‘Dark Phoenix’ (review) at Forces Of Geek - Spoilers!


We’re not quite out of the X-Woods yet, as the twelfth X-Men movie hits theaters this week.

Dark Phoenix stars Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in a movie based on (but not exactly) the Dark Phoenix Saga we know from the comics.

X-Men: Days of Future Past eliminated the X-Men 3reworking of the Claremont/Byrne run, leaving this somehow first-time director and screenwriter Simon Kinberg a blank slate to revisit one of the most revered comics stories in history.

Dark Phoenix serves as a nice cap to the franchise, though we are still expected to get a New Mutants horror movie in 2020 from Disney after the Fox acquisition. For finality’s sake, this review will contain spoilers so please proceed with caution!

2019 rings the death knell for lots of pop culture, tv and comic movie franchises, and I’m growing more and more OK with this idea.

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