'DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE' Gets A Turn on The Cosmic Treadmill at FORCES OF GEEK

Reboots, retellings and new number ones…we’re all familiar with how the world of fiction works these days, and the Man Without Fear is not immune to such trends.

Last year’s Season One initiative gave us a retelling of Matt Murdock’s origin, placing him in the modern day.

Daredevil readers lamented at the announcement last week that Mark Waid’s acclaimed and Eisner award winning run on the book would be ending at issue #38 in February. The confusing part is that Marvel is not outright saying Waid won’t be involved in the crimson crusader’s Marvel NOW! readjusting in the future, just that this volume is ending.

Daredevil Season One hardcover combines the Antony Johnston and Wellington Alves one shot origin with the first issue of Mark Waid’s run to give the world a great introduction to the first superhero Ben Affleck starred as on screen.

Daredevil has always been a favorite of mine, since the days of staring up at Mylar covered books on the wall in my comic shop (“$35! Who has that kind of money”).

The yellow and brown suit was unfamiliar to me, but I knew Matt Murdock by way of John Romita Jr. and Ann Nocenti. I knew of a legendary Frank Miller run in the past, and liked everything there was about the hero, Elektra and his rogue gallery.

Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz’ 1990 Daredevil: Love and War remains one of my favorites to this day.

I am one of those that quasi-stands up for 2003’s Daredevil film, a costumed superhero movie set in the Marvel Universe after the debut of an amazing X-Men movie but before our standards were raised by Iron Man in 2008.

Sure the film has it’s flaws but our new Batman stood out as an honest and strong Matt Murdock facing down the overacting of Colin Farrell as a scarred Bullseye.

Marvel chose the right creative teams to re-introduce this complex character in this Season One graphic novel, (also available digitally, for the curious and tablet ready). 

Writer Antony Johnston worked on a Shadowland Daredevil arc with Andy Diggle, and is well known for his acclaimed Wasteland series from Oni Press. Underexposed Marvel artist Wellington Alves (Nova, Anita Blake) draws in a dynamic and consistent Marvel house style, with great action and storytelling, and most importantly makes DD swing through the city while looking cool!
Johnston and Alves previously spent some time together in Daredevil’s Hell’s Kitchen for 2010’s Shadowland: Blood on the Streets mini-series starring Misty Knight,The Shroud, Silver Sable and Paladin.




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