‘Deadpool 2’ (review) at Forces of Geek


Deadpool is back with Cable and X-Force in the fourth-wall breaking Deadpool 2!  Stuntman and director of Atomic Blonde, David Leitch, directs Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin in the sequel to Tim Miller’s 2016 X-Men solo film.  That’s right, don’t forget this is the eleventh film in the Fox franchise though this sequel owes more to its own preceding film than any of the Bryan Singer movies.

By nature, Deadpool 2 is a raucous, ridiculous ride. Controversial comedian T. J. Miller returns as Weasel and Gotham‘s Morena Baccarin comes back as Wade Wilson’s fiancé, Vanessa.

Tiny dick jokes? Check. Introduction of a brand new X-Team? Check. A swole Josh Brolin as Cable? Check, and bonus points for Thanos jokes. Making fun of ‘Martha’ and the dark and gritty DC Movie Universe? CHECK!


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