Image Comics has been, since 1992, the proving ground for comic book professionals to claim ownership of their work. Today we talk to Image creator Glen Brunswick about his awesome new series Reality Check, which tells the tale of a hero stepping into the real world, directly from the mind of his creator! Glen was gracious enough to talk a bit about his recent work with one of the fathers of Image, Whilce Portacio, entitled Non-Humansabout toys coming to life and walking among us. We’ve been a fan of Glen since his ‘Kirby as Genre’ series, Jersey Gods, so we would have been remiss to mention The Kingin our interview on this fine Wednesday. Reality Check #2 is released on Wednesday, October 2.

DIGBOSTON:Hi Glen! Thanks so much for talking to us today about your comics, and news of your most recent series, Reality Check for Image Comics! 
GLEN BRUNSWICK: Thanks for the invitation. Happy to be here.

In Reality Check #1 you’ve turned the mirror on a comic book creator that is being vetted by The Big Two and also we see a comic book origin like we’ve never seen before, the secret origin of a comic book creator! How much of this is based on your own experience? Is this an ongoing title?
I’m starting Reality Check off as a four issue mini-series. I have some ideas for future sequels, but this is a self contained full story experience. I clearly share some similarities with Willard—and that was a big part of writing about a comic creator who’s creation comes to life in the real world. There wasn’t a lot of research involved for me—it’s the old write what you know adage.

So many of the details about the comic industry and Hollywood seeped into the work based on my own memories or experiences.

Having said that, Willard as a character, is quite different than me—He’s single, while I’m a married guy. He’s has experienced great loss in his life—the death of his brother, while I fortunately haven’t been affected by that kind of tragedy.


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