Triple Shot With a Digital Chaser: ‘Action Man #1’, ‘She-Wolf #2’, ‘James Bond’ #7 & ‘Adventures of Supergirl’ #11

This return of Triple Shot brings us a little known action hero from the UK getting his due with IDW’s Action Man #1, a teenage girl wolf’s out in She-Wolf #1 from Image and the Duke of Dapper James Bond starts in on a new adventure “Eidolon” written by Warren Ellis issue #007!.

Are you missing out on Supergirl lately? Don’t fret because Sterling Gates has been keeping Kara and the Danvers girls busy in our Digital Chaser for Adventures of Supergirl #11.


actionmanAction Man #1

Writer: John Barber
Artist: Paolo Villanelli
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Pub. Date: June 22, 2016
UPC: 82771401090900121

John Barber (Transformers) starts us out in media res with our hero Action Man infiltrating Doctor X’s headquarters.

Don’t know who Action Man is? Picture G.I. Joe but for Anglophiles.

I’m not talking the little guys, we’re talking Original 1960’s Kung-Fu Grip that might ask for a spot of tea.

Paolo Villanelli (Snake Eyes) is on art and if you crave a modern G.I.Joe title (one that is noticeably missing from the current IDW line), Action Manmight be what you are looking for!

Action Man is a highly trained soldier in martial arts, weapons and even the culinary arts according to this incarnation. He’s Duke, Snake-Eyes and Roadblock all rolled into one!

That is, of course until a Wrath of Khan moment changes the fate of Action Man!

This is a fun start to the series that I look forward to continuing, a mashup of James Bond, The Kingsmen: Secret Service, G.I. Joe and Torchwood, Action Man has what it takes to keep me interested!

And to be honest, the Train Fight certainly jumped my ratings from a low 4 to a high 5, targeting for my own locomotive combat preference.