John de LancieAs part of our obsessive completist series here at Earth Prime Time, we fill in the time gap from a computer-less week with coverage of the first annual Rhode Island Comic Con (November 3-4, 2012). I was asked to moderate my first panel at a comic book convention with actor John de Lancie, best known to Star Trek: The Next Generation fans as the mischievous villain Q and to Bronies as Discord in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Fortunately for all involved, right before the panel, Forces Of Geek editor-in-chief Stefan Blitzinformed me that my ‘moderation’ was now to be downgraded to ‘introducing John and sitting next to him’. John is an engaging speaker and has spoken to hundreds of audiences in his time. He didn’t need my help up there. Self-doubt and nervous energy had already pervaded my senses just as the 11AM Red Bull started taking effect.

Somehow, I just knew that my 12 plus hours of Netflix ‘research’ and my 10 questions for an actor of John’s caliber were not good enough.

Well, not good enough in comparison to the questions his die-hard fans would have for him. I was still busy revising my queries on I-95 just minutes before.

I was showered, caffeinated and a strange combination of unprepared and over prepared.

In the panel room we delayed the start of the talk to allow more people an opportunity to get inside. The line outside was long as first-time convention volunteers attempted to process hundreds ofBrowncoats, Jedi, Finns and Fionnas. Day 1 of Rhode Island Comic Con was off to a slow start but there were already over 30 people here for John De Lancie’s panel. Snacking on a convention breakfast of leftover M&Ms, I broke out my 2007 White MacBook to take a final look at my questions. I was confronted by the gray Mac Screen of Death and Matrix digital rain. I’d seen it before. This was a gasp, a final plea from ol’ Lappy to for me to say ‘goodbye’ to her just one last time.

For some reason when it was time to go on to the dais, I brought her with me.

“Maybe Q can fix my computer”, I must have thought. Nay. No snapping of fingers could fix the logic board.

John did pick her up, though. Using her as a prop and coaster for his coffee was a right send off for the old bird.

Was I disappointed that I didn’t get to ask my all of my questions? The answer is unequivocally “No.” I got to sit back and listen to John with best seat in the house.

Below, please check out the full hour of John de Lancie (also Donald Margolis on Breaking Bad, Eugene Bradford on Days of Our Lives, Frank Simmons from Stargate: SG-1) discussing his craft, music, writing and his involvement with BronyCon: The Documentary.



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