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Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. December 2, 2015



Back to the world of NYC, Daredevil #1 puts lawyer Matt Murdock in the DA’s seat as DD gets a new costume. Written by Charles Soule, an actual lawyer and actual (gasp) professional comic book writer! … We’re huge fans of Nathan Edmondson’s creepy Jake Ellis espionage book as Where Is Jake Ellis? #5 of 5 wraps up today. The voice in your head is real! … Before comics were the pulp heroes of yesteryear and Doc Savage was the Batman meets Indiana Jones of his day. Doc Savage Spiders Web #1 from Chris Roberson (iZombie) unravels the web of the past today! … Picks this week from

Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. July 22, 2015







Let the punishment end!The Activity team of Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads took over The Punisher for an extended run so hopefully we’ll see some of this Frank Castle in Netflix’ Daredevil Season 2. Punisher #20 promises to go out with a BANG! … We’re going dark with this week’s picks. JLA Gods And Monsters Batman (One Shot) puts alternate reality Man-Bat Kirk Langstrom in the Bat Suit! Be sure to check out the latest from Bruce Timm and DC Animation on iTunes or wherever you get your movies. … Titan brings us Blacklist #1 based on the James Spader TV series of the same name. Will the Concierge of Crime Raymond Red Reddington help the FBI? Tune in to your Local Comic Shop to find out! … Picks this week from!



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Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. June 24, 2015



Mickey Mouse heads out on The Lost Explorers Trail with help from Goofy and Eurasia Toft in a brand new Mickey Mouse #1 from IDW! … We all remember 1992, right? Well, maybe some of you were just born. This was a time when comics had more hologram covers and pouches than you can shake a Mjolnir at. X-Men ‘92 #1 transforms us to that magical time when En Vogue ruled the airwaves. … Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerards’ Punisher #19 closes in on Frank Castle’s last days, hot on the heels of him Jon Bernthal being cast as Big Pun in Daredevil Season 2. … Picks this week from!

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Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. May 6, 2015



Forget Hitchhikers’ Guide, the real crazy happened in Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency #1 from IDW. Dirk arrives in San Diego and hopefully doesn’t have to deal with a horse in his stairwell! … Frank heads back to L.A to do what he does best, #punishment in Punisher #18. The nerd starter kit starts here with Valiant Universe Handbook 2015! For the secret origins of all of your favorite Valiant heroes past and present! OHOTMU Beware! … Picks this week from!


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DigBoston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. October 29, 2014





Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cyborg star Deathlok gets a brand new #1 from spy-fi action writer Nathan Edmondson this week. We’re looking forward to Nathan’s take on this deadly Marvel mainstay! … The disturbing look at a violent South returns in Southern Bastards #5 from angry Jasons Aaron and Latour returns to peek at the nasty history of the bastard Coach Boss … Tim Seely’s Sundowners #3 continues his “They Live!” meets Doom Patrol horror comic. … Picks this week from!


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for January 22, 2014


Malcolm takes over in this all important, all new, all varsity direction for Savage Dragon #193! … The unreal creative team of Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto are back with the spyfi adventures of Black Widow as she resolves the ‘red in her ledger’ in Black Widow #2! Want some dirt cheap real estate? Try the homes of the recently deceased with Miami’s fuzzed out and drugged out ghost hunting real estate agents, Red Light Properties! Picks this week from

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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for July 31, 2013




ZOMG! Boston Comic Con is finally here. Check out our coverage in the paper and online at! Friend of The League Jamal Igle celebrates 20 years in the industry with his successful YA Kickstarter graphic novel Molly Danger! Molly battles Supermechs! … Why do we keep picking Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerard’s spyfy action military procedural The Activity? It’s too good! The Activity #14 is out this week. … Cullen Bunn is making the best spider-stories every month, over in Venom, #38 stars the symbiote and Flash Thompson and snoopy reporter Katy Kiernan. … Picks this week from

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Three shots of comics are served down and neat for you today, burning up and investigating the insides of your body and soul!  We start off with the return of Tank Girl, John Bryne singes the Earth with a solar flare, and Nathan Edmondson delivers another story that branches out into a new fantasy genre, the mysteries of Dream Merchant.

WRITER: Alan Martin
ART: Warwick J. Cadwell
Publication Date: May 15, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Titan Comics
UPC: 07447028032301
Buy it HERE

Remember Tank Girl? I sorta do. There was a 1995 movie, right? With the guy from Body Count and SVU.

Do you remember rock and roll radio, The Clash, Love and Rockets? The creators crammed all of that into a dyke role model with post apocalyptic kangaroo sidekick that live in a tank in Australia.

Jamie Hewlett went on to form Gorillaz, and original creator Alan Martin sort of wandered the countryside (seriously) looking to uncover ancient mysteries.

Martin has since resurrected the character in 2007, and Titan Books has released his latest story, Solid State Tank Girl with art by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell.

We see familiar faces—Booga, Jet Girl and Tank Girl.

We’re in a radio repair shop, something likely useful I the ‘80s or in post apocalyptic times. Booga zaps himself on an old radio and Tank Girl is put to task to revive him.

How do they do it? Honey I Shrunk the Kids style.

There’s a delightful few pages of ball humor before they do the Osmosis Jones bit and float into the gross kangaroo insides.

To cram just one more Netflix classic in there, perhaps the reason Booga has fallen ill could be found in the plot of Three Men and a Baby.

A fun, punk rock read with a female leading cast.

A backup story pits Tank Girl against Dick Strangeballs!

Tank Girl is Dead. Long Live Tank Girl!

DOOMSDAY.1 #1 (of 4)
Publication Date: May 15, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: IDW Publishing
UPC: 82771400459500111
Buy it HERE

Master of storytelling and the comic book form John Byrne reboots a classic concept of his from the ‘70s withDoomsday.1 this week.

The four issue limited series is a post apocalyptic tale of solar flares wiping out the most of the habitable places on Earth.

Stuck in orbit on an international space voyage, a crew of seven watches helplessly as the planet is decimated by fire.

On the ground, The President, The Pope, a prison and a submarine crew hunker down away on different parts of the planet to save themselves. This gives us an idea that some pockets of humanity will survive the destruction.

A sacrifice is made in space to return the astronauts home after many orbits and the flare subsiding. A crash landing in the southern United States leaves the crew to to survive on a familiar an foreign planet.

I am a fan of John Byrne’s polarizing artwork and storytelling, and follow his work at IDW closely—from Angel to Star Trek. This book is for fans of The Walking Dead, Planet of the Apes, and Mad Max. Will these astronauts survive past the four issue mini-series, or will they bake on the surface of a planet they used to call home? I’m along for the ride!

Dream Merchant #1 (of 6)
WRITER: Nathan Edmondson
ART: Konstantin Novosadov
Publication Date: May 15, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Image Comics
UPC: 70985301362400111
Buy it HERE

Nathan Edmondson is no stranger to poking around in someone’s head.

His spy-fi action comic Jake Ellis takes place somewhat in protagonist Jon Moore’s head, as the specter of Jake Ellis guides him through missions. The Dream Merchant mini series is off to a strong start here.

Winslow has been plagued by persistent and recurring dreams, that preoccupy his waking moments. He’s checked for observation into a mental hospital in Burbank.

While there he befriends the cafeteria worker, juvenile delinquent Anne, who has a fondness for Wilson and lends him many books on dreams.

Sleep demons chase the two out of the hospital and they are guided by a mysteriously shrouded mentor with a staff, one who seems to have control over the dream state. The two hop a train and escape onto the road, following the bizarre figure.

This is a different type of story that Edmondson’s other work, The Activity or Jake Ellis in that there is no spy action or military tech involved yet.

This is more of a teenage adventure story that half takes place in the realm of dreams. The flavor of the dream world is more Harry Potter than it is ‘The Dreaming’ of Sandman books, and a bit more fun. Chapter 1 has the heroes on their journey, with no hints at where the roads may take the three next.

Art by Siberian Konstantin Novosadov is more Disney cartoon than Darwyn Cooke ‘50s illustration, but the solid black line work and facial expressions are seemingly influenced by both. 


DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for May 8, 2013



They Trojan-Horsed the villain in the new Iron Man movie, but you know what we get as a result? A bizarre marketing ploy (that worked) that moves from Marvel NOW! to Marvel THEN!. Coordinated with the new flick, Marvel releases an untold tale of Ol’ Shellhead in Iron Man #258.2, harkening back to the days of 8bit computer graphics and mullets, the glorious 90s and Armor Wars II. Written by David Micheline and Bob Layton, with art by Bob and David Ross we are treated to a pre-RDJ Iron Man being attacked by a computer virus. … We’re sort of scared of the spy-fi black helicopters showing up if we don’t plug Nathan Edmondson’s Where is Jake Ellis #4 (part 9). Check out our EARTH PRIME TIME interview with Nate! … You’re All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack from The Guardian and NYT cartoonist Tom Gauld gets the hardcover treatment from Drawn and Quarterly this week. It’s the perfect gift for Mom (she just has to be funny, not necessarily into the history of comics—though that helps)! … Picks and Samurai Saturdays at the MFA..


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for May 1, 2013



There was a time when we thought Gail Simone’s departure from DC Comics was permanent. The talented writer is back on Batgirl and now gives us the comic book take on #occupy with The Movement #1. A citizen’s army strikes back against greed! … We’re still amazed at our interview with The Activity’s Nathan Edmondson. For true to life military and service drama, complete with all the tech gadgets you see on the news and strategic exfils and infiltrations, join Nate and guest artist Mark Laming on The Activity #12. … Shadowman was also featured in an EARTH PRIME TIME last year, and nothing is better than a Zero Issue from the company that invented them, Valiant Comics. Go way back twenty-five years to learn the mysteries of sorcerer Master Darque and the nightmare realm of Deadside in >Shadowman #0. … Picks this week from episode #150!.


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for March 20, 2013


COBRA! With G.I. Joe: Retaliation holding strong behind the debut of League favorite Evil Dead this weekend, it’s time to hit the comic shop for a New #1 of G.I. Joe Cobra Files, written by Mike Costa (Transformers, Smoke & Mirrors, G.I. Joe: Cobra). Nathan Edmondson checked into our secret DigBoston lab a few weeks ago to spill some state secrets, but Where is Jake Ellis? Issue #4 of the acclaimed second Jake Ellis spyfi series hits shelves today! … Punisher’s Duane Swierczynski reboots Dark Horse ’90s ultraviolent protector of Arcadia, X in a new issue of X #0 with art from Eric Nguyen. … Picks this week from


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THE ACTIVITY - MITCH GERARDSSome interviews are so sensitive that you might get a call from an unknown number asking you to take it down for the sake of national security. We hope we’re not getting another one of those calls this week, as we got a chance to talk to the top spy-fi and espionage comic book writer in the business, Nathan Edmondson. Nathan has written Grifter for New 52, as well as a recent Ultimate Iron Man series for Marvel (now in trade paperback). For creator-owned work, Nathan’s The Activity and Jake Ellis series continue to draw attention from real military and fans of spy fiction, and more books are in the works including being tapped by Ubisoft to develop a Splinter Cell comic series. We conducted the following interview over a secure line.


DIGBOSTON: Hi Nathan, Thanks for taking the time today. We’re just now caught up with The Activity, a special ops book you do with artist Mitch Gerards. What’s the inspiration for such a real world espionage book?

NATHAN EDMONDSON: Mitch and I are fascinated by this nearly untouchable world, and when we found a side of it never seen before in fiction, we knew we wanted to tell stories about it.

The attention to detail on the missions are really what grabs me with this book in particular. How important is the tech to the book?

Tech is second to soldiers and story, but technological superiority is part of what makes a group like this so effective on the battlefield.

We do our best not to distract with the tech, but to give a real-world feel of the gadgets and gear employed by Tier 1 operators on missions.

The Activity - Mitch Gerards

The Activity - Mitch Gerards

I have a relative that dealt with special ops military, he’s pretty tight-lipped about his time there, but I understand you have had some great support from ex-military and special forces members. 

How do you gain access to the right people you need to help you tell an accurate story? And who or what is at U.S. Army Entertainment Liaison Office?

The armed forces has offices that are set up to provide information and support to the entertainment world.  We have worked a bit with the Army’s office, but most of our direct research comes from relationships we’ve forged with individuals who have or who continue to serve in the Special Operations community.  In the back of the trade you’ll see a list (though names are changed and much information withheld) of some of those who have given us support.

We are careful, however, not to disclose information that would compromise any of these individuals.

The Activity - Mitch Gerards

A Comic Book Fan gets to pick the Mission Codenames! - The Activity - Mitch Gerards

This is a very different flavor of book from your other series, as you are not only showcasing the heroes on the ground with direct action, but also dealing with the structure of the whole operation including international cooperation. 

At some points a team member or a team might disagree with the orders from on high—but ultimately carries out the mission. Other missions may get scrubbed or not go as planned. Is your Activity team balanced well? Will there be any roster changes coming up?

If you’ve read issue 11, you know there are some changes stirring within Team Omaha.  In the real world, part of what makes a Special Missions Unit team effective is they grow together and train together as a team so that they can trust one another fully and completely on the battlefield.


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DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for March 13, 2013



Friend of the Dig and spy-fi writer Nathan Edmondson with Tonci Zonjic have been nominated for nearly every award for the espionage thriller Jake Ellis series. Where is Jake Ellis #3 reunites Jon with Jake at a critical moment but at what cost to both of them? … Marvel NOW! had a bit of a #SXSNafu this week when they offered over 700 free digital codes to everyone that wanted them. This crashed Comixology, and they are still working on the fix. The best solution is to pick up this week’s Wolverine #1 at an actual store from the superstar team of Paul Cornell and X-Man legend Alan Davis. … A new book from ComiXTribe, The Standard #2, hits shelves today. Will the original Standard come out of retirement as a chemistry teacher to save the life of a young girl? … Picks this week from


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