Celebrating HALLOWEEN COMICFEST on The Cosmic Treadmill at FORCE OF GEEK


Free Comic Books on Halloween? How positively ghoulish! Trade in those Reese’s mini-cups for something that will surely rot your skull from the inside at your Local Comic Shop!

Halloween ComicFest, an offshoot of Diamond Comic Distributors’ Free Comic Book Day allows for another day of free comics while those meddling kids are out there like paupers begging for free stuff anyway. 

Publishers and retailers work on the tried-and-true ‘first one’s free’ business model to get kids of all ages into the store in Halloween costumes to get the latest and ghastliest of free comics offerings. 

So, whether you are Elsa from Frozen, Ant-Man, Marty McFly or the tried-and-true Sexy Cat Octopus Nurse, head to a participating comic shop to celebrate on this rare Saturday Halloween!