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Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes (Produced by Feld Entertainment)

April 19, 2018


DCU Center

50 Foster St, Worcester, Massachusetts 01608



Review by Clay N. Ferno for LeaguePodcast



Last night two podcast hosts and myself took the train out to Worcester from Boston to experience Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes. We were not disappointed. A friend was there with his kid who was excited to see Hulk Smash. I was the kid in our little group as we were transported to Knowhere, The Savage Land and Avengers Tower in NYC through this rollicking live show. The Avengers, Guardians of The Galaxy and friends Iron Fist and Doctor Strange took on Loki, The Chitauri and a brood of enemies that includes The Ravagers. 


From Cap's motorcycle tricks to Spidey web-slinging around the arena, Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes was an enhanced Marvel Comics experience that fans like myself have been waiting decades to see!