SAT 12/21 - EARLY EVENING SHOW - TT THE BEARS PLACE LeaguePodcast & RockOn! Concerts Present: A Chippunk Christmas





LeaguePodcast & RockOn! Concerts Present: 

A Chippunk Christmas 

Br1ght Pr1mate (Chiptune / Chipmusic / Futurepop) (8PM)

Control Group CD Release (featuring Darren Korb - Bastion) (7PM)

The Demographic featuring Sturgis from MC Frontalot) (6PM)

The World is Square (5PM)

18+ $10 Advance / $12 Day of Show 

*NOTE: 4:30 pm Doors


10 Brookline St

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139-4152

(617) 492-0082



Game Boy Symphony Orchestra Electro-beat Karaoke Death Metal For Your Mom

Night Animals is an album that was 3 years in the making. It is what we set out to do as BRIGHT PRIMATE, and we couldn’t be happier to be finally sharing it with you, our friends and fans and internet associates. Its been an effort of love and we believe that it represents another small step forward in the evolution of chip music from a basement hobbyists pursuit to what we all know it can become. 

There are so many people that have helped us shape this album, so many people who have inspired us or listened to rough mixes late at night or assisted us with their expertise in one way or another, and we would like to acknowledge some invaluable specifics: Carl AKA Radlib AKA Oxygenstar et al. for general solidness of character and always moving forward; Misfit Chris for many 5am chat sessions and lending me his ears on more than one occasion; Smiletron David for being a constant mellow optimist in the wee hours of the night; Disasterpeace Rich for setting the bar pretty high; Dan of the J. Arthur Keenes Band for showing us all just how great a vocal chiptune album can be. Boston8Bit, Toy Company, Bitmasters, 8Static, I/O, Chipwin, REboot, PAX and Magfest peeps; you know who you are. Nerd Rock Radio and Seaking’s Seaglass too. Probably most of all though, thanks to you for listening to this record, whoever you are, because music is just two animals communicating in the night.



Control Group

Control Group is a new band comprised of three singer-musicians with

some impressive Indie cred: between them they have recorded three

BBC Peel Sessions, won Best Original Score at the Spike Video Game

Awards, sold 200,000 albums (Bastion), got NME’s Single Of The Week, won a

Rock Band® National Championship, had a Swirlies’ song named

after them, and toured with bands like Girls Against Boys, The Jon

Spencer Blues Explosion, and The Damned.  

Having left their previous projects behind with the other detritus in rock music’s roiling wake,

Control Group found each other in the creative petri dish of Brooklyn.

There they set about discovering their new style, expressing the spirit of

their surroundings.

Control Group is a new rock combo made up of three lead singers: Darren Korb, Jeremy Parker, and Evan Reynolds. The band’s sound is a combination of nostalgic guitar punk, DIY indie rock, and 90s pop. Imagine early Dinosaur Jr crossed with Foo Fighters with a bit of The Smiths thrown in.


THE DEMOGRAPHIC - Guitar, drums, etc.

“…a noisy conglomeration of garage-rock and Neil Young-esque guitar work mixed with proto-grunge and alt-country.”—The Noise

“…ultra-fuzzed guitars playing great riffs and punky sonic hooks.”—Valley Advocate

“Listen Close has lowbrow cinemascope grandeur, with precision and economy.”—Jersey Beat

“Ornery and catchy.”—Hampshire Life

“[Verse Chorus Curse] showcases a love for both noise and melody.” —Noise Boston

“Rock served raw… Every song is solid.” —The Deli

“…straight-ahead Husker Du-esque rockers.” —Valley Advocate

“They can raise speedy hell.” —Daily Hampshire Gazette

The Demographic is a somewhat loud guitar/drum duo from Northampton, Massachusetts featuring Tom Pappalardo (guitar+vocal) and Sturgis Cunningham (drums+back vocal). We write short, concise rock songs with most of the bullshit cut out. We’ve been together since 2009.

RIYL: Kurt Vonnegut, The IT Crowd,Massachusetts, 1992.


The World Is Square

SquareSoft/Enix VGM Folk Band from Boston, Massachusetts. 


The World is Square is a 5 Piece Video Game Tribute Band from Boston, MA; focusing on the Classic Years of SquareSoft/Enix Games. They perform songs from titles like Final Fantasy VII, and Chrono Trigger, using a variety of traditional, unconventional and modern instruments.


The Protomen, Those Who Fight, The X-Hunters, Descendants of Erdrick, Br1ght Pr1mate, Armcannon, Powerglove, Metriod Metal, VGO, The OneUps, Vanish Doom, Lords of Thunder, Diamond Machine, & so many more.!/twisband



BOYS AND GIRLS - Stacey B. Rizoli will be selling her handcrafted flowers and jewelry at the show. We’ll take Square. Will post pictures soon!


*Flower Barrettes/Hair Accessories* *pins* *paintings* *original art* *handpainted birdhouses* *handpainted boxes*

Monsters are good. will also be there selling monster related items to fulfill all your holiday needs! And don’t miss your chance to get your photo with Frankenclaus! 







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