Cosmic Treadmill: JAY PISCOPO Chats About The Return of CAPT'N ELI and SEA GHOST Action Figure Launch at FORCES OF GEEK


Back in 2012, I interviewed Maine comic book artist and creator Jay Piscopo about his take on Captain Midnight, and his Kirby/Toth sendup Sea Ghost.

Sea Ghost is just one of the many characters starring in the Capt’n Eli ‘Nemoverse’ that heads into its third volume of all ages friendly comic book fare.

Jay will warn you this isn’t for kids, and I agree—this is just great comic book storytelling. And the fact that he draws like the aforementioned masters doesn’t make me want to turn away.

Jay joins us on the Cosmic Treadmill this week to plumb to the depths of The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli Vol. 3 as well as his awesome action figure for Sea Ghost — sure to be a hit with Mego collectors!

FOG!: Thanks for joining us, Jay! It has been a while. There are all new adventures in Capt’n Eli Vol. 3. What can the readers expect this time around?

Jay Piscopo: Thanks Clay! Good to talk to you again! Yes, Capt’n Eli is back!

Book 3 is another installment in Eli’s never ending story. At the end of Book 2, Capt’n Eli and Commander X saved Princess Coral of the undersea kingdom of Aquaria but the ramifications are huge.






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