DO617: Did you contribute to writing on this new record (Head Carrier) as well as performing on it?


Paz Lenchantin: Head Carrier was a collaborative effort. We had six weeks or so pre-production on the songs. The songs mainly came from a skeleton that Charles (Black Francis) had come up with. Some of the songs didn’t make the cut at RAK Studios in London.


We were inspired there, we had a little apartment, Charles and I, we were adjacent, attached to he studio. We were like a family. We made dinner, we made coffee in the morning, talk about music, listen to music while we weren’t in the studio.


While we were there, some other songs came up. These last minute gems. One of them didn’t make the record. However, this song was very important to me because this song inspired another song that I wrote that DID make the record, which is called, ‘All I Think About Now’.


This song features me singing lead on vocals. The lyrics were written by Black Francis. He asked me what I wanted to sing about. I thought, this is an exciting moment…I’m being asked what I want to sing about…