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‘Hype’ (review) at Forces of Geek


Last year, we talked to Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex, Painkiller Jane, Marvel Knights) about his Kickstarter project, Hype. After the project reached it’s goal, I couldn’t wait to get the full story in my hands. The superhero sci-fi action graphic novel is available next Wednesday, January 24th.

Hype is the story of superhero Noah Haller and behavioral genetics scientist Amanda Marr. What is special about Noah, and the story, is that when his body is activated to perform an essential mission, he’s only given an hour a day to perform that task before needing to recharge and regenerate his cells.


FOG! Chats With JIMMY PALMIOTTI To Hype, HYPE, His Latest Kickstarter! at FORCES OF GEEK




Jimmy Palmiotti joins FOG! to push Hype, his latest book with Justin Gray, which just surpassed it’s Kickstarter goal with just under two days left of it’s crowdfunding campaign.

For the uninitiated, Jimmy currently writes Harley Quinn for DC Comics with his wife, Amanda Conner, as well as All-Star Western (and formerly Jonah Hex) with Justin, and started the Marvel Knights Imprint with Joe Quesada; as well as many television and movie credits to his name including Painkiller Jane.

When it comes to creator-owned comics, Jimmy gives us good reason for fans to support the books they love from creators they care about, so read on to learn about Hype, a new superhero that only limited time to get his mission accomplished—much like the target goal on his new Kickstarter!

If you are in the area, be sure to catch up with Jimmy at the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend! LBCE is one of the most creator-friendly conventions in the country that celebrates comic books and pop culture and diversity.


Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. December 10, 2014




Dragon is broken out of prison putting Malcolm in the Middle of some hot action! Celebrate all that is right with comics these days for Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon #200! The only Image founder to stay as the main creator for his book since 1992! Fins UP! Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel) gives us Bitch Planet #1 for a sci-fi prison planet type affair for the feminist in everyone. Finally! … Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 pits our mallet bearing clown against department store Santas, Natch! … Picks this week from LeaguePodcast.com!

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Kickstarter Korner: Chatting SEX & VIOLENCE VOL. 2 With JUSTIN GRAY

Comics writer Justin Gray just wrapped up a longstanding run on Jonah Hexwith longtime writing partner Jimmy Palmiotti.

Gray, Palmiotti, writer Frank Tieri, artist Amanda Connor and colorist Paul Mounts make up PaperFilms, a creative collective that has launched yet another successful Kickstarter Exclusive comics campaign.

Among the awesome rewards available in this Kickstarter-exclusive release, supporters can actually have artwork printed in the book. 

Justin joins us today to talk about the campaign and what sets a PaperFilms project apart from the others in this interview promoting the Sex & Violence Volume 2 Kickstarter that’s running right now.

FOG!: Hi Justin, thanks for joining us today to talk about your Kickstarter for Sex & Violence #2. What does Kickstarter mean for PaperFilms? 

Justin Gray: Kickstarter provides opportunities for us to create work that might not otherwise find a publisher. I believe it also provides us the opportunity to help grow an audience for material that would struggle in a mainstream marketplace, which is dominated by a specific genre. 


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Triple Shot With a Digital Chaser: HARLEY QUINN #1, G.I. JOE: COBRA FILES #9, ILLEGITIMATES #1 plus DIARY OF NIGHT #1

Today, on a very special holiday edition of Triple Shot, we help Harley Quinnmove into her new place, mourn the loss of one of our favorite G.I. Joe titles, introduce the family to The Illegitimates plus read a different kind of vampire diary at ComiXology with Diary of Night #1.


WRITTEN BY: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
ART: Chad Hardin
Publication Date: December 18, 2013
Price: $2.99
Publisher: DC Comics
UPC: 76194131887500111
Buy it HERE

Since Death of the Family, the Joker has been missing, presumed dead.  And Harley herself kicked off the New 52 by starring in Suicide Squad.

Last month, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti gave Dr. Quinzel her own book in the form of an anthology introduction, Harley Quinn #0 with too many guest artists to even fit on the cover.

This month, the story takes off as we recommend Conner & Palmiotti’s new Harley Quinn #1 with series artist Chad Hardin. Harley rides a Harley into her new apartment in Coney Island left to her by an Arkham patient. 

The series is off to a great start, and plenty of action and storytelling in this debut issue.

A Danzig lookalike Big Tony helps get her acquainted to the neighborhood just as she finds out she’ll still have some responsibilities in the building as landlord, mostly financial concerns. She applies to become a doctor in residence at a nursing home with some dangerous patients, and on the next page she is pwning a roller derby team tryout!

Fun stuff to watch Harley start over in the New 52, and also to explore her therapeutic side as she rekindles her practice.

But also this is fun because she hits people with a big wooden mallet.

Excited to see where this goes!




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Your triple shot inoculation this week is full of 1% rich kids with money to blow on special toys, a solution of Japanese folklore mixed with video game action and Little Red Riding Hood and is topped off with your cure for the bends in Palmiotti & Gray’s The Deep Sea.

WRITERS: Art Baltazar & Franco
ART: Ig Guera
Publication Date: May 22, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: DC Comics
UPC: 76194131597300111
Buy it HERE

Aw, Yeah Green Team!

DC Comics has resurrected the 1975 Joe Simon Green Team in The New 52 to compliment Gail Simone’s The Movement comic.

The best part?

It’s written by Art Baltazar and Franco—the famous cartoonists behind Tiny Titans, Superman Family Adventures and most recently Aw Yeah Comics.

Up until now, the guys of have been on an all ages initiative at DC, so it is exciting news to see them writing in The New 52.

The Green Team consists of Commodore, J.P. Huston, Cecilia Sunbeam, and young Mohammad. The kids don’t have super powers, can’t tell you where the Batcave is, and aren’t trying to save the world…yet.

They all meet up in the first issue at a pop up expo, POXPO ’13. Here, inventors try to gain angel funding for their latest and greatest machinations. Commodore (Nicknamed “64”—an excellent joke referencing the ‘80s computer) Murphy strolls around the expo determining who should get the funding. That is until he discovers Prince Mohammad is broadcasting the location with his Instagram app. This brings on the trouble and the bad guys looking to rob the youngsters, and steal the tech.

This is a very fun book, and it is great to see Art & Franco in The New 52, bringing their unique brand of humor and universal appeal. These are not known properties, so we can imagine some fun stuff coming down the pike, as the team works from a pretty clean slate.

These kids have a good heart, so let’s not condemn this 1% — I have a feeling they will use this funny money to help the world, not doom it.


AKANEIRO #1 (of 3)
WRITER: Justin Aclin
ART: Vasilis Lolos
Publication Date: May 22, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
UPC: 76156822674400111
Buy it HERE

Who’s afraid of a big bad mash-up? Not us!

Akaneiro is part fairy tale, part Japanese folklore and 100% video game tie in. The book is based on America McGee’sAkaneiro: Demon Hunters video game which itself draws it’s storyline from Little Red Riding Hood.

Set in a mystical version of Japan’s Edo era, the Red Hunter Fumiyo avenges the death of her mother who was killed by a wolf yokai (apparition).

She is sent to train with a rival clan, the Akane.

In order to start this training journey, she must travel through the woods alone, with her axe. Some demon rabbit yokai try to slow her down but do not. She is faced with a fork in the path and a wolf yokai has disguised himself to trick her into choosing her direction. She awakes in a strange cottage, with a doting Mother Tanaka taking care of her. What big head Tanaka has, we notice.

Will the wolf spirit devour Fumi, or will her axe lead her out of the forest?

The demons are well drawn, and the color palette seems consistent with the game. This is a fun book for fans of Fables and The Unwritten.

THE DEEP SEA #1 (One-Shot)
WRITERS: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
ART: Tony Akins & Paul Mounts
Publication Date: May 22, 2013
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
UPC: 76156822662100111
Buy it HERE

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, All-Star Western) give us a time-displaced underwater exploration team in this one-shot comic originally published in Dark Horse Presents.

In 1958, a team of underwater explorers are set to explore the Mariana Trench. An injury leaves team leader Paul topside for the mission. When the ship descends, the powerful winch rigging cannot support the ship any more, it is being dragged to the depths by a force more powerful than ever. The crew is mourned and thought lost.

Fast forward to present day and 80 year old Paul is sent to recover the just discovered wreckage. He’s surprised to find his teammates alive, and they have not aged a day. Mixing the Captain America frozen in ice idea with the Fantastic Four team tragedy seems to work.

Both sides are skeptical of the reality of the situation, but as they are trying to figure this out, the recovery ship is attacked by a sea monster. Does the monster hold the secret to the disappearance of the crew?

Palmiotti and Gray are expert storytellers, and this is the great start to a series that I should hope gets continued in later chapters of DHP. Submarine and nautical battles are great fun, and not seen nearly enough in comics. Art and story remind me of John Byrne’s Star Trek titles and they have laid the groundwork for the mystery of the monsters to be solved. Great story and art!

DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for May 9, 2012


Comic book master John Byrne (Superman, X-Men, Fantastic Four) subtracts one from the superhero family to bring us his creator owned Trio #1. … The stars of the show are Rock, Paper and Scissors. No room for a guy that catches on fire in this book! … The Pro from Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti pits a super-powered prostitute against the hard livin’ streets. Oh my! … Takio is our all- ages pick this week from Avengers scribe Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Sisters Taki and Olivia deal with being the only superheroes on the planet, can they handle all of the pressure? … Picks this week from the letter T and LeaguePodcast.com.


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for March 14, 2012


Saga debuts this week with a spectacular double-sized issue. Brian K. Vaughn (Lost, Y: The Last Man) returns to comics with breathtaking art from Fiona Staples. Merging sci-fi and fantasy in this epic space opera. Like Star Wars? Duh! This preview is for you!Queen Crab is an original hardcover from Jimmy Palmiotti about a newlywed Ginger. She is murdered by her husband and tossed overboard on their honeymoon. That’s all before she is rejuvenated by the sea and turns into a crab! … Buffy Season Nine continues with issue #7. Will Buffy settle down for a movie night with Spike? Semi-romantic picks from your pals at LeaguePodcast.com.

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Need some inhuman adrenaline this morning? Check out our #comics column: EARTH PRIME TIME: INTRODUCING THE RED SPIKE SUPER SOLDIERS - INTERVIEW WITH JEFF CAHN .

DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for December 14, 2011




Jamal Igle (Supergirl, Action Comics #900) is a superstar artist working exclusively for DC. His latest assignment is with Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray (Jonah Hex) for a New 52 reimagining of The Ray. Lucien Gates is transformed from surfer dude to glowing hero The Ray to fight Godzilla-sized monsters! Want to hear more about this? We’ve got an exclusive interview with Jamal posted at LeaguePodcast here! … Memorial #1 from Chris Roberson (Superman/iZombie) features the story of Em, a young lady who inherits a disappearing magic shop and talking cat! … What happens when you are ripped from the present, bumping Unknown Pleasures in your earbuds and awaken to find yourself facing the bloodlust of the Aztecs? Sacrifice #1 illustrates just what might happen! Picks this week from LeaguePodcast.

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