Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. November 4, 2015


As Daniel Craig gets ready to hang up his License to Kill with Spectre, Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Trees), and Jason Masters (Suicide Squad) debut a Dynamite 007 comic. James Bond #1 begins the VARGR storyline in a new ongoing series, the first Bond comic in 20 years! … Bendis wraps up X-Men with an unrealistically numbered Uncanny X-Men #600! Was Cyclops Right? Is Professor X a Jerk? Who’s the Juggernaut, Bitch? Emma Frost can read your mind so keep your answers clean! …New York Times best selling author and MIT comics professor Marjorie Liu (X-23, Black Widow) mashes Kaiju and fantasy with her highly anticipated Image book Monstress #1. Marjorie signs at Comicopia on Saturday at 1pm! … Picks this week from


The Klingons pick up from where Star Trek: Into Darkness left off, Miles is back in the mask in Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, and the girls take on Mojo Jojo as The Powerpuff Girls return to comics.

On the ComiXology store, vigilante investigator The Journals of Rohauser #1 awaits you.

WRITER: Mike Johnson 
ART: Erfan Fajar
Publication Date: September 25, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: IDW Comics
UPC: 82771400278202511
Buy it HERE

One thing we didn’t get enough of in Star Trek: Into Darkness was Klingons! Sure, they showed up with Bat’leth and we got a cool fight scene, but that wasn’t enough.

On Khitomer the Kilingon are setting up base when Romulans attack. Kirk and new crew mates are caught in the middle of this age old conflict before heading out on to the Enterprise’s five year mission.

Mike Johnson writes with the aid of Roberto Orci to continue the new Star Trek universe beyond the screen. Fajar’s art style fits, drawing accurate portrayals of the new cast and some very mean looking Klingons. 

Of note, two characters make their way onto the Enterprise bridge in this issue, Sulu’s sister Yuki and another formidable female, Carol Marcus from the second movie. We hope to see both of these ladies on the screen and in the pages of Star Trek in the days to come. Technician Yuki Sulu wears a read tunic, we pray for her safe survival in this, The Khitomer Conflict, part 1 of 4.


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Triple Shot With a Digital Chaser: THE JOKER #1, BIZARRO #1, ALL-NEW X-MEN #16 plus THE SIRE #1

Looming over cites such as Boston, New York and San Francisco is similar to the pain that is being brought down upon Metropolis, Gotham and Central City.

Yes, college kids are on a tear of rampant destruction similar to Villain’s Month at DC whereby the bad guys take over your favorite books, coffee shops and bars like they own the joint.

Taking a cue from Marvel, the DC Comics Point One issues of Batman and Superman are now property of The Joker #1 and Bizarro #1. Over at ComiXology Submit, The Sire #1 is trapped by his costume!

WRITER: Andy Kubert
ART: Andy Clarke
Publication Date: September 4, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: DC Comics
UPC: 76194131806623121
Buy it HERE

We heard stories of DC messing up the print run of the lenticular (3D) covers for this, but the company made up for it in a way by releasing a plain paper cover as well, and if you are reading digitally, no skin off your face!

Speaking of faces, this Joker is conspicuously full-skinned, and ready to laugh all the way home!

Set a few years in the past, Andy Kubert flashes back to a young boy who’s sadistic Aunt Eunice takes bleach and scrub brush to the young Joker’s face as she beats the boy and barely feeds him.

He does grow up with a sense of humor though! A very sick one.

Joker adopts a baby gorilla and decides like many parents to right the wrongs of his own rearing. This comic takes a turn for the really bizarre and melds ideas of golden age cartooning and animals acting like people and dressed in clothes to a modern day deconstruction of the American family. Via the Joker and his pet!

Andy Clarke (2000AD, Detective Comics) has a fine line Brian-Bolland style suitable for the Clown Prince of Crime, tying in character designs from The Killing Joke and The Man Who Laughs.

Great stuff! And quite possibly the only Joker story in recent times where Batman is no where to be found!


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Oh My Glob. Whatever! 

Triple Shot full of surprises and WTF moments, but not over at DC this week.  

Adventure Time flips the script as the princesses save Finn and Jake, we find out the secret of the Mothervine from Ultimate half-brother Quicksilver in the Ultimate Wolverine, and in the future we see someone else behind the devil horns in the penultimate issue of Daredevil: End of Days.

WRITER: Ryan North
ART: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb
Publication Date: April 18, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Boom! Studios
UPC: 84428400279001511
Buy it HERE

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This is changed to a SIGNING at COMICOPIA!
#BOSTONSTRONG - Shelli Paroline (Adventure Time) x Braden Lamb (Adventure Time, Ice Age, Duck Tales)


Magic Man is such a butt. He thinks it’s cool to crash Princess Bubblegum’s Princess High Tea Party with his Magic.

Meanwhile, outside Jake and Finn wish they could get in but at least have the respect to honor the only rule—princesses only!

In an attempt to silence the rantings of our favorite purple princess, Lumpy Space Princess (LSP), Magic Man casts a spell to silence her!

We could have used like, a few more panels of like, LSP calling her friend Melissa who by glob just needs to hear about this lumping party, but Jake wearing Finn as a suit dives like James Brady to stop the spell.

This saves the princesses’ voice but Finn and Jake fall silent!

The boys are able to communicate using pictures in their speech balloons, a technique only possible in comic books! Much like the recent A Glitch is A Glitch episodeAT continues to effortlessly push boundaries of all mediums. Fans of the show should be all over this book!

Our video game pal BMO is able to communicate with the boys because he is the best at emoticons. After some sammiches, they meet up with the Action Hero princesses defeat Magic Man! Princess Bubblegum has the plan to recover their voices and it totally works!

The Princesses get to save Finn and Jake for a change and LSP is among the heroes!

Don’t skip the Downton Abbey referencing 8 page BMO backup story by Jeremy Sorese. BMO’s memory banks are full, but Princess Bubblegum and Peppermint Butler have a crash plan to recover BMO from defensive mode!


WRITER: Cullen Bunn
ART: David Messina
Publication Date: April 17, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
UPC: 75960607887500311
Buy it HERE

Jimmy Hudson (Ultimate X) has family secrets. Many family secrets. Raised by adoptive parents James and Heather Hudson he is on a mission to find out more about his past. His biological father is Wolverine, who died by the hands of Magneto in Ultimatum.

The story is told half in flashbacks with Logan as the star. The previous Ultimate X storyline had me a bit interested, mostly because we had just gotten through Ultimatum and legend Art Adams was on art duties. I fell off after a few issues.

This mini-series written by Cullen Bunn caught my eye because I am a fan of Cullen’s work onVenom. The man can write thoughtful stories that are full of action and cool plot points. The subplots here and the flashbacks are on par with the pacing and storytelling of the Venom book and there are always great cliffhangers at the end.

Many years ago Logan is investigating Project: Mothervine, a secret government project to produce mutants, when he meets The Witch, Magda Lensherr. Magda was at one point married to Magneto, and they sired creep Quicksilver and his sister Wanda (Scarlet Witch). After Logan and Magda hook up, it is revealed that she is Jimmy’s biological mother. Meaning, if you follow the genealogy strings that Jimmy and Quicksilver are the not only brothers, but the only surviving members of the family.

The end of the issue leaves Jimmy and mutant travel companion Black Box imprisoned in an undisclosed Quicksilver jail. They plot their escape and overthrow of Pietro. Next issue will be the last of the mini, and we are rooting for our new Ultimate Wolverine to take on the strength of his father’s legacy to face the evil Lensherr as he rises as a powerful evil mutant.

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack
PENCILS: Klaus Janson
FINISHED ART: Bill Siekiewicz
COLORS: Matt Hollingsworth
Publication Date: April 17, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
UPC: 75960606046700711
Buy it HERE

This is a future tale, a Dark Knight Returns for Daredevil written and drawn by creators who have had a long history with The Man Without Fear.
This is a true masterwork, years in the making, that delivers on so many levels with each issue. The collected edition of this book will be a recommendation for years to come as an example of how to tell a story.

Daredevil has been murdered, in the public eye, by Bullseye.

Matt speaks one final word, “Mapone”, and it is up to Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich to write the story of Daredevil and find out what Mapone might mean. Is it a name, a hideout, an enemy or a long lost son? We’re no closer to discovering the answer as issue #7 rolls around.

While visiting The Church of the Hand, Incorporated, Urich is telekinetically overtaken by Tanaka after inquiring about Mapone. Tanaka demands to see Ben’s notes and asks him what he knows about Daredevil’s trainer, Stick. Urich narrowly escapes, but is he unharmed?

Ben makes his way to an address he was tipped off about, and finds some information but only before being trailed by The Hand ninjas. 

A young Daredevil rescues Urich with the aid of The Punisher. In the fracas, Urich is struck by an arrow, and in a soon to be classic reveal, the new Daredevil unmasks and comforts the reporter.

We’ll be both sad and satisfied when this story is done. Bendis and Mack have included all of the rogues, most of the ladies and tropes of 49 years of continuity in this limited series set in the future.

Next April will be Daredevil’s 50th, and this collection will be a great way to commemorate that anniversary. Masters Janson and Sienkiewicz know the dark world of Hell’s Kitchen well, and rival only Frank Miller himself in drawing countless ninja on a page.

Well done, sirs. 




DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for February 13, 2013



An Uncanny X-Men book returns to the Marvel Universe with a new #1, this time with Cyclops as the leader of the X-Men. A great companion book to The All New X-Men timeline by Bendis, Uncanny is a drawn by the amazing and polarizing Chris Bachalo. … Another Marvel NOW! book dominates the picks with Nick Spencer’s Secret Avengers #1 drawn by Luke Ross. These Avengers are so secret, they hardly know they are on the team! … TwoMorrows Publishing delivers a series of books journaling the history of comics and the origin of our favorite heroes. Here’s a great one including Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Marvel Madness and the formation of the Justice League of America with the revolution of the 60s as a backdrop. This edition of American Comic Book Chronicles covers 1960-1964. Picks this week from

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What’s this? Spidey Prime Time? We started the year off with Superior Spider-Man and the Mark Bagley Boston Comic-Con announcement. We can’t help it if Peter Parker has webbed his way into our hearts, especially since most have gotten around to renting The Amazing Spider-Man movie from last summer. The Disney/Marvel machine certainly doesn’t need the attention of the press like indie creators do, but we like to keep you informed about what you are missing and recommend some quality television for your kids. That’s why we are here to suggest the season premier episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD. It’s the sort of thing you can have on for the kids while you geek out on Agent Coulson from Marvel’s Avengers co-starring as the Midtown Science High principal. The second season premiered this week, putting Peter in the leadership role, one we always know he is capable of, but always has trouble with.


Head of Television for Marvel is comic book writer Jeph Loeb. Loeb is known for spectacular his retelling of many Marvel and DC origins in his day, and a breakout run at Marvel that introduced the world to a Red Hulk. Jeph is also no stranger to TV and movie development with a Hollywood carreer that spans from Teen Wolf to Smallville. We’re lucky to have all of the animation and television properties of our favorite Marvel characters being signed off by Loeb because he truly has seen all aspects of the business. This year, along with Ultimate Spider-Man we will see Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (introducing a Blue Hulk) and a predictable but anticipated Avengers Assemble series.

While some are missing the awesome Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes show that was canned last year, Assemble looks to be an action-packed replacement.


DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for October 3, 2012


See how it all ends for the blind lawyer Matt Murdock in the much anticipated Bendis, Mack, Janson, Sienkiewicz & Maleev creation Daredevil: End of Days #1. Reporter Ben Urich writes a posthumous tribute to Daredevil after finally being defeated by the likes of Hell’s Kitchen’s underworld rogues Kingpin and Bullseye. … Mike Allred revealed in a recent iFanboy Don’t Miss podcast that Daredevil was the inspiration for Frank Einstein’s MADMAN costume. There’s no doubt Tick creator Ben Edlund was also inspired by the Man Without Fear when making the monochromatic Tick garb. Tick #101 follows up the Invincible crossover with another team-up crossing MADMAN, Arthur and Dr. Flem! … Jim Downing seeks answers to the righteousness of his previous life in Spawn #224. Special Spawn Anniversary ‘Dark Knight Triumphant’ Variant Cover by Todd McFarlane. … Picks this week from

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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for June 13, 2012


Celebrating 50 years of web slinging and self-doubt, the Spider-Man we know and love meets new Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales for the first time in Spider-Men #1 this week by Brian Michael Bendis and Miles’ designer Sara Pichelli. “This is one of the biggest stories in Marvel history,” said Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief, Marvel Entertainment. … International best selling crime author Jason Starr gets revenge on Frank Castle’s enemies with a new limited series Untold Tales of Punisher Max #1. Expect bloodshed. … Pantha, shapeshifting killer pal of Vampirella, burns white hot on the pages of her new #1 from Dynamite. … Comic books cooked and curated with care from


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for May 9, 2012


Comic book master John Byrne (Superman, X-Men, Fantastic Four) subtracts one from the superhero family to bring us his creator owned Trio #1. … The stars of the show are Rock, Paper and Scissors. No room for a guy that catches on fire in this book! … The Pro from Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti pits a super-powered prostitute against the hard livin’ streets. Oh my! … Takio is our all- ages pick this week from Avengers scribe Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Sisters Taki and Olivia deal with being the only superheroes on the planet, can they handle all of the pressure? … Picks this week from the letter T and


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Andrew Garfield as Amazing Spider-Man

Yesterday a trailer for Amazing Spider-Man hit the internet. What is the reaction so far? With Sam Raimi’s trilogy in the rear view mirror, will Mark Webb ((500) Days of Summer) fill the gaps of Peter Parker’s origin story by dimming the lights in his Queens bedroom and sticking Andrew Garfield in a hoodie?


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