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‘G.I. Joe #1’ (written by Paul Allor - review) at Forces of Geek

‘G.I. Joe #1’ (written by Paul Allor - review) at Forces of Geek

As one gets with ‘your favorite thing’, when a new edition comes out, you approach skeptical by nature, speculate on merits, and if you have a generous heart and mind, you ‘give it a shot’ at least. Star Wars, Star Trek, Mad Max, whatever it is that floats your boat, you hope the new folks don’t muck it up too badly.


‘Monstro Mechanica’ With Paul Allor Interview at Forces Of Geek

Leonardo Da Vinci stars in the latest book from AfterShock Comics written by Paul Allor (G.I.Joe, TMNT). Paul joined us today to talk about Monstro Mechanica, his take on a robotic Renaissance and the difference between his robot and the one Da Vinci actually designed and built! This fun book places an automaton in the age of de’ Medici family and on the streets of Florence in 1472.

You’ve never read a book quite like this! Here’s what Paul had to say.

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FOG!: Thanks for joining us, Paul! Issue #1 introduces us to Leonardo Da Vinci, a robot and his female apprentice. Why set a comic book story with a robot in The Renaissance?

Paul Allor: The more heady answer is that the Renaissance is where the modern western conception of the self first began to develop; the idea that every individual has importance and worth beyond their place in society. So we were intrigued by the notion of pairing that time period with the classic sci-fi story of a robot gaining sentience.

The less heady answer is that a robot in the renaissance sounded like a whole lot of freaking fun.



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Triple Shot With a Digital Chaser: G.I. JOE: #12, SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #7, INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #17 plus KAMI #1

Happy New Year!  We hope you get to make your regularly scheduled trip to the comic store this week and when you do, take into consideration this Triple Shot! 

G.I. Joe gets a new writer that explores the origins of different Cobra Commanders past and present, the new Beetle’s origin starts at a birthday party years ago in The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, and Hulk gets mad when people start invading his space in Indestructible Hulk #17.

Kami is a nice quick chaser over at ComiXology.

G.I. JOE #12
WRITER: Paul Allor
ART: Alex Cal, Steve Kurth
Publication Date: December 31, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: IDW Publishing
UPC: 82771400431101211
Buy it HERE

It is no surprise to anyone that I am a fanatical G.I. Joe fan, I literally wear it on my sleeve in the form of an Arashikage tattoo.

Larry Hama’s Marvel run (continuing to date over at IDW) is what got me into comics, and the reboot of the franchise at IDW has impressed and compelled me to write about the multiple IDW series from the get go.

That was because names like Chuck Dixon, Hama, Christos Gage, Mike Costa and Fred Van Lente were carrying on the legacy.

Sure, the main series has had its low points but in general, overall I have been happy.

To my surprise, a guest on my podcast, a relative unknown writer in the scheme of things, Paul Allor was tapped to take over for Fred Van Lente on Season 3 after his departure. Allor cut his teeth in Comics Experience (online classes led by former Joe Editor Andy Schmidt) and quickly got pro work on several TMNT titles.

Allor is picking up on a Gage and Costa concept from G.I. Joe: Cobra in which the Cobra organization has been around for centuries. Like an anonymous Pope, one Commander is replaced by the next, hiding his identity.

This book tells the story of at least two Commanders, not including the present day as C.C. hires a Press Agent to tell the story behind Cobra.

Taking over for one of comics hottest writers, Fred Van Lente can not be easy, and I am delighted to say Paul Allor pulls it off! I can’t wait for the next issue, and more ghosts of Cobra Commanders past!


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