A common complaint about the New 52 DC Comics relaunch was about the lack of female creators on the books.  That’s OK with me, because that gives the smaller, creator-centric companies concentrated talent.

Pre-orders for Grace Randolph’s SUPURBIA made news last week by selling out of all available hard copies.

DigBoston asked if she was as excited as we were about her sellout!


DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week! July 27, 2011


LeaguePodcast favorite Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) delivers his highly anticipated dip into the horror genre with Rachel Rising #1. Rachel has returned from the grave to find her number one squeeze is shacking up with another babe. It’s your standard zombie romance revenge tale in this premier ish!. …Venom #5 puts war hero Flash Thompson in the suit of goo and reboots the 90s web-villian as a government weapon! Peter Parker and Flash set aside differences in this Marvel Team-Up for the greater good. … Fozzy thinks he’s got jokes, but he may have to enroll in one of those embarrassing improv classes to improve his routine. Disney and Marvel present the all-ages Meet The Muppets #1 all-variety issue with bonus Pigs in Space skit!
Picks from week from, natch!

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@DigBoston and @LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week!


Every comic is someone’s first, and we say start ‘em early! The Skrumps are animated Muppets in the Henson-verse making their full length comic book debut in Skrumps One Shot from Archaia. Mooch adopts an unusual pet that may make his life difficult in Skrumpland! … G.I. Joe Vol.2 #3 also makes for a great first comic for any young or old men out there! Come down from your star-spangled cupcake high as Zartan and Storm Shadow invade the Pit. … We’ve all got the friend that claims she could ‘kill a grizzly bear with just a knife if she timed the attack right’. Animal Planet Worlds Most Dangerous Animals is the book for her! Survival stories of animal attacks from bears, crocs, and lions will have you rabidly frothing at the mouth for the next issue! … Comic book picks from


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