League Podcast Comic Book Picks of The Week for Wed., June 19, 2019

By Kieron Gillen

From the mind of comics master Frank Miller and artist John Romita, Jr. comes Superman: Year One #1 as the author of Dark Knight Returns goes back in time to an exploded Krypton and years on the Kent Farm leaping cornfields. This is the only book people will be talking about this week! ... Kieron Gillen ends his spectacular run on Star Wars with #67 today and the pressure is on the Rebels to get the job done! ... A brand new story in an all color issue of Usagi Yojimbo is coming your way from IDW and master Stan Sakai! Don't miss out on the incentive covers of Usagi Yojimbo #1! ... Picks this week from LeaguePodcast.com.

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