Look at this cool icon!, thanks Stefan!
The leader in the digital comics space opened up the platform to indie creators back in March. Writers and artists now have the chance to publish comics or graphic novels on the browser, tablet or phone using the Guided View technology. Comixology curates the submissions and soon the comic is put into panel by panel production for the viewer.

The comics appear right on the digital store alongside all of the major publisher’s books.

Here are three Comixology Submit titles on the store now worth checking out. 

Moth City
Story & Art: Tim Gibson
Price: $.99
Page Count: 168 Pages
Digital Release Date: 04/24/2013
Age Rating: 15+ Only
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Moth City truly takes advantage of the digital medium, in the way that Mark Waid has been talking about with Thrillbent for the past year.

Most notable about this book is the stunning art, and page transitions, using layers as a storytelling device.

An American becomes a Chinese crime lord in terrible dealings with the military for canisters of chemical weapons.

Amazing art for fans of Paul Pope’s work. Highly recommended.

Ultrasylvania Vol.1
Written By: Brian Schirmer
Art By: Various
Price: $9.99
Page Count: 92 Pages
Digital Release Date: 05/15/2013
Age Rating: 15+ Only
Buy it HERE

I naturally gravitated to this vampire book on title alone, and was delighted to find a fully realized alternate fictional history where both King Vlad Dracula and King Victor Frankenstein were rulers of their own countries.

This was a fun read, for fans of classic horror.

I quite enjoyed the twist on it, and the war between the two countries.

The art was ‘sourced’ by students at The Academy of Art University. Great work from all of the students and a compelling story.

The Raptor #1
Story & Art: Blair Shedd
Price: $1.99
Page Count: 36 Pages
Digital Release Date: 05/15/2013
Age Rating: 12+ Only
Buy it HERE

Kubert School Graduate Blair Shedd (Doctor Who) unleashes a superhero and cop story with The Raptor.

His cool looking and wise cracking hero looks a bit like Shadowhawk. The story is pretty standard street level superhero fare but that’s not a knock on the book. Great action and cool art makes for a solid superhero read.

No origin story yet for The Raptor, as they are focusing on the murder investigation.

A solid offering, even if the art does outshine the story a bit.