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‘G.I. Joe #1’ (written by Paul Allor - review) at Forces of Geek

‘G.I. Joe #1’ (written by Paul Allor - review) at Forces of Geek

As one gets with ‘your favorite thing’, when a new edition comes out, you approach skeptical by nature, speculate on merits, and if you have a generous heart and mind, you ‘give it a shot’ at least. Star Wars, Star Trek, Mad Max, whatever it is that floats your boat, you hope the new folks don’t muck it up too badly.


FOG! Requisitions Answers From Newly Enlisted ‘G.I. Joe’ Writer Aubrey Sitterson - FORCES OF GEEK



He may be the latest-born writer on a regular G.I.Joe property, but Aubrey Sitterson has distilled his interpretation of the team into a military sci-fi property that earns the title “The Crown Jewel of the Hasbro Universe”. With a Transformer on the team and an awesome new headquarters, Aubrey joined us today to talk G.I. Joe, The Hasbro Universe and what we can expect after the latest Hasbro event First Strike!

*  *  *  *  *

FOG!: Yo, Joe! Thanks for taking the time to talk Joe with us! What brings you to the IDW Joe Universe? How did you end up taking over for this season?

Aubrey Sitterson: Last year I wrote the fan-favorite Street Fighter x G.I. Joe, which was not only beloved by readers, but by Hasbro themselves. They dug the high-energy take on the Joes, one where they all felt like unique characters, so when it came time to launch a brand-new G.I. Joe series, IDW knew exactly who to call!

Following Revolution, we’re seeing a brand new take on IDW’s Joe properties, certainly different than the ongoing Larry Hama G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero continuity. For one, it is integrated into the other Hasbro titles, as “The Crown Jewel of the Hasbro Universe”. Tell us what it is like to write a Transformer, Skywarp, on to the team.

What kind of question is that? How is it to write a big, mean, surly transforming robot that happens to be on a team with people he could literally crush beneath his foot? It’s AMAZING, Clay.



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Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. March 23, 2016




The Finches Meredith and David bring Wonder Woman to issue #50 on this Batman v Superman week! Twirl on over to your LCS (Local Comic Shop) on the way to the theatre! LeaguePodcast ally Paul Allor goes What If? with G.I.Joe: Deviations #1 - begging the question What if COBRA ruled the world? … Independence Day #1 is the movie tie-in to the sequel that you didn’t ask for. But we must be ready this time, right? … Picks this week from

Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. March 25, 2015



Truly Outrageous! That’s right, Jem is back with her Holograms in a brand new #1. Facing the neon and non-devilock sporting Misfits, girls and boys will be stoked on the fashion, music and comic fun for the modern age! … Continuing our Hasbro theme, how about jumping on to Transformers: Windblade Combiner Wars #1 as Windblade defends her homeworld. …Not to be forgotten from this IDW toy-based comic celebration is Snake-Eyes in Agent of Cobra #3! What, did we think Hasbro would send the Dig Offices a crate of free toys for all of these plugs? I dunno—did we? … Picks this week from!



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Entertainment Earth

Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. FEBRUARY 11, 2015




The League has a great interview up today with Tom Scioli, writer/artist on Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #5 things are really heating up on Cybertron! … Spoiler Warning - we suggest Machete Order if you MUST include the prequels in your Star Wars viewing experience. Today, heavy breathing Daddy Darth Vader gets a new comic set right after the events in IV (A New Hope). … Lots of bad guys this week as Gail Simone’s Secret Six #2 returns to get to the bottom of Catman’s secret!… Picks this week from!

Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. FEBRUARY 4, 2015




Don’t forget Scott McCloud at the Brattle on Thursday celebrating the release of The Sculptor and his return to comics. Read our interview with Scott on From the mind of comics master Richard Corben (Heavy Metal) comes Rat God #1. …Yo Joe! The Autobots face both The Decepticons and Cobra in this all-out psychedelic Kirby-esque space battle in Transformers vs. G.I.Joe #5. Hear an awesome interview at with Tom Scioli! … Picks this week from League Podcast!



You’ll see all the news this week about NYCC beating out SDCC this week in attendance, so it’s notable that I got my ass to the Con on a Yo! Bus for four days of bumping into fans, dizzying cosplay and one heck of a good time. For an early evening panel after spending my whole day traveling, the seats at the Javits Center welcomed us for one of my favorite publishers.

We took a look at the popular licensed properties held by IDW from the IDW & Hasbro: Transformers, Ponies & More panel at New York Comic Con, Day 1 - Thursday, October 9 2014 at 6:15pm.

My only question is, why did my favorite book for life - G.I. Joe get relegated to peeling potato duty. I mean, “ & More”?

That’s a bit insulting to our nation’s Special Mission Force!

But Senior Editor John Barber and Mike Costa made up for it — by announcing Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra, the next installment in the Cobra Files seasons. 

Plus, some more “Truly Outrageous” announcements, nearly missed by the regular Friday through Sunday Con visitors!





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League Podcast and DigBoston Comic Book Picks for August 13, 2014







Yo Joe! SHHHHH….The Silent Interlude is one of the most defining stories in G.I. Joe history. Rushed to a deadline, Larry Hama completed this Snake Eyes story by skipping the lettering step in March of 1984. The deluxe edition 30th Anniversary edition of G.I. Joe #21 quietly glides into shelves today! … One of the Guardian’s of the Galaxy writers Dan Abnett unleashes a mysterious hellspawn onto a medieval Europe with Dark Ages #1 from Dark Horse. … The Turtles have a good weekend ahead of them so check out TMNT Annual 2014 from original creator Kevin Eastman! …Picks this week from the Guardians of

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Yo Joe! 

With Larry Hama delivering us the milestone issue of G.I. Joe #200 this week, we also have an 80’s Marvel graphic novel reprint in the form of issues with Walt Simonson’s Star Slammers #1 (remastered).

Mighty Mark Evanier & Roger Langridge team up just like their title characters inRocky & Bullwinkle #1.

Over in ComiXology Submit land, wash this down with a spooky British team in Department O #1.  


WRITER: Larry Hama
ART: SL Gallant
Publication Date: March 26, 2014
Price: $5.99
Publisher: IDW Publishing
UPC: 82771400148820011
Buy it HERE

“Yo, Joe!” - That’s what you’ll hear like the shot heard round the world tomorrow at 11 or noon when the shops open up in your town.

In fact, here in nearby Somerville, Tim Finn of Hub Comics is giving away 200 copies of this six dollar book for free today! All coming from a love for the ninjas, soldiers, tanks, reptilian villains and military banter sensei Larry Hama has given us since the first comic series (there have been many since) in the G.I. Joe franchise!

My heart fluttered in anticipation of reading the book and suddenly I was 12 years old again! 

This double-sized issue has a climactic standoff between our arrogant and whiney Cobra Commander and top notch Joes, including original Joe Coulton (played by Bruce Willis in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

There is one page, near the end of the book that is fan service to us loyal RAH fans. Joe Headquarters The Pit is given a reboot and boy howdy is it cool.

IDW even reenlisted the letters page, ‘Postbox: The Pit’, where a young Clay N. Ferno was first published way back in 1991 (Issue #110, Saw-Viper)! You best believe it, I wrote in a gushing Postbox letter immediately. If I’m in the Joe letter page twice in my life, I’m dropping my microphone and walking away!

Happy Anniversary to Larry, Herb Trimpe, and new artist SL Gallant (and of course all of the great RAH artists, too many to mention here)! Dinner Wednesday: frozen pizza, grape soda, and little chocolate covered donuts! 





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Tim Finn is a G.I. Joe expert. He’s also the owner of Hub Comics in Somerville, Mass. He’s also giving away 200 copies of G.I. Joe #200, starting Wednesday, the book’s release date. 

CLAY N. FERNO has the interrogation!


Clay: What was your first Joe comic?

Tim: Issue #90, which I got a few weeks before heading to summer camp. The cover shows two Joes about to get brainwashed, so I couldn’t not buy it, even though I wasn’t into comics. And the “Next Month” blurb shows a ninja fight, but that issue was off the stands by the time I got back home from camp, and it was two years before I tracked it down.  Those brainwashed Joes are fine, by the way. More or less.

What does Yo Joe Cola taste like? I think R.C. Cola, not The Big Two.

Yeah, RC or a supermarket generic. I always liked that the Joes had their own cola to counterbalance the Dreadnoks loving grape soda so much, even though it makes about as much sense as Delta Force having its own line of jeans.


UPDATE: Picked up by ROBOT 6 at CBR!



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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for January 1, 2014


Ahh, the first comics picks of the new year! Friend of the League Paul Allor takes over on G.I. Joe #12 revealing the secret origin of Cobra and Cobra Commanders of the past! … Another League Friendly, Jamal Igle draws blaxploitation send up Black Dynamite #1 in a new kung-fu mini-series, suckas! … Dynamite and Babylon 5’s J. Michael Straczynski bring back The Twilight Zone in a new #1 unlock this door with the key to imagination by going to your local comic book store! Picks for your mind this week from


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Triple Shot With a Digital Chaser: HARLEY QUINN #1, G.I. JOE: COBRA FILES #9, ILLEGITIMATES #1 plus DIARY OF NIGHT #1

Today, on a very special holiday edition of Triple Shot, we help Harley Quinnmove into her new place, mourn the loss of one of our favorite G.I. Joe titles, introduce the family to The Illegitimates plus read a different kind of vampire diary at ComiXology with Diary of Night #1.


WRITTEN BY: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
ART: Chad Hardin
Publication Date: December 18, 2013
Price: $2.99
Publisher: DC Comics
UPC: 76194131887500111
Buy it HERE

Since Death of the Family, the Joker has been missing, presumed dead.  And Harley herself kicked off the New 52 by starring in Suicide Squad.

Last month, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti gave Dr. Quinzel her own book in the form of an anthology introduction, Harley Quinn #0 with too many guest artists to even fit on the cover.

This month, the story takes off as we recommend Conner & Palmiotti’s new Harley Quinn #1 with series artist Chad Hardin. Harley rides a Harley into her new apartment in Coney Island left to her by an Arkham patient. 

The series is off to a great start, and plenty of action and storytelling in this debut issue.

A Danzig lookalike Big Tony helps get her acquainted to the neighborhood just as she finds out she’ll still have some responsibilities in the building as landlord, mostly financial concerns. She applies to become a doctor in residence at a nursing home with some dangerous patients, and on the next page she is pwning a roller derby team tryout!

Fun stuff to watch Harley start over in the New 52, and also to explore her therapeutic side as she rekindles her practice.

But also this is fun because she hits people with a big wooden mallet.

Excited to see where this goes!




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Triple Shot With a Digital Chaser: UNITY #2, G.I. JOE #11, BRAIN BOY #0 plus CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD #2 at FORCES OF GEEK

Christmas comes a little early this year with some amazing comics this week!

In fact, paring this list down to four was hard for the first time in a while.

The Valiant Universe crossover continues in Unity #2, our friend Fred Van Lente takes two spots with his last G.I. Joe #11 and an early adventure in Brain Boy #0.

On ComiXology, Code Monkey get pants and more in his origin, Code Monkey Save World #2

WRITER: Matt Kindt

ARTIST: Doug Braithwaite
Publication Date: December 11, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Valiant Comics
UPC: 85899200312300211
Buy it HERE

The struggle against X-O Manowar continues this week in the Valiant crossover Unity #2.

Toyo Harada’s first wave of infiltrators, a team of Harbingers was largely unsuccessful, and Ninjak got himself captured by the Visigoth and is now trapped in the Vine ship in Romania.

Does none of that make sense to you?

Don’t worry, with only two issues in, you can start from the beginning and get a sense of story.

Valiant, by design, is making their second wave of comics great jumping on points for new readers, and are attracting more with consistent five-star reviews for this Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) written crossover limited series.

In issue #2, Livewire, Eternal Warrior and Harada infiltrate the ship and tap into the virtual controls, in attempt to rescue Ninjak and save the planet from Aric’s invasion. 

The virtual reality fight scenes drawn by Doug Braithwaite ramp the action up to eleven, making for a true page turner.

I’m telling you, drop event comics from the big two and hop on Unity. Valiant is doing it right.

Explosive action with real consequences to characters you’ve just met makes for the best kind of comics.

Not sure quite yet? Wait for the reasonably priced trade in a few months.





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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for November 27, 2013


Celebrate the Doctor’s 50th this week with Vol. 3 #15 as the Doctor(s) and Clara visit Deadwood! … Jamal Igle and Chuck Dixon take Bildocker & Dial tone on G.I.Joe Special Missions #9! … Art & Franco take Itty Bitty Hellboy to heaven in Ish #4, Aw Yeah, Heckboy! … Inspired by geologic illustrations, David Buckley Borden’s clever Masshole print celebrates growing up in Massachusetts. What kind of rock is Plymouth Rock? Email us or sign up for the Trifecta Editions mailing list for a chance to win a limited edition poster and postcard pack from new local studio Trifecta Editions.



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Who’s that “Bamf”-ing around?

Looks like Nighcrawler in a brand new X-Title, Amazing X-Men #1!

The Las Vegas casino compound is compromised by Firefly in G.I. Joe Cobra Files #8 before as the series winds down, and Jimmy Palmiotti returns to Daredevil and Misty Knight in Daredevil: Dark Nights #6.

Comixology Submit answers the age-old WWDD? question in What Would Dracula Do #1

WRITER: Jason Aaron
ART: Ed McGuinness
Publication Date: November 6, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
UPC: 75960607957500111
Buy it HERE

I’m not gonna complain (erhm…again) about the number of X-Titles on the stand or come up with some fake number like “Including Wolverine and The X-Men that makes 3, 000,000 titles now”.

No sir, I won’t do it. Especially because the world rejoices this week with the return of Nightcrawler, who is in fact dead in the Marvel NOW! 616. 

I won’t complain because a combination of Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness makes my brain go crazy about the potential awesomeness. As you can tell, this review is going places!  

Nightcrawler leaves Heaven and is headed for the Jean Grey School, just as Firestar is having a rough first day getting acclimated as guest teacher!

I’m confused by a couple of things, like why are Logan and Storm flirting it up, which Angel is which and why Warbird and Northstar are in the best supporting actor positions but I am resolutely not complaining! 

Looks like I’ll need to be picking up this one while McGuinness is on art because his Classic X-Men look really heats up the place…like brimstone!


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for November 6, 2013



BAMF! Nightcrawler’s back, baby! It all happens in yet another X-MEN book, Amazing X-Men #1! Drawn by local guy and friend of the Dig Ed McGuinness and written by the bearded Jason Aaron. … Over in G.I. Joe: Cobra Files #8, things are winding down as Firefly makes his way into the Las Vegas compound to exfiltrate Tomax. Flint and Chameleon look like they are in big trouble! … Doctor Who Prisoner of Time #10 brings us to the David Tennant years but also to Hollywood in the 1950s! Picks this week from

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