DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for March 14, 2012


Saga debuts this week with a spectacular double-sized issue. Brian K. Vaughn (Lost, Y: The Last Man) returns to comics with breathtaking art from Fiona Staples. Merging sci-fi and fantasy in this epic space opera. Like Star Wars? Duh! This preview is for you!Queen Crab is an original hardcover from Jimmy Palmiotti about a newlywed Ginger. She is murdered by her husband and tossed overboard on their honeymoon. That’s all before she is rejuvenated by the sea and turns into a crab! … Buffy Season Nine continues with issue #7. Will Buffy settle down for a movie night with Spike? Semi-romantic picks from your pals at LeaguePodcast.com.

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