Cosmic Treadmill: BAD KARMA V. 1 Arrives From Creators Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, B. Clay Moore & Seth Peck - FORCES OF GEEK

Bad Karma is a new hardcover anthology comic spanning multiple genres but maintaining a common thread throughout the stories.

Some stories come in comic form, others in prose, and an all star lineup of pinup artists make this Kickstarter creator owned book a varied and engaging read from top comics talent.

The book was conceived and assembled by FOG! favorite creator, B. Clay Moore (JSA Liberty Files, Hawaiian Dick) and nearly double its Kickstarter goal at launch.

The first volume of this anthology series starts off with Alfred Tennyson’s sonnet The Kraken and a collaborative story, The 9th Life of Solomon Kane.

The four main writers for the book, including artist Jeremy Haun (Batman, Darkness) introduce us to this new universe though the eyes of one of our heroes, Solomon Kane. We’re treated to a Western combined with all of the time travel and intrigue of a Doctor Whoepisode and of course a visit from the mystical sea beast. 

The first chapter of the Solomon Kane tale leaves you guessing about important questions, like how can he at once be in feudal Japan and the next moment in the old West or washing ashore. Clearly there is a crack in the time stream and multiple versions of Kane exist. Huan’s storytelling and artistry are a standout for me in this book, a clean line reminiscent of contemporary Joe Eisma’s work.

The next chapter of comics in the book is written by Seth Peck and drawn by Andy MacDonald for his story starring an intriguing force of nature known as Chaos Agent.

The bald man in a blue suit is as much an action hero modeled after Jason Statham as he is a supernatural being, rivaling the mystical powers of someone like Constantine. The Chaos Agent is on our world as a representative of the force of Chaos and this story shows how he does so. This is a cool character, worthy of his own world building if not a series himself!

We move on to Seth Peck’s Hellbent, a supernatural noir tale set around the time of Jack The Ripper.

Starring a crooked cop and some thugs, we see how the bruiser reacts when faced with the dark forces of dormant tentacle monsters roaming the streets of London!





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