Peter Pan page from Renae De LizSome of our friends are hard at work cutting out the middle man by raising money for their own comic book projects directly from fans on the popular Kickstarter platform. Here’s a preview of some funded projects that we will be learning more about in 2013.

Back in July, we gave you a heads up about Joe Martino’s The Mighty Titan comic miniseries where a superhero’s alter-ego is stricken with cancer. A cancer survivor himself, Joe’s comic is much a story of support from his friends, family and the comic book community at large.

In a little over a month this summer, his $12,500 goal was achieved and the fans will get some great bonus material when the book comes out.

The Mighty Titan - art by Luca Cicchitti

The Mighty Titan - art by Luca Cicchitti

August gave us the incredible oversized multi-media experience TOME from super art collective 44 Flood. While many of the creators using Kickstarter also make a living off of comics professionally for large companies, the artistic vision of a Kickstarter project remains pure and authentic by bypassing outside input.

One of the projects we are highlighting today was created by Renae De Liz, who is responsible forWomanthology (now an ongoing series smartly scooped up by IDW). The Womanthology book has given the opportunity for over 140 female creators to see print, all from a successful grassroots Kickstarter campaign.

Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel — Vol. 1 is a fully funded project, with just hours left on the countdown at the time of publication. Renae De Liz and husband Ray Dillon are known for a variety of projects together, but most famously their New York Times Bestselling adaptation of Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn also published by IDW.