This week at our ongoing coverage of creator-owned digital comics reviews at Comixology Submit we tackle the superhero murder mystery The Red Ten, a feline attorney, Tiger Lawyer from FOG! alum Ryan Ferrier and aLeague of Extrordinary Gentlemen for video gamers!

The leader in the digital comics space opened up the platform to indie creators back in March.

Writers and artists now have the chance to publish comics or graphic novels on the browser, tablet or phone using the Guided View technology. Comixology curates the submissions and soon the comic is put into panel by panel production for the viewer.

The comics appear right on the digital store alongside all of the major publisher’s books.

The Red Ten #1 (of 10)(Digital Deluxe Editon)
Writer: Tyler James
Artist:  Cesar Feliciano
Price: $0.99
Page Count: 48 Pages
Imprint: ComixTribe
Digital Release Date: 04/24/2013
Age Rating: 15+ Only

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The Red Ten is, unapologetically, a send off to the classic Agatha Christie novel “And Then There Were None”.

The cool twist is that this is also the author’s chance to use a creator owned property to kill the Justice League or the Avengers one by one.

Drawing some influence from Meltzer’s Identity Crisis as well, James and Feliciano have created a familiar world of the superhero team and injected a compelling mystery with top notch art.

Supporting this series for 1/4th the price of a mainstream comic is a steal. Oxymoron, our Joker/Luthor villian is scary, but is he picking off these heroes?

Tiger Lawyer #1
Written By: Ryan Ferrier
Art By: Mat McCray / Vic Malhotra
Price: $0.99
Page Count: 31 Pages
Digital Release Date: 12/21/2013
Age Rating: 15+ Only
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A sucker for an animal in the courtroom and Harvey Birdman, I tried out Tiger Lawyer for a parade around the three ring circus of the courtroom.

The first story seemed like a scene from Night Court, as a weary judge concedes to Mr. Tiger Lawyer’s defense strategy.  The second story was quite good, a more noirBatman: Year One short story told in black and white.

Not sure the strategy on presenting a cartoony version of the main cat vs. a dark detective story, but both worked on different levels.

This book is worth checking out, for fans of Frosted Flakes and Perry Mason.

Multiplayer #1
Story & Art: Tomi Hanzek
 Price: $0.99
Page Count: 28 Pages
Digital Release Date: 05/07/2013
Age Rating: 13+ Only
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Multiplayer is a fun release combining the mythos of familiar but dissimilar video game heroes into a superhero team across time to the present day to save the world.Legends of Zelda, Tomb Raider, and Street Fighter fans will recognize some faces, as the strongest warriors are assembled to take on Necrolord.

Fun stuff!

My lack of familiarity with all of the video game references did not distract nor turn me off on this book. I enjoy the concept.