no hope/no harm interview with Luke O'Neil @lukeoneil47 at Do617

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Interview with Luke O'Neil of No Hope / No Harm


Luke, what was it like playing your first show with nh/nh? Does it seem like a million years ago now?


It doesn’t! I think it was only like a year and a half ago. Our first show was at O’Briens, and then pretty quickly after that we got to play the Rumble, and then before long at the Boston Music Awards, where we won a fan-voted award for the 617 Sessions, which was pretty amazing. It’s all gone pretty quick, and obviously there’s a lot more we want to get accomplished, but we’ve had it pretty good so far. I think even more important to us than anything else is getting to play a show like this one coming up with Sonia with bands from the scene we support and like as people. A band is noting without community and friends from the place you come from.