‘Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #1’ (review by Clay N Ferno) at Forces of Geek


Written by Kami Garcia
Art by Mico Suayan
and Mike Mayhew
Published by DC Black Label


Black Label introduces a new, nine issue series exploring an Elseworlds relationship between a criminologist and a psychopathic killer in Joker/Harley #1.

If you are a binge watcher of Netflix and have graduated from Mindhunter to Cold Case Files and from Jessica Jones to The First 48, this story might be for you.

I’m myself a fan of all these great shows but Joker/Harley might not be what I am looking for in a Harley Quinn reimagining.

We may get closer to at least the Margot Robbie character by the end of this nine issue series but who knows?