Sometimes triple shot might mean to you 3 shots of espresso over ice, with caramel, whipped cream and salt. 

Before exclaiming “Ew!”, you gotta realize that too much of a good thing is still many good things all jammed into one big awesome thing. 

This week’s stack of comics is the $8 coffee drink of the springtime, worth every delicious penny.


WRITER: Rob Williams 
ART: Jack Herbert
COVER: Alex Ross
Publication Date: April 3, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
UPC: 72513020398400111
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The Shadow, Green Hornet, The Spider and more are fighting The Justice Party over in the pulp superhero book,Masks.

They are joined by a proto-Catwoman (Black Cat, Hellcat, take your pick) Miss Fury to add a bit of feline finesse to the team.

Here at the new #1, we’re given a fresh origin story of the character and some insight into her powers.

The story opens in 1943 atop the roof of a museum wherein lies the Rwandan Diamond Crown. Miss Fury takes on a cadre of goons and a time traveling Nazi. She’s saved by Harmon, an O.S.S. (CIA) man who she promptly punches before falling through a skylight and into a time portal, waking up in modern day Manhattan.

At this point we’re given her African safari origin story and hallucinogenic ritual that grants her powers before returning to America to find out her father is dead, leaving Marla Drake all of his fortune. Miss Drake returns changed from her experience abroad and sets her eyes on stealing the crown. The cat burglar gene runs strong in her trope!

The burglar aspect of the story is not the strong point, the real hook is the Butterfly Effect time travel reveal at the end. Why is Miss Fury traveling through Nazi time portals and what kind of world does she confront in the present? Read issue #2 to find out. This book for fans of Black Cat, Catwoman, Doctor Who and of course Dynamite’s Masks team book!


WRITER: Mark Waid
ART/COVER: Walter Simonson
COLORS: Andreas Mossa
Publication Date: April 3, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
UPC: 75960607908700611
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Alright, we’ve been blowing up Mark Waid a bit here but for good reason.

He’s cranking out the hot stuff lately. While Waid’s storytelling is intelligent and moves the industry forward in ways (Daredevil, Thrillbent) the real news about this issue is his collaboration with longtime Thor artist Walter Simonson on art in Indestructible Hulk #6.

The setup for this book is that Dr. Bruce Banner is working for S.H.I.E.L.D. as a research scientist and top brainy guy. You know who also works for S.H.I.E.L.D.?

The Hulk.

While we’re not certain on the overtime pay for a split personality, we do know how Hulk is employed. When something needs a good smash, send Hulk in, and he smashes away. It’s controlled chaos, Hulk used as a weapon for the government. Only now realizing this is pretty similar to the current Venom premise, whereby Flash Thompson is given monitored access to the Venom symbiote to give him powers as a super soldier.

What better use of Walter Simonson’s talents than to put him on a Hulk book and to include our good friend Thor Odinson. That’s right, boys and girls, Banner travels to Jotunheim (you may remember the land of the Frost Giants from the Thor movie) to gather up some legendary energy source of some kind or another. Who cares? The excitement explodes on the facing page when the Thor we grew up with in the 80s swoops down with Mjolnir to ask what they are doing there.

It seems the Son of Odin does not recognize his friend Banner, and Bruce is also wondering in his narration why Thor is not wearing his modern costume. Perhaps we have a doppelganger Thor here?

At this point the Frost Giants show up, and attack Thor and the team. Banner is encapsulated in ice, a familiar place for an Avenger, before getting super pissed and having his growth spurt. Luckily it’s easier for him to fight Frost Giants as Hulk, but he can’t do it without assistance. The Asgardian at this point is separated from his mighty hammer.

I started off getting Waid’s first issues, with Lenil Yu on art and it was great, but dropped off. If we get two masters on one book for a while this will be a no-brainer and an easy recommendation to anyone that’s not on the Wednesday comic book cycle.


WRITERS: Joshua Dysart
STORY: Joshua Dysart & Duane Sweirczynski
ART: Clayton Henry, Clayton Crain, Mico Suayan
COVER: Lewis LaRosa
Publication Date: April 3, 2013
Price: $3.99
UPC: 85899200308600111
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The relaunch of Valiant Comics was an industry shot in the arm with it’s Summer of Valiant last year.

A strong suit of the ‘90s Valiant Universe was it’s similarity to the Marvel Universe, as there was a shared history of the fictional universe, with diverse characters and story lines ranging from aliens to psionicly powered children, ninjas and voodoo.

This made for easy crossovers and guest appearances in the books.

Miming the success of these crossovers, we have had Ninjak appear in X-O Manowar in the reboot and now we have the first official event comic or crossover in the modern takes on the characters in Harbinger Wars #1.

The Harbingers are close to an X-Men type team with super powered kids of all different ‘psionic’ abilities, lead by corporate mastermind Toyo Harada. The Harbinger Foundation has been colluding with the government’s Project Rising Spirit program to imprison some of the most powerful young psiots and use them for deadly immoral missions.

A new cast of young psiots are introduced with cool codenames like Chronos, The Telic, Traveler and Hive (we’re Legion of Superheros fans here, Chronos-Boy has a nice ring to it, too!). Of course we see Harbinger Peter Stanchek here with his rebels and he even has an encounter/vision of The Bleeding Monk (still the creepiest).

Bloodshot, a product of Project Rising Spirit liberates some of the imprisoned psiots from their facility, and Harada is in hot pursuit of losing his precious weapons.

It’s Bloodshot teaming with the rebels to protect these kids, as Toyo Harada and the rest of the Harbinger team players are seeking revenge. And this is the action only in issue #1 of four.

Amazing art, story and crossing over of characters we have been waiting for since last summer in these fine looking books. Starting Valiant launches an 8-bit campaign with pixelated covers of all of their books. Only weeks away is Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas, an 8-Bit Game tied into the series coming to Android and iOS. I can’t wait to shoot guns as Bloodshot!