! … Picks this week from

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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for August 7, 2013



Nerd prom aka Boston Comic Con is over but we’re still in our costumes! J. Michael Straczynski introduces the Cowl and his underling Flyboy—but will Flyboy get to come out of the Cowl’s shadow, or will he forever be the second fiddle in Sidekick #1 from Image. … Issue #1 was so funny and weird that even the Punisher has his sites set on The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber. … In G.I. Joe: Cobra Files #5 we have new Joe Clockspring listening to Tomax’s love-life advice. Never take advice from an evil twin determined to rule the world! … Picks this week from


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Triple Shot stays independent this week with some violent first issues to get the blood flowing through your veins and onto the street.

We start with the resurrected X from Dark Horse and move toward the expanded Invincible Universe and finally ending with Volume 4 of Mike Costa’s spyfi G.I.Joe: Cobra Series from IDW.

X #0 - “THE PIGS”
WRITER: Duane Swierczynski
ART: Eric Nguyen
Publication Date: April 10, 2013
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
UPC: 76156822568600011
Buy it HERE

Duane Swierczynski can write us a violent comic book with dark dark and violent leading men. His work on both the Punisher and Valiant Comic’s reboot of Bloodshot are proof of this recently. We begin to wonder if he reflects on the real life corruption and violence of his hometown of Philadelphia.

X #0 from Dark Horse Comics debuts this week, originally printed in the popular anthology comic Dark Horse Presents, this one-shot introduces the city of Arcadia and the upper echelon of the criminal underworld running the city.

Missing an eye, and with a cool costume with a red ‘X’ on his hood (look out, new Cyclops, X was here first!) the character is foreboding and intimidating. Our boy is similar to Frank Castle in this way, with one exception. If you are a bad buy, and you receive a picture of yourself in the mail with a red-Sharpied ‘X’ across your face, get out of town. This is X’s warning….he’s coming for you.

X uses a variety of weapons from swords to fists, car bombs, machine guns, serrated knives and crowbars to get various jobs done and wipe out the major players in Arcadia in this issue.

X is as cunning as Batman and Punisher, and seems to have the upper hand on the criminals in the book from unseen detective work. Swierczynski even works in the obvious parallels as boss Pietrain is taunting him from his panic room.

This book reminds me of ‘90s Punisher War Journal and War Zone, in the best way possible. Lone vigilante, spilling guts and getting the bad guys. The X reboot is off to a great start, with an ongoing promised on the last page. Be careful, though, you may be off of spaghetti and sausage for a few days after reading this book. The Arcadia Meatpacking District sausage ingredients are very ‘fresh’.

WRITER: Phil Hester
ART: Todd Nauck
Publication Date: April 10, 2013
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Image Comics
UPC: 70985301354900111
Buy it HERE

Phil Hester continues to expand on the Invincible Universe with a new #1 issue this week. Formerly a spinoff ofInvincibleGuardians of the Globe (or Guarding the Globe) spotlighted the popular superhero team featured in the original series.

A hybrid of Avengers or Justice League, and led by Invincible’s sometime boss, Cecil Stedman, the Guardians are protecting the globe from the usual—Viltrumite mustaches, underwater monsters, prison breaks—that sort of thing.

Let’s also point out that Invincible is in no way a leader to the team.

Sometime’s he’s just getting in the way of Robot and company doing their real work anyway and it always seems like there’s some resentments brewing on the Guardians side, with Mark directly or indirectly putting the world at risk with his actions, constantly.

Cecil is barking orders at his new assistant who he wishes to call Agent Edelman, not her given name at all. Taking action across the world are The Guardians, cleaning up after the events ofInvincible #100. Cecil observes remotely and strategizes his chess moves. Disappointingly, the team is not ever assembled properly in this setup issue, but seen in vignettes of them in action across the world.

The title change from Guardians to Invincible Universe seems to be including more of the Skybound! imprint’s properties like The Astounding Wolf-Man, Capes, Inc. and Tech Jacket. 

Overall I’m curious to see where the story is headed, with a new villain introduced toward the end of the issue that reminds us of Fin Fang Foom! 

Phil Hester is great, and so is Todd Nauck on art, and I understand the expansion of the property to more than one book, but Invincible by Kirkman will always be the canonical Invincible story. Lee and Kirby created the Marvel Universe, but with many other collaborators introducing stories along the way to weave the fabric. With only a few writers and artists interpreting the Kirkman vision for the Invincible Universe, the side stories feel like they don’t mean much or fall flat sometimes. 

Two thumbs up for this book, for sure, but let’s blow this thing out with more mini-series and some new heroes. This is a great alternative to mainstream superhero team books like Teen Titans, Justice League or any of the Avengers books.

WRITER: Mike Costa
ART: Antonio Fuso
Publication Date: April 10, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: IDW Publishing
UPC: 82771400452600111
Buy it HERE

It’s a new season of G.I.Joe: Cobra kicking off this week under a new title. Mike Costa continues his espionage book on the G.I.Joe franchise that caused a great reaction to the repurposing of Hawaiian shirt wearing Chuckles in 2009.

Chuckles assassinated Cobra Commander with a gunshot wound to the head, and sacrificed himself to nuke Cobra Island in the pages of this book.

Basically, there is no messing around here.

Fans of the new G.I.Joe: Retaliation movie would be confused by picking up these books, whereas fans of 24 and Homeland will be delighted.

By the end of the last volume, there is a new Pit headquarters in Las Vegas for a cadre of Joes and a very important prisoner, Tomax Paoli. The surviving crimson twin has been providing insider Cobra intel for the Joes upon striking an agreement with them. In this first issue of the new season, Tomax is plotting his escape or purposefully leaking info that will benefit him, such as tracking down his personal Cobra enemies, therefore putting his deal in jeopardy.

On the Joe team, Chameleon, half-sister of the Baroness is having an identity crisis. A defector from Cobra and also someone with insider Cobra intel is being psychoanalyzed on the first pages of the book. When she heads out to the field on a mission to tackle Copperhead, things go FUBAR when the ex-Cobra officer’s son points a shotgun at her.

Flint resolves the situation with quick legwork. 

In an attempt to self-treat her PTSD, Chameleon rushes to the comforting arms of a fellow soldier, but this very well could affect her relationships with the rest of her team.

We’re off to another great run on this non traditional licensed property book. People love G.I.Joe: Cobra, and for good reason. There is espionage, tech, business at a multinational level and great action. It’s especially cool to see a updated versions of previously silly action figures Croc Master, Copperhead and Tomax/Xamot (RIP). 

A teaser from last season’s closer is dropped on us at the end. The mystery of the late Cobra Commander’s son, in a coma. We hope his name is Billy and he can recall Arashikage training. 




G.I. Joe #1 Cover B: Steve Kurth (p); Allen Martinez (i); Joana Lafuente (c)

Comic books are moving toward the television model in a number of ways. Season numbering has taken over and we are proud to put the footwear references aside to give you an exclusive interview with writer Fred Van Lente as he puts on his battle helmet for Season 3 of G.I. Joe from IDW Publishingon shelves today.

DIGBOSTON: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today about your new number one G.I. Joe issue from IDW.

FRED VAN LENTE: Thanks for having me.

Last summer we saw the Summer of Valiant and your take on Archer and Armstrong. Tell me, what are the first things you think about when relaunching popular characters. Is it like when you get to jump on an arc of Spider-Man, or is there more pressure on you?

Spider-Man was a fairly unique situation, just because I was writing with six other people. When flying solo, I guess I try to get to the essence of the property, which is pretty easy with G.I. Joe — it’s an archetypal “war” story, with an eternal battle between two opposing forces, one representing democracy, the other tyranny.


Fred Van Lente - Writer at Large

G.I. Joe fans are a particular breed. For example, I saw more toy fans than comic fans when Larry Hama was in Boston for a signing last year. 
I’m signing with Larry for the book’s release date in February—I can’t wait!

Are you getting “YO JOE!” a lot when you walk down the street these days? Are people asking you to sign their H.I.S.S. tanks? I can almost guarantee someone is working on a Fred Van Lente custom figure for the next JoeCon.
Not on the street, but definitely on Twitter.

It’s a really great fan community I’m thrilled to be a part of.

So in recent years we’ve had such great writers on G.I. JOE the likes of Chuck Dixon,Mike CostaChristos Gage and of course the Admiral Larry Hama. Will your Joeverse acknowledge the IDW G.I.Joe vs. Cobra run, wherein a coup for the Cobra Command was at the forefront and a Cobra Commander was killed?

I don’t think so… To be honest, there’s been so many books and I’ve been trying to read as many as I can, but I’ve only been on the job since July, so it’s been a bit of a challenge… Our run is a continuation of Dixon’s G.I. Joe run, but we also reference G.I. Joe Origins heavily.



DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for February 20, 2013



YO JOE! Clay’s so excited about the release of this book, and a recent conversation he had with scribe Fred Van Lente that he got the Arashikage tattoo on the 27th anniversary of his first G.I.Joe comic book (#46!). Dig favorite comic writer Van Lente puts the team in the public eye in the age of WikiLeaks and Twitter combat in G.I.Joe #1. It’s an extra-sized extra-wierd Action Comics #17 from Grant Morrison and Rags Morales. Morrison’s New 52 Superman run ends here, as Kal-El must save all of creation, natch! … Billy Martin of Good Charlotte enters the ring of spooky comic writers with his debut book, Vitriol The Hunter from IDW. Knowing our soft spot for guitars and vampire comics, it’s a safe bet we’ll stake this one out for at least a few issues. … Picks this week from


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for December 5, 2012




Much to the chagrin of everybody, the 50 year run of The Amazing Spider-Man is coming to an end at issue #700, and you had best believe we’re being dragged kicking and screaming to the finale. This week in ASM #699 we find out how Doc Ock has been pulling the strings on Peter’s life as he himself lay dying in the hospital. Don’t let this get omitted from your collection! … You can’t tell a book by it’s cover unless Todd McFarlane drew a parody of his own classic Hulk #340. Check out issue #226 of Spawn this week and hang it proudly on your wall. Darklon, Destro and Dreadknocks deftly dabble at defeating the Joe’s in the classic G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #185 by original Joe scribe Larry Hama! … Picks this week from


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for July 18, 2012

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen never wants to forget that there is a serious lack of lead female heroes and creators in mainstream comics. This week’s top pick is Captain Marvel #1 from Kelly Sue DeConnick. The Avenger Carol Danvers trades in The ‘Ms.’ title for the Captain rank alongside Captain America! … Covert action team of female agents tangles with real American heroes G.I. Joe in Danger Girl / G.I. Joe #1. … Amanda Conner and Darwyn Cooke are providing backstory for the Watchmen’s Silk Spectre with issue 2 of Before Watchmen Silk Spectre. Trained by her Mom, the original Silk Spectre, to be a superhero at 17, Julie runs away to San Fran. Find out how her path leads her to meeting her omnipotent husband, Doctor Manhattan.


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for April 11, 2012


What do you get when you have the creator of Kick Ass, Mark Millar, and the artist of the Watchmen, Dave Gibbons, working on a book together? A mysterious looking couple of dudes with a yellow logo on the cover, that’s what! Don’t miss Secret Service #1. …Kevin Smith wrote a screenplay for The Bionic Man reboot in the 90s that never saw the light of day so Dynamite adapted this for a successful comic! Marvel writer Paul Tobin brings female counterpart and ex-girlfriend of Steve Austin, Jaime Sommers, to life in The Bionic Woman #1 spinoff this week. …Grins were from ear to ear at Hub Comics over the weekend as collectors and fans met with classic G.I.Joe writer and Wolverine scribe Larry Hama. What happens when Cobra Commander faces the Blue Ninjas in G.I.Joe - A Real American Hero #177? … Picks this week from
Psssst… guess what’s coming up next weekend? NO! Not your chance to win a trip to Sonar Festival in Barcelona (*sigh*) even BETTER! COMIC CON. And Clay’s got a

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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for February 22, 2012



Jonah Hex teams up with Amadeus Arkham to fight a giant bat to the death in All-Star Western #6! … Great movie ideas are being developed in comics every month, and we can only hope that a book called Nazi Zombies has been snatched up by a major studio. … Avast, readers, you get what you pay for, and you didn’t pay for this solicitation of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Annual #1! … Will the LeaguePodcast weekly comic picks continue to ram boyhood soldier fantasies down your throat? The answer is yes!

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My debut colum covers everything you need to know about the new Cobra Commander!


Cobra Commander

I was eleven when they were building Serpentor. Serpentor was derived from the DNA of the world’s greatest warriors, and I was along for the ride. Who needed Chrome Dome leading Cobra when you could build your own? Issue #49 still has the teeth marks on the spine. Smartly, I brought the next issue home on my bike in a bag. Now, here’s my first column of EARTH PRIME TIME.


LeaguePodcast #88 Up Today! Matt Dursin has a new book out!

(via League of Ordinary Gentlemen Comics Podcast: League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #88 - WOLVERINES!)


Download | Duration: 01:09:06


It’s not that often I get to plug something really great that my friends are doing. It’s truly an honor to talk a bit with Manager/Co-host Matt Dursin about his latest anthology book from the Comics Experience class. Plus our co-host John Hunt on letters!

Order yours today, it’s only $10. I saw the pencils in early stages and can’t wait to read the book. Good on ya, guys!

League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #88 - WOLVERINES!: #comics #gijoe  cc @comicexperience

@DigBoston and @LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week!


Every comic is someone’s first, and we say start ‘em early! The Skrumps are animated Muppets in the Henson-verse making their full length comic book debut in Skrumps One Shot from Archaia. Mooch adopts an unusual pet that may make his life difficult in Skrumpland! … G.I. Joe Vol.2 #3 also makes for a great first comic for any young or old men out there! Come down from your star-spangled cupcake high as Zartan and Storm Shadow invade the Pit. … We’ve all got the friend that claims she could ‘kill a grizzly bear with just a knife if she timed the attack right’. Animal Planet Worlds Most Dangerous Animals is the book for her! Survival stories of animal attacks from bears, crocs, and lions will have you rabidly frothing at the mouth for the next issue! … Comic book picks from


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