Kickstarter Korner With Joseph Schmalke for THE INFERNAL PACT AT FORCES OF GEEK

We love it when a plan comes together! And we love when one Kickstarter project begets another…and another!

Joseph Schmakle was on the Treadmill back in November for Calamitous Black Devils and now has The Infernal Pact campaign running.

Put your earbuds to 11 for this heavy metal meth fueled ride into the darkness!

FOG!: Joe, it was really awesome to see you at Boston Comic Con. What was your show schedule this year and want to tell us about the Calamitous Black Devils’ launch? 

Joseph Schmakle: So this year I’m concentrating more on creating my new comic book so I’ll just be doing local conventions for the rest of the year. Coming up I’ll be at Granite State Comic Con in Manchester New Hampshire and then at Bang Pop in Bangor Maine.