Triple Shot With a Digital Chaser: ETERNAL WARRIOR #1, AVENGERS ARENA #15, PROPHET #39 plus MYSTERYMAN #1

Triple Shot With a Digital Chaser: ETERNAL WARRIOR #1, AVENGERS ARENA #15, PROPHET #39 plus MYSTERYMAN #1

Valiant picks up Greg Pak (Planet Hulk, Superman/Batman) to write the timeless tales of Eternal Warrior #1, Dennis Hopeless keeps the tournament troupe tolerable in Avengers Arena #15 and take a future walk with Prophet #39 from Image.

Like your heroes old school like Doc Savage or The Spirit?Mysteryman #1 awaits you at ComiXology Submit!

WRITER: Greg Pak 
ART:  Trevor Hairsine
Publication Date: September 11, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Valiant Comics
UPC: 85899200311600111
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This tale spans the millennia from ancient Mesopotamia to present day as one of Valiant’s most recognizable characters gets launched in a new title with a new number one.

Gilad has been appearing in Archer & Armstrong and most recently in X-O Manowar, so he hasn’t been missing, just the title has.

Fans of Pak’s work on Planet Hulk will revel in the ancient scenes of elephants being ridden into battle, strong conflict within a family structure and page after page of Hairsine’s masterful axe-swinging Conan the Barbarian battle scenes, complete with blood smears across the faces of the warriors. 

All seems to be going right over at Valiant right now with a variety of books existing in the same congruent universe.

Pak now joins Van Lente and Venditti, Asmus, and Dysart to construct a Valiant Universe that literally stretches over space and time and fits together very nicely. At Marvel, they might call these guys Architects.

At Valiant, I’d call these creators Mayan Architects, baffling future generations with beautiful work artwork set up for games of human sacrifice and a lot of blood spilled on the battlefield.

Has Gilad turned his back on fighting after centuries of battle? Pick up issue #1 to find out.  

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