‘Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay’ (review) at Forces Of Geek


Task Force X is back with the imminent threat of having their heads blown off in the latest animated movie from DC.

Following up after the events of Ocean Master’s defeat in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, this in-continuity tale is a bit of a departure in terms of violence and nudity from previous films. Sam Liu returns as director and this movie’s marquee actor is Christian Slater as Deadshot with Tara Strong returning as Harley Quinn, James Urbaniac as Professor Pyg and C. Thomas Howell as Reverse Flash. Singer Vanessa Williams makes her Suicide Squad DC voice acting debut as Commander Amanda Waller.

In the opening scenes, the film quickly tells you that this is not going to be like other DC Animated movies. Count Vertigo loses his head remotely from Waller’s hand, followed by Harley Quinn predecessor Jewelee being blasted by Deadshot after she herself takes out her partner Punch!

Sure, there has been death in these movies before, but Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay leans on a more anime influence with buckets of blood and brutality not before seen in the series. I liken the level of violence in Hell To Pay on par with scenes from Kill Bill.