Cosmic Treadmill: 'Calamitous Black Devils' Questions with Joseph Schmalke at FORCES OF GEEK

Forces of Geek caught up with some amazing creators at the recent Rhode Island Comic Con, and one of our favorite books from ComiXology Submit was there!

Today we talk with Joseph Schmalke about Kickstarter secrets, his classic influences and the many reasons you should check out Calamitous Black Devils on ComiXology or wait for the trade in May of next year.

Forces of Geek!: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. How was your Rhode Island Comic Con?

Joseph Schmalke: Rhode Island was a lot fun it had a great crowd.  Also Rhode Island was one of the better set up conventions I had been to this year.  I’m definitely going back. 

Your book Calamitous Black Devils, issues #1 and # 2 are out now. There’s a ton going on in the book from war to zombies, magic and zombies! How can you describe the book to new readers?

It’s a World War II story where an elite brigade of army operatives go behind enemy lines to stop the Nazis from opening a doorway to another world where an ancient god lives that can raise an army of the dead.  They succeed in stopping the doorway from opening but get sucked into it and find themselves scattered about a planet at the center of the universe.  Now they have to find each other to get home but first they have to battle through hordes of the undead, aliens, mutants, and ancient gods.

Plus it’s got plant human hybrids, space vampires, werewolves, and Nazi zombies.





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