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    ‘Tetris: The Games People Play’ by Box Brown (graphic novel review) at Forces Of Geek


    Tetris: The Games People Play
    Written and Illustrated by Box Brown
    Published by First Second
    Release Date: October 11, 2016
    EAN 9781626723153
    Price: $19.99

    The New York Times Bestselling author Box Brown (Andre The Giant: Life and Legend) returns for his second major release through First Second to be released in October of this year. With herds of roaming purple-eyed glow kids tripping on curbs to collect the latest Pokemon lately, we thought this a fitting time to review the origin of Tetris in Tetris: The Games People Play.

    Brown illustrates the graphic novel using two color printing (yellow and black) and a simplistic but humorous style that is uniquely his.

    The story of Tetris doesn’t include Man from U.N.C.L.E. espionage, but it does have a dramatic element and compelling story that is difficult to put down.

    Back in my day, my family, like Brown’s, all fought over the grey screened Game Boys and this addictive Russian video game, shrunken down from the full color version on our ‘big’ TVs.




    League Podcast & Do617 Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. July 27, 2016






    COMICS Holy Bat-Rebirth books, Batman! We couldn’t help it, from the Robins to Babs, here are the sidekick picks of the week! First up is Tim Seeley’s Nightwing #1 puts Dick back in the black and blue and gives him a new mentor that might make him un-learn what Bruce put in his head! … Not to be forgotten is Jason Todd in Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 as Jason teams up with Bizarro to take down Gotham’s underground criminal element. … It’s Batgirl Beyond Burnside in a new Batgirl #1 written by Hope Larson and drawn by American Vampire’s Rafael Albuquerque. It’s Batgirl—in Japan! … Picks this week from


    The Cloud GN (book review) at Forces Of Geek



    Written by K. I. Zachopoulos
    Illustrated by Vincenzo Balzano
    Published by BOOM! Studios/Archaia
    Pub. Date: July 20, 2016
    Price: $24.99
    UPC:  978160886725752499
    Buy It Here

    The Cloud is the latest graphic novel release from Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios. This fantasy world is set far in the future as a boy and his trusty flying wolf Cloud travel to discover the secrets of his father and seek after a totem for wishes.

    Come along and get lost in this beautifully delightful adventure story with pirates, defiant pachyderms, and talking statues.

    This adventure story of a boy and his wolf will transport you to another world that is familiar but forever changed by the actions of our time. In the future of The Cloud we are left with mountain cities in the sky as the earth below is no longer fit from the actions occurring in “The Great Before”.

    Each page of this graphic novel is beautifully painted by Vincenzo Balzano (Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne) borrowing thoughtful stylistic elements from the likes of Dave McKean (Sandman) and Bill Sienkiewicz.

    Fans of The Sandman: The Dream Hunters will most certainly enjoy this story tonally. The pitch and solicit also make sure to mention The NeverEnding Story a bit and for good reason. Cloud and Falkor have much in common. The boys in both stories are adventurers on a quest.






    League Podcast & Do617 Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. July 20, 2016


    The long awaited Rom The Space Knight returns to comics in IDW’s Rom #1 as Rom faces the Dire Wraiths in ‘Earthfall’ part one. … Betty & Veronica go head to head in the re-up of the Archie-verse written and drawn by Adam Hughes in Betty & Veronica #1. … Gotham’s protectors Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Rebirth reveals to the world Bab’s time as Oracle. What will this mean to Batgirl, Huntress and Black Canary as we know them? Find out in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1! … Picks this week from


    League Podcast & Do617 Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. July 13, 2016





    Straight outta Townsville, it’s The Powerpuff Girls #1, previewing the new 40-episode series on The Cartoon Network! … One of our favorite writers, Cullen Bunn takes on Conan in Conan the Slayer #1, cover by Lee Bermejo! … Lilly and Eva are realizing the truth about the fallen earth in Satellite Falling #3, a great new space opera from IDW! … Picks this week from