Bluewater Publishing picked up the rights to William F. Nolan’s cult scifi Logan’s Run comic books back in 2009, and since then has been pushing us to Last Day with a series of comics and collected trades.  This Cosmic Treadmill takes us forward to the ageist post-nuclear future society and the story of our runner Logan 6 and pairmate Jessica through a series of adventures to destroy the controlling mind of The Thinker.

Scifi fans should be encouraged to check out the extended universe of the Logan’s Run novel trilogy, 1976 film and short-lived 1977 television series.

The future world of Logan’s Run is rule based, appealing to gamers and nerds of all kinds.

You are required to turn yourself in to a Sleep Shop on your 21st birthday to be gassed for your Last Day. Runners fight the system by escaping the big sleep and the grasps of the Sandman. The Sandman is equipped with a gun to take down runners, with six different kinds of ammunition from the immobilizing Needler to the extreme pain on every nerve ending Homer. Logan starts as a Sandman before trading that in for a life on the run, the only way to survive past 21! Your age is reflected in the color of a gem, embedded in your hand.

It turns black on Last Day. 

The starting point for the Bluewater titles is Logan’s Run: Last Day.

The four issue series is the origin of Logan-6 on his Last Day, finally making the run for it. Quite literally on his way out, he meets his partner, or pairmate Jessica who fight their way to Sanctuary through a pack of Warriors-esque pre-teens on the Thinker’s side called Cubs and down to the depths of the sea to a pre-war Atlantis called Molly.

The beautiful artwork by Daniel Gete is reminiscent of the work of Kieron Gillen on Phonogram, making for a very nice read indeed. This story was written by Paul J. Salamoff (Discord, Vincent Price Presents) and ends on a cliffhanger.

The second trade, Logan’s Run: Aftermath is the direct sequel to this story. Though the art team changes multiple times over the course of the book, the story is still solid.

An advantage of these books is that series author William F. Nolan is involved with writing or co-writing many of the titles, including the one shot Logan’s Run Solo that features a future tale of an older nomad chased to the Wastelands by a current runner, only to be confronted by his own history! 


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