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League Podcast Comic Book Picks Of The Week For Wed., August 14, 2019

League Podcast Comic Book Picks Of The Week For Wed., August 14, 2019

Star Trek: Year 5 returns to the world of Sigma Iotia II full of gangsters! Check out issue #4 today!

‘James Bond Vol.1: VARGR’ (review) at FORCES OF GEEK


James Bond Vol. 1: VARGR
Written by Warren Ellis
Illustrated by Jason Masters
Published by Dynamite Entertainment
ISBN: 9781606909010 | Price $19.99
Release date: June 22, 2016

Those fans of 007 may not have gotten all they wanted from Daniel Craig’s most recent performance of the MI-6 agent in Spectre last year, but may very well be delighted at what Warren Ellis has been able to do in the comic series from Dynamite.

Ian Fleming Publications and the Fleming Estate commissioned Ellis to approach the character for comics stemming from a licensing deal with Dynamite. The first story art is collected here in one volume, VARGR. Currently on stands is Ellis’ second arc with artist Jason Masters. More writers and artists including Andy Diggle (Green Arrow) will be brought on later this year to fill out more of 007’s modern comic continuity.



Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. November 4, 2015


As Daniel Craig gets ready to hang up his License to Kill with Spectre, Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Trees), and Jason Masters (Suicide Squad) debut a Dynamite 007 comic. James Bond #1 begins the VARGR storyline in a new ongoing series, the first Bond comic in 20 years! … Bendis wraps up X-Men with an unrealistically numbered Uncanny X-Men #600! Was Cyclops Right? Is Professor X a Jerk? Who’s the Juggernaut, Bitch? Emma Frost can read your mind so keep your answers clean! …New York Times best selling author and MIT comics professor Marjorie Liu (X-23, Black Widow) mashes Kaiju and fantasy with her highly anticipated Image book Monstress #1. Marjorie signs at Comicopia on Saturday at 1pm! … Picks this week from LeaguePodcast.com.