FOG! Chats With B. CLAY MOORE About His Tiki Noir Masterpiece, HAWAIIAN DICK at FORCES OF GEEK


Aloha, comics fans! As if the embarrassment of riches for comic book properties on TV weren’t enough, one of our favorite creators, B. Clay Moore (Bad Karma, JSA: The Liberty Files, Bloodshot) is exercising options that go beyond choosing a banana hammock or full trunks. 

His first comics creation, Hawaiian Dick is in development at NBC with Johnny Knoxville (Jackass) and we’ll also see morefloppy Hawaiian Dick from Image Comics very soon.

In this, our double-entendre dipped interview with B. Clay we get to hang ten on the new Kickstarter for the 100 page hardcover, Great Big Hawaiian Dick. 

Get out a tiki glass and enjoy a tall glass of Hawaiian Dick on this cold winter day.

FOG!: Aloha, B. Clay! Thanks for joining us today to chat about Great Big Hawaiian Dick! We can’t avoid the Hollywood news. Tell us about Hawaiian Dick on TV!

B. Clay Moore: NBC has picked up the rights to Hawaiian Dick, and we’re in the process of developing it right now. 

Writers Paul Lovett and David Elliott are working on the pilot script as we speak. Among others, Johnny Knoxville is on board to produce the show. Knoxville was attached to Hawaiian Dick years ago when the film rights were optioned by New Line, so getting him back on board was big.

How long have you been sitting on this news yourself?

Well, we’ve been working on the television stuff for about a year and a half. Things really came together in the past two or three months. It’s always hard to sit on news you’re happy to report, though.

On to the Kickstarter — is this a new adventure for Byrd?

This is actually a series of stories starring Byrd and the supporting cast that we’ve introduced over the years, as well as a variety of pieces by various artists. While I wrote most of the stories, I invited some friends to contribute their takes, as well.