Kickstarter Korner - MEGA RAN Documentary & CYBERINES #1 - AT FORCES OF GEEK

Two talented artists have some campaigning ending really soon so I grabbed them to tell us about their projects.  

 One is more familiar to this column — a comic book project from Joe Martino (Shadowflame, The Mighty Titan).

The other is only a household name to those hyped on the nerdcore rap scene.

Random aka Mega Ran aka Raheem is a former teacher who tours the world rapping about life, but also he is the only rapper to be officially endorsed by Capcom.

Following the footsteps of his friend Damien Hess also known as MC Frontalot’s Nerdcore Rising, Random is Kickstarting a documentary Mega Lo Mania - Director’s Cut for full distribution.

Joe even has some Kickstarter tips as well, so keep your eyes peeled, creative types. 

If you have a few dollars or a dollar to spare, consider backing these hard working gentlemen! If you can’t spare anything but you like what you see, spread the word. They will be grateful!

Mega Lo Mania - A Nerd Rap Documentary



FOG!: Ran, we’re excited about your Kickstarter. What can fans expect from Mega Lo Mania - A Nerd Rap Documentary?

Mega Ran: The doc got such great reviews that all we needed was more, quite frankly.. I went and found old footage, interviewed some of my heroes in the scene and I think it ties up the Mega Ran story, that’s so hard to explain to people most times, perfectly!

Maybe we should back up. What is it you do for those unfamiliar out there? You rap about video games, right?

I rap about life, mostly, but from a few unique perspectives, most notably, the eyes of video game characters. 

A lot of what I do is video game related for sure, It’s probably where I feel most comfortable.





To support the Kickstarter, Click HERE!

For more details visit and on Twitter @MegaRan


Cyberines #1


FOG!: Tell us about Cyberines #1!

Joe Martino: Well, I created Cyberine before Shadowflame. I always liked patriotic characters like Captain America so I wanted to create one like that. But I didn’t want him to look like a flag. 

I figured what’s better than Marines Red and Gold? Originally he was in Vietnam and he got blown up on his way home. But, as time went on Desert Storm made more sense and then Afghanistan. In Shadowflame I actually call it the Second Gulf War meaning the 2004 Afghanistan war.  

In issue 4 I added a few characters to the team. Crimson, Caress and Barrel. Along with Cyberine and Agent Napalm, they make the core of the group. There are others that we will see later and some that really aren’t very nice. 

To me it is a bit like The Avengers if they were formed by the government and run by Professor Xavier. The Marine part of the group is very boot camp/Danger Room and we will see the group go through some serious issues. 



To support the Kickstarter, Click HERE!


For more details visit Red Anvil Comics and on Twitter @jgmcomics and@RedAnvilComics







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