Rob Williams


Courtesy of

Pamela Mullin Horvath, DC Entertainment

Today, Vertigo announced THE ROYALS: MASTERS OF WAR, a new 6 issue limited comic book series written by Brit Rob Williams (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, Low Life, Judge Dredd: Trifecta) and illustrated by Simon Colby (The Authority, Judge Dredd: Year One and Trifecta).

The year is 1940. As the War heats up and the Blitz destroys London and kills thousands, the Royal Family looks on. But in this reality, the Royalty of the day have special abilities and the purer the bloodline, the greater those abilities are—and history is about to be transformed when England’s Prince Henry decides to intervene.

“Imagine Downton Abbey crossed with the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan and you’re getting somewhere close to what THE ROYALS: MASTERS OF WAR offers,” says Williams. While Colby describes it as “an everyday tale of everyday squabbles, amongst everyday folk. Except the everyday folk are super-powered royalty, and their squabbles take place against the backdrop of the biggest conflict the world has ever seen.”

THE ROYALS: MASTERS OF WAR arrives in February 2014.



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