Triple Shot Digital: 'WORLD WAR MOB' #1, 'VALHALLA CINDERMANE' #1 and 'THE SOLDIER' #1

Now that someone has an iPad, that someone (OK, its me!) is reading comics whenever, wherever and however he can! This Triple Shot takes us to more than one battlefield with Vito Delsante’s World War Mob and also to the Anglo-Zulu War in Guido Vrolix’ The Soldier. Don’t worry, we have aliens and huge axes wielded by a strong female hero in Valhalla Cindermane.

All of these books are submitted to the ComiXology platform via the creator-owned ComiXology Submit program, where independent creators can be discovered alongside the virtual shelves with mainstream books!

Writer: Vito Delsante
Artist: Giancarlo Caracuzzo
Price: $1.99
Imprint: New Paradigm Studios
Page Count: 22
Digital Release Date: January 29, 2014
Age Rating: 17+ Only
TWITTER: @incogvito

Issue #1 of Vito Delsante’s World War Mob hits the ComiXology store today. A quick review of the book in the platform’s new browser-friendly HTML 5 Beta reminds us what a great story we have here.

For fans of Band of Brothers and Goodfellas, this World War II story brings us from the collection rounds of gangsters on the Lower East Side to the front lines to the Battle of the Ardennes.

Capt. Vinny DiGreco is offered a secret mission while on leave in Sicily.

The circle of life as it where, even the Army owes Lucky Luciano a favor, so Vinny accepts a top secret mission, that will have affects on the outcome of the war!

Vito shared that no one in comics has touched on wiseguys joining the draft before, and we hope the concept catches on. Issue #1 is off to a great start, full of action, Nazi punching and also street level crime stuff happening in New York. 

Giancarlo’s art is great as well, he colors himself in watercolor washes. His line work reminiscent of great Sgt. Rock work by Joe Kubert. The realist illustration really helps set the tone and time setting. 

World War Mob takes comics back to classic storytelling, combining rather than mashing up genres to give the reader a one of a kind experience. This world can be built on in many different directions, and our hero in the first issue is one we can root for both as patriotic Americans and fans of organized crime stories. 


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