Our coverage continues of the resurrection of the Valiant Universe with a review ofShadowman #1. Look, we know it isn’t summer, but unlike CVS, who seem to want to cram Christmas down past our discount-candy-corn-weakened teeth, we prefer to remember the past season with fondness and celebrate the roll out of the Valiant characters with the thrill of a summer fling. New Orleans is the setting of Shadowman, a place resilient to climate change, storms and more than a few stories of rejuvenation. Artist Patrick Zircher co-writes with Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode) the revival tale of Jack Boniface in Shadowman #1  


The first incarnation of Shadowman was created as a featured Valiant Comic in 1992 by Jim Shooter and Steve Englehart, with artists David Lapham and Bob Layton. The original Jack Boniface was a down on his luck jazz musician drinking at a club. He is taken in by super fan Lydia for a nightcap.

Shadowman - #19  Bob Hall & Tom Ryder

This happened. On Duck Boats. On Commonwealth Ave. last Monday.

Awakening from feeling woozy, Jack has a mark on his neck and unexplained hours missing. Taking to the streets to seek revenge, he sees someone being assaulted. Super natural strength takes over and Jack defeats the assailant. Being drawn to a carnival mask on the ground, it is revealed later that he is now possessed by a Voodoo spirit.

Shadowman protects the city from the evil necromancer Master Darque.

Shadowman was a successful and popular character for Valiant and the affiliated company Acclaim Entertainment, who launched a successful video game franchise loosely based on the comic. Many creators such as Christopher Priest (Black Panther), Garth Ennis, Frank Miller, Joe Quesada, and more have worked on Jack’s original 80 issues. Crossovers are an integral to storytelling in theValiant Universe.