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League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. December 28, 2016




Luke reads from Obi-Wan’s journal for a lost Yoda tale in Star Wars #26! … Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder’s oversized After-Death #2 is out today! … Batman faces Psycho-Pirate and Bane in Batman #13! … Picks this week from

League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. June 15, 2016


Finally - Solo Solo! Han Solo #1 gives an inside look at your favorite Nerf Herder. For the first time ever, is Star Wars: Han Solo #1 (of 5). …The ticket to vote for this November isn’t one of the two candidates on the news all the time. We have another sneaky option, Vote Loki #1. … Fred Van Lente’s newest comic series is Weird Detective #1 from Dark Horse. Detective Sebastian Greene is the monster cop vs The Old Ones. … Picks this week from


League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. June 8, 2016



Sherlock with Cumberbatch is probably the greatest show ever, and what could be better than Japanese Manga versions of Sherlock written by Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss. Available in the States and the UK for the first time ever! … The greatest pilot in the galaxy (and his pal BB-8) Poe Dameron hits with #3 this week. If you want to make an omelette, you may need to break a few highly revered holy eggs! … It is Kirk v The Klingons in Star Trek Manifest Destiny #4 of 4. 50 years of Trek? So Wow! … Picks this week from


Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. December 30, 2015


That’s not a name I’ve heard in a long time, a long time. Obi-Wan and Anakin #1 has all the midichlorians Episode VII was afraid to give you. … All-New Wolverine #3 is one of our favorite run of these new Marvel books. Tom Taylor’s spotlight on X-23 faces her up against the deadly Taskmaster! … I keep reminding you that Warren Ellis (Moon Knight, Iron Man) is writing THE James Bond 007 book for Dynamite, but you won’t listen. Issue #3 is out today, I guess, but you don’t care. … Picks this week from

Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. December 16, 2015


Something about this movie coming out this week getting everyone’s wizard robes in a bunch! The Darth Vader Annual #1 will give you something to read in line when Fox News shows you getting ready for the thing at 7pm Thursday. Take your first step into a larger world. Mark Millar’s (Kick-Ass, Kingsmen: Secret Service) Huck #2 is the story of a quiet but very sincere superhero, now getting some unwanted attention from the media. …Star Trek Academy #1 might stand a fighting change against the other franchise as we learn more about students joining Starfleet! … Picks this week from

Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. July 8, 2015


COMICS You put your ring in my bridge! You got your nacelles in my lantern! It’s too good to be true as the Federation meets the Corps in the anticipated Star Trek Green Lantern #1 - The Spectrum War! Set your Phasers to Construct! … Without Will Eisner we wouldn’t have graphic novels, hence we’d have no fun at all. Here’s to many years of Denny Colt in Will Eisner’s The Spirit A Celebration Of 75 Years. …”Lando’s not a system, he’s a comic” might be the most predictable comics pitch yet, but hey, its true. Lando #1 expands the Marvel/Disney/Star Wars Universe. Punch it! … Picks this week from!


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Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. FEBRUARY 11, 2015




The League has a great interview up today with Tom Scioli, writer/artist on Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #5 things are really heating up on Cybertron! … Spoiler Warning - we suggest Machete Order if you MUST include the prequels in your Star Wars viewing experience. Today, heavy breathing Daddy Darth Vader gets a new comic set right after the events in IV (A New Hope). … Lots of bad guys this week as Gail Simone’s Secret Six #2 returns to get to the bottom of Catman’s secret!… Picks this week from!


Shane W. Smith is an Australian independent comics creator with a successful sci-fi series The Lesser Evil under his belt. The sequel books Peaceful Tomorrows Vol. 1 & 2are now available on Amazon. Volume 2 was released just this week. Shane joins Earth Prime Time to tell us about the rich world he has created, with a galaxy at war and corrupt politicians pulling the strings.

DIGBOSTON: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about The Lesser Evil and Peaceful Tomorrows. Care to tell new readers a bit about the world you’ve created?
SHANE W. SMITH: Thanks for having me here, Clay! Centuries of racial hate have kept a bitter conflict on the verge of engulfing the galaxy for as long as anyone can remember, even though the reasons for the hatred have long since ceased to matter.

Corrupt bureaucrats have been stoking the fires of fear and prejudice to strip their citizens of their rights.

That’s the macro story. The backdrop.

The story in my books, however, tends to focus a little more tightly on individual characters, attempting to navigate the moral pitfalls of a galaxy gripped by terror, and trying to carve out for themselves a place where they feel they belong.


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Cosmic Treadmill: A Look at 'Classic Star Wars - A New Hope' at FORCES OF GEEK

I wonder if Jedi before me woke up with a light saber in their bed like I did today.

Of course mine is a Halloween prop from years ago, I dug it our to do a pose for a project I’m working on.

Also, to the chagrin of my girlfriend, when she isn’t staying over, her side of the bed is filled with comics, toys, guitar picks, my backpack and whatever else I decide to leave there. Right now it’s my well-deserved booty from Boston Comic Con, where I raided the $5 trade paperback bins to expand my collection of classic must read comics on the cheap. My favorite score from the Con?

Classic Star Wars: A New Hope by Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin.

This six issue series are the first Star Wars comics to exist, written by former Marvel Editor-In-Chief Roy Thomas in an unusual deal for Lucasfilm.

The rights were offered for free to Marvel so long as the first two issues hit the stand to raise awareness of the movie. No one knew the comic or the movie would be successful of course!


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THE CURSE OF DRACULA: Deluxe Hardcover 
Dark Horse Comics 
Publication Date:
February 13, 2013
Format: FC, 96 pages; HC, 7” x 10”
Price: $14.99
ISBN-10: 1-61655-064-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-61655-064-6

This week sees the deluxe hardcover release of a 1998 Dracula story from vampire comic masters Marv Wolfman and the late Gene Colan; the classic Marvel Tomb of Dracula creative team from the 1970s.

This edition includes a new forward by Wolfman as well as sketches and reproduced pages of Colan’s pencil work, sans touchup or Dave Stewart’s colors. 

Set in the late 90s, Dracula is back from the dead and a Van Helsing (Jonathan) carries on his familial tradition of seeking to stake the vampire and stop his bloodlust. It is well after dusk as the scene opens on the hills of San Francisco where we are introduced to the Van Helsing gang armed to the teeth hunting down vampires on a feeding frenzy.

Though not officially to be considered a sequel or associated at all with the Marvel Comics’ Tomb of Dracula series, it is hard to not make the connection here. With Dracula being in the public domain, and so many vampire stories spanning multiple generations dating back to the Middle Ages and sometimes back even further, the Wolfman and Colan Dracula of this book is very familiar. The immortal vampire starring in this role is more Dee Dee Ramone than the Jack Palance complete with black leather motorcycle jacket and Beatle’s haircut.

The protagonist Van Helsing has been hunting vampires since at least 1989, when his vocal chords were severed from one of the blood thirsty beasts. He is accompanied by driver Simon, a half-human/half/vampire Hiroshima (parallel to Marvel’s popular Blade character), and an ex-KGB agent Nikita Kazan. The support hunters do little to carry the story as a whole, but the crew does provide some great dialogue moments for the story and allow for greater schemes in the third act. Sebastian Seward, another descendant of Stoker’s John Seward is saved by the team.

Dracula seduces an influential Senator’s wife, while the gang investigates a coven disguised as a nightclub downtown. The carnage and horror of victims half alive from being drained are on display in the vampire den.

To reveal more would spoil this fine story, but ask yourself, what motivation does an age-old vampire have to get involved with Senator Charles Waterson’s wife? Also, how can you raid a blood-pantry for the local bat guys and gals without quite spilling some of the stuff everywhere? 

There’s plenty of classic horror and scary moonlight scenes as Dracula and his henchmen transform between man and beast, and sometimes appear as a peculiar and disturbing combination of the two, Man-Bats capable of carrying a man five stories high to intimidate him. 

The hunters become hunted themselves as the battle rages on in the third chapter of the book (originally a three-issue limited series). The same vampires vying for their master’s attention are willing to sacrifice all for him. Sadly for them, these cold undead children of the night are no match for the well trained Van Helsing and Seward troop. Armed with automatic wooden stake assault rifles (we’ve always wanted to say that), bullwhips and grenades our team has the upper hand. 

Read More….Star Wars #2 (Dark Horse) and Mud Man #6 (Image)


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for March 21, 2012


My niece Macie’s favorite comic in the known universe goes away so that Aw Yeah Franco & Art Baltazar can work on the new Superman Family Adventures book! Pick up the final issue of Tiny Titans with the littles this weekend to enjoy some quality superhero bonding! … We haven’t gone all soft and family-friendly, Dad will enjoy the heist story in Supercrooks #1 from Mark Millar and Lenil Yu. … Before lightsabers was The Dawn of The Jedi! Two young students feel a disturbance in the Force, a calm before the storm that will engulf their planet and change the galaxy forever! Use the cash, dude. And pick up Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #2 this week! … Midi-chlorian counts this week courtesy of

It’s #comics day kiddies, and you know what that means! A group of the baddest DC villains is plotting to annihilate the Justice League. But hark! You can save them by reading Clay’s comic column and then watching the movie… EARTH PRIME TIME: JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM.

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