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Who isn’t ready for the weekend, amiright? We hope your weekend is filled with many glossy pages (or screens) of comics outdoors for one last time this summer. Crack open that cold can and drink in this last weekend of the Summer because it’s all crashing to an end.

Looking for something to read as you slowly realize you wasted your summer away at the DMV and Dunkin Donuts? Maybe you were toiling away at the boat motor you never could get started?

Here’s some suggestions!

Mark Guggenheim (Arrow, The Flash, Amazing Spider-Man) teams up with Freddie E. Williams II and the tight bros at Legendary Studios (yes, that Legendary responsible for Pacific Rim, The Dark Knight Trilogy and so many more) to give us the smartest man in the world, The Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum #1.

Contrast that book with the most put upon robot in the world in former FOG! columnist, Ryan Ferrier’s D4VE2 #1, the sequel to his desk-jockey-robot-turned-hero book D4VE. 

Of course, 98 pound weakling Marvel nerds exhaled a collective wheezy “yay” when they heard that Captain America: White from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale was finally going to see the light of day and the $4.99 price point is totally worth it if you can’t wait for the collected edition.

The Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum #1
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Pencils and Cover: Freddie E. Williams II
Colors: Chris Sotomayor
Pub. Date: September 16, 2015
Age Rating:15+ Only
Publisher: 2015 Legendary Comics, LLC

I’m not shy when it comes to my love of the work that the CW team has done with Arrow and The Flash. I scoop up insider information on the shows like a Hoover in a hotel lobby from Twitter and have always enjoyed behind the scenes interviews with Marc Guggenheim. 

Marc was also one of the weekly writers of Spidey when I had my resurgence back into comic book fandom so I always keep an eye out for his work. 

What appears to be on the Millarworld model of writing a volume of comics custom built for an easy adaptation to the big (or small) screen is this very fun superhero story about the smartest man in the world.

A clever way of marking time in the book marks Jonas’ advanced intellect and milestones. Keep that calculator handy because you need to know that in the flashbacks on DAY 4800, Jonas is 13 years old and mastering time travel.

At 35, he cures Death.

The superheroing comes in as someone has broken into an off-world pocket universe and stolen his ‘Cure for Death’. 

Jonas has powers, or has invented suits and gear to make him superpowered, can travel through time and there is plenty of action. Interacting with real humans, Jonas has some social problems but he seems to get by.

Great fights and action for the first issue, and as usual Freddie Williams is a master. Quite a great looking book with Chris Sotomayer on colors. 

Five stars for me on this first issue for fans of über-smart heroes (Reed, Tony, Bruce) and the cliffhangers and high drama of Guggenheim’s TV work.




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